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  1. I know this isn't scientific, and alot of us have other health issues that affect whether or not we receive DLA, aside from our amputation level/severity, but I'm interested in the numbers if I take the straw poll. Whether or not you've applied, it doesn't matter. Apologies to arm amps, hip amps and any other level, but I'm interested specifically in the levels I've given (nothing personal ;) ). Please add any provisos to your responses. I think it will be useful to gauge, for some, whether it's worth applying if it can be seen who does and doesn't receive it already.
  2. oneblueleg

    Looking for an AKA amputee to have a chat with

    I've sent you a message icarus...
  3. oneblueleg

    Disability Living Allowance debate

    any more updates anyone?
  4. oneblueleg

    Disability Living Allowance debate

    Just rediscovered this forum! not very busy then, I guess I'm not the only one that forgot about it! Mick, your post is welcome! ;o) L2... I've not heard a lot since it all started, no great tales of woe, but then I guess it doesn't make for very interesting news...
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    Disability Living Allowance debate

    Hello OBL Nice to hear from you, As for the changes I couldn’t really answer as I don’t know any amputees who get it , as for some others I know who get various benefits they seem to be waiting . Hi Mick, Long time no type... nice to hear from you and thanks for the response!
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    Disability Living Allowance debate

    Ages since I have been here... how did everyone do as a result of the changes? Did the worst happen?
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    Come on and share something funny

    Advantage: if you have a knee lock, as long as you lean into a corner, you can drink alcohol all night without falling over... Disadvantage: at some point you'll need to go to the loo... that ruins the advantage unfortunately... I realise I've just wasted my time at the keyboard...
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    Osseointegration Part One

    Hi Paul, Like the others have said, sorry to hear you got hit by a car. Glad you're still up and about and able to do things. It's like all procedures, there will be good ones and bad ones and ones in between, it sounds like you don't have any regrets and that's what's important. Good luck with getting rid of the sticks!
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    what great palls

    I know the title of the forum is reaching out, but I can't have much sympathy for anyone who feels that violence is a solution to anything... I have known people who massively over react to situations without thinking them through in a similar way and they tend not to keep friends for too long. Relationships are complicated affairs and never black & white, give your friends a chance... sounds like you can't be sure all of them said somethng anyway, if I was one of them and I hadn't been saying anything but just happened to be there, I'd be thinking maybe you aren't the sort of friend I need... seems this is nothing to do with being an amputee?
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    Need help!

    How about, rub the tiniest amount of vasaline into the inside face of the straps of the sandal on that side with your finger, work it into the strap... just a thought, as I don't wear sandals...
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    Socket question

    Hi Omppu, My socket looks like the one in the picture. I would not wear mine with the inner and the outer cut to the same length. It would cause pinching, which happens if you aren't entirely into the socket properly, but even if you are, I would not feel comfortable and happy to completely relax knowing I might get pinched at any time. If any amount of skin or tissue finds it's way out of the inner, it will find it's way between the inner and the outer, and that hurts! I would ask for the outer to be trimmed a little, if they haven't gone too far already. Also... it can be more comfortable if the inner can flex a little around the trim line...
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    Disability Living Allowance debate

    That's really well written ann... couldn't put it better myself, but then that's no surpise to anyone
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    Hi Grum, You might be right in what you say, but I would rather not spend £1000s then find out... but the Police you saw presumably were on the same private land... I know of a few stories of people getting stopped by the Police... they aren't going to be satisfied with your story I don't think... I'd be interested in their interpretation if you ever find out personally...
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    I had a go at Leeds Castle in Kent (it's not legal over here in public (UK)) and got on really well. I'd love to own one but as I wouldn't be able to use it because of the law, except for on private land, there's little point. The guy at Leeds Castle was very accomodating and let me have a quick 'free' go to see if I was going to be able to manage it (then I had to pay him about £30 for a tour of the grounds). It was easier than I imagined. Within a couple of minutes we were off across country up and down hills, no problem (I had an off road one with big tyres). As Grum says, you have to trust it. It's quite unnerving at first as you have to lean forwards to get going and all you can think about is smashing your face into the ground... but it doesn't happen, it's quite a remarkable piece of kit. Such a shame we can't use them freely over here.
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    Disability Living Allowance debate

    All good stuff Lynne and Ann... needs moe, I'm guessing places like this just aren't frequented enough to get any weight of momentum going... what I think would really help is a direct comparison between the specific criteria that were used to approve DLA, and those which approve PIPs. Then your average person in the street can see the difference. It's always the same, hit a minority and the majority are apathetic... make it clear to all and the voices against might get louder...
  16. oneblueleg

