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  1. bigdgrioli

    shock absorber

    hi i am a lbk and i have a echelon foot with a tt pro shock absorber which is very good hope this helps
  2. bigdgrioli

    does anyone regret an elective amp

    no regret here i add 15 op befor amp. but it did not work still in pain all the time so i hopped to have it off but it is better now not good at the frist op but i would have it off again from the first op i have add 5 more but it is st ill better then when i add the frist op i wish they would have amp then but i am a bad one to take notice off as every thing went wrong but i would still have it off now as i can ride bike pluss go to the gym an walk all day with ease and no nore pain so good look all the best dave
  3. forgot to ask is there a amp center near you , you will have to go and have a look
  4. hi hannah . neal is right it will be hard for you to make the call i was in the same boat as you i add 13 op befor amp pluss fusion it did not work for me i was in a lot of pain two . so i add it off i am a lbk amp now i have been now for 5 years like they all say you have good days and bad but more good it will get easy for you as you are very young i go to the gym plus ride bikes so i hope this helps you i live in the uk you are coverd by nhs so all the best dave want any info just ask good luck
  5. bigdgrioli

    Echelon Foot

    roger .i have a echelon foot it is great got it in aug and never look back i go to the gym ride bike it is great to walk with so i hope you like it i think you will so all the best with your leg foot and good luck
  6. bigdgrioli


    hi i am dave like you i add bad leg like you i add 13 op befor i add amputee lbk but it gets better i still got to the gym plus i go on bike you have just to get on with it you will get on better once you get a new leg it takes time but you will be ok are you in the uk it wood be nice to see some amp befor your op
  7. bigdgrioli


    i have a few callouses but i am very active i go to the gym 5 days a week plus ride bike i still put e45 cream on every day
  8. bigdgrioli

    Health Care Reform

    hi i am lbk i have been waiting for revision surgery from the 1 may after approval and still waiting on the nhs
  9. bigdgrioli

    Help....too many feet!

    great foot i have just got one echelon same site
  10. bigdgrioli


    http://www.endolite.co.uk/Education_Techni...s/echelon1.html thank you it looks very good i hope a get one see my legman plus doc on the 13 aug so fingers cross
  11. bigdgrioli


    thank you all very much i hope i get more info i am hoping i can get a torque absorber and a echelon foot so i can do more with my leg ie bike and more in the gym i have ad a look at the echelon foot it look like it will help me with what i wont to do so any info will be great so all the best dave
  12. bigdgrioli


    hi my name is dave i am 53 and a btk amp i have add it off for about 5 years but sill not very good as i am waiting for a another op i have ad 6 op up to now but add 13 befor it was taken off but thats a long story but i would like info on which leg foot to get i have one up to now but not very good i go to the gym 5 days a week but i would like to do more like to bike ride and over things by the way i live in uk leeds so any info will be great so all the best dave