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  1. britinfrance

    Where in the UK?

    Hence your username no doubt Well you got me bang to rights there! I was in France a few years ago, I guess I should change my name to BritinDetroit, or to cover my next move "Britaroundtheworld"
  2. britinfrance

    Where in the UK?

    It was funny seeing scummer mentioned! I didnt know what that was. I'm originally a mackem, glad I'm not a geordie or sand dancer! But now live in the states. Keith
  3. britinfrance

    Disabled Parking in Europe

    Thanks very much guys! That did help.
  4. Does anyone know if the disabled parking badges in England can be used elsewhere in Europe? (France particularly)
  5. britinfrance

    Summer in France

    Unfortunately you've missed the best month for Paris, in August there are very few Parisians there as they have gone elsewhere. The good thing is you're not flying into Roissy, that has to be one of the worst major international airports. Anyway, Bon Chance!
  6. britinfrance

    The World Cup

    Ive just realized, due to the spectacle of the Dutch in their underpants in Stuttgart, that Budweiser has sole pouring rights at the world cup!! I think only one or two other beers are allowed. How did that happen? Especially since there were so many good beers in Germany. I guess if our American friends arent going to be able to win the cup they want some major part of the festivities! WHats the world coming to? :(
  7. britinfrance

    Entice me

    Cat, you forgot to mention that Oz even has a "cultural Attache" Sir Les Patterson! Muz, one thing worse than a grockle is a bunch of them in their grockle boxes holding up traffic. Unfortunately I'm having to think long and hard about Detroit's attractions, maybe Metro Airport as you're leaving!
  8. britinfrance


    U2? Saw them last week and they were excellent, fantastic show altho we did need oxygen we were so high up in the stadium. But they have been around a while, well over 20 yrs, and they do know more than 3 chords! K
  9. britinfrance

    Where Are You From?

    Well Lynne, I cant agree more with you about your team, in fact its the first time I've ever heard a maggie say that. Of course as a mackem Ive said it many times!! :D All good naturedly of course!! Keith (a mackem in the states)
  10. Just a couple of thoughts: She's obviously attractive but after seeing that pic I dont think very highly of her decision to pose in it. She actually was a model prior to going on Howard Stern Posing in normal clothing. As young man I'd have loved to date her but wouldn't have taken her home to meet mam!! I dont think this thread should be closed, if we dont want to look at it we dont have to. The same goes for listeming to Howard Sterns show. And finally, Merry Christmas!!
  11. britinfrance

    Something different

    I know the price of steel is going thru the roof but...... The story is almost as weird as the gang of thieves in Sunderland (UK) who were going around lifting up peoples pavers on their drives and patios in the middle of the night. Oh well
  12. britinfrance

    to much to drink

    Good Luck Sarah! I hope youget back to normal soon
  13. britinfrance


    When I read you were a school dental specialist I had to smile, I remember when the nurse used to come to the school, there were 3 types of nurses!: The nit nurse (head lice) The verucca nurse And the tooth nurse. I used to hate all 3 prodding and probing!!! But I liked the tooth nurse best!!
  14. britinfrance

    One more day to go!!!!

    I'll be really glad when its over as well. Like you Dea I cannnot vote as I'm not a citizen and its really frustrating especially as my everyday life is affected. This last year I have actually felt the result of the poor economy being laid of from a company after 18 years, luckily I came out of it all pretty well but for a while it was scary. I have also just realised the cost of health care is horendous about $1000 a month for a family for COBRA (continuation of health care benefits after leaving a company) . It makes me pine for the good old NHS!! Well Lets hope things take a different course over the next 4 years.
  15. britinfrance

    Mj goes car shopping ...

    Great loking car but its not really a car, more of a covered in roller skate! BUT.... you should see the SMART roadster, really cool little open top sports car! By the way, the paint work is great, I worked on building the plant and equipment they are painted in!!