    Disability Living Allowance debate

    Lizzie2... it's been a couple of months, I hope you're OK, that's quite a time lag between visits... I'm the same, I dip in and out, but seriously, I hope there's not been any bad reason you haven't been around, I've missed you. If the ratings and criteria have changed making payments more difficult to get for those in real need it's wrong. The link you added above shows some scoring information, is there a comparison anywhere between what these ratings and criteria were under DLA? Aside from the argument about whether assessments are right or wrong, I think if the criteria have moved, so that for example, to be simplistic, you now need to be more immobile, or disabled, than previously to get your payments, that's not what has been portrayed by the government ministers. I would like to invite people on here to get enthused about what Lizzie2 is saying, this is pretty critical stuff to many people. Let's hear some real life stories of people being/going to be let down by PIP where before they were/are helped by DLA. I'm not a bully, far from it, please post and I'll give you a hug.... oh, no, that'll put people off too... sorry...
  17. I agree, fit of the socket is first... hardware secondary, and I would much rather have an extension on the house than shell out big bucks of my own money for a leg that will be out of warranty in 5 years.
  18. oneblueleg

    Celebrating 10 years survivorship 22 March 2012

    All the best Johhny, I tried to 'like' your post but apparently there's an error... ?! I've reached my maximum quota for the day... so I'm not allowed to 'like' then as this is my first ever!... Big congratulations....
  19. oneblueleg

    Disability Living Allowance debate

    Then, seeing as you know from past postings on DLA that many of us do not agree with you, why have you replied? Also, unless you are a health professional who has assessed someone in receipt of DLA, you are not qualified to give an opinion on their claim. They may, for example, have a hidden disability ... and it may be the only day they've been mobile in a month. This is a public forum and this thread is about PIP ... if you want to argue the point then create your own thread. ... there is no evidence that 'many of us do not agree with you'... and I don't need to justify why I replied, this is a forum... I have not directed any personal comments toward anyone... your comments about me 'pontificating' and 'being a bloke' are offensive, fortunately I'm kind natured and haven't taken them seriously. I will not get stuck into a personal slanging match with you or anyone else. Be assured, I will give my opinion when I choose, I am satisfied I have done nothing to warrant your responses. You do not respect any opinion unless it coincides with yours it seems to me. Good luck with your campaigning.
  20. oneblueleg

    Disability Living Allowance debate

    Clearly! well put Mick! (by the way, my amputation isn't my only disability... sometimes it's the least of my worries!) ann.... I specifically said that I knew nothing about anyone's situation on here.... so why you feel the need to explain yourself I have no idea! Lizzie2.... I specifically said I don't believe the figures and that I know people, in my own experience, that do not qualify for DLA yet claim it.... I really do put a vast amount of effort into having an opinion without trying to upset anyone... I need more lessons obviously...
  21. oneblueleg

    Disability Living Allowance debate

    I fully understand I will get shot down in flames and be accused of being contrary, but I promise I am not trying to upset anyone. I have an opinion that is as valid as anyone else's. I feel strongly that there are people who recieve DLA who do not have a need for it. I hope that if these reforms do go through, then at least these people will be weedled out and the money can be given to those who really need it. It is these people that have increased the cost of DLA and forced the government to look at ways of saving money. I don't know anyone's situation on this site, so wouldn't suggest for one second that anyone here is being fraudulant, but I do know people in real life who get DLA and blatantly shouldn't. I don't believe the figures I've heard quoted that there is a very small amount of fraud, I think it's wider spread than we realise. I only hope that with these reforms, the people who really need the assistance will continue to get it, whilst removing it from those who have been cheating the system for years.
  22. oneblueleg

    Disability Living Allowance debate

    Excellent observations... trouble with it all is that those that want to fiddle the system will still get around it somehow, but those who really need help are the kind of people who naturally won't argue too much when it's taken away... it's not in their nature to 'make a fuss'...
  23. oneblueleg

    Question about driving as an RBK amputee

    I started using my good foot on the brake not long after I first began driving. I found that I could easily swap my right foot from the accelerator to the brake but I always seemed to hit it too hard. Then not long after I read an article where a study showed that using the left foot on the brake in an auto improved reaction time in an emergency by nearly half a second. Seemed a good enough reason to me to I just kept doing it. Not once have I ever hit the brake while accelerating. Sounds fair enough, can't argue with that!
  24. oneblueleg

    Question about driving as an RBK amputee

    I'm a right AK and have driven numerous automatic cars unmodified using only my left foot, for around 25 years... don't see any reason why anyone would drive an suto with 2 feet, it makes no sense whatsoever... there is never a time when you would want to brake and accelerate at the same time?! The car is not designed for that, damage/excessive wear would be the only result.
  25. oneblueleg

    Isn't It Lovely......?

    The DR2 has a solid CF keel that has foam moulded directly to it, so it doesn't have a foot shell. The foam is part of the foot. The shape is given for a mating foam ankle piece to be fitted if required, the foam can be adhered to the upper face of the foot. The Echelons articulate using hydraulics as well as the CF heel and toe springs independantly deflecting. It is important the correct springs are chosen and that the correct adjustments are made to the two valves that control the hydraulics. Also, the alignment is critical to correct function and stability. The DR2 deflects purely as a result of a load being applied to the CF toe spring. There are three stiffness positions. The heel is foam, not CF as on the Echelon. The Multiflex ankle gives the movement to effectively articulate the DR2 by use of a rubber ball assembled under pressure. There are various stiffnesses of rubber that may be used dependant upon prescription. Hope that's of some use.