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    trauma-aircraft propeller
  1. armamp95

    Great sadness

    She was a huge advocate for the amputees, a lovely person and friend to everyone,Ann.. You would of liked her.. Thanks for letting us know of Kathy Spozio's death. She was a classy lady, and a great advocate and friend to us all. One of the best parts of attending conferences and amputee events is getting to meet some of the great people in our community. Dena
  2. I've made my reservations too, and am hoping to entice an old midwestern amp friend to come to her first ACA conference in years. I think she will be tickled by the increased upper limb content ... when she came back from attending the conference 10+ years ago, she said that she loved the people she met, but there wasn't anything there for her. I attended for the first time in 2007, and I always get a lot out of both the programs and the people.
  3. armamp95

    Amputee Backfilp

    Kurt ... The 2011 ACA conference will be in Kansas City, June 1st-5th.
  4. I am a left elbow disarticulation since 1995, due to an aircraft propeller accident. I am passionate about making all amputee organizations more responsive to the sub-cultures in our midst ... for instance, upper limb and non-prosthesis wearers. I am a widow, and live in rural north Florida.

  5. September 24 is indeed the super-saver deadline that will save you $50 ... and it is fully refundable through April 1, 2011 in case your plans have to change. Karen Klipple is on vacation this week, I believe, but presumably we'll all start getting reminder e-mails from her soon! Dena
  6. Neal ... it was good to meet you. I know I've talked to you briefly in past years, but it is so hard to keep all the names and faces straight! At least I finally remembered my password for this forum after being a member for several years! It would be great if we could keep a year-long conversation going to help people figure out how to manage the financial and logistical roadblocks that keep them from getting to the conferences. Since you are on the committee, and presumably have the ear of the planners, we might be able to encourage ACA to incorporate some ideas along this line ... Dena