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    "no excuses today- not even........"

    I'm wondering if our American friends know that "trainers" are brit speak for tennis shoes?
  2. britinfrance


    SOunds like you had a better time than you would have if youd gone to "pac-a-mac Valley" or "Hi but Island" Anyone who is not from south Wales will never recognise those two places!!!
  3. britinfrance

    New Addition to the Family....

    I hope your dog gets over his aggression and you are able to work with him. My tow girls are golden retrievers, you know how vicious they can be!! (joking) They bark when guests arrive but arent too convincing as the stuffed toys they have in their mouths muffles the Woof. Good luck, Keith
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    Have a great time at Butlitz! I didnt even know they were still around, I keep on thinking of Hidey Hi Campers!
  5. britinfrance

    Phantom Pain

    I've got to admit that I'm open minded on this but..... The synthetic form is very expensive and if you dont have prescription drug insurance it would be cost prohibitive. I sorta can see both sides of the argument regarding prescription cannabis.
  6. britinfrance

    How Many Bikerholics?

    After several posts have mentioned motorcycles I thought I'd ask the question! I'm not sure how the poll thing works but hope I got it right. I have a penchant for all things old and British (like me!) and right now have 2 triumphs and one BSA. One of the triumphs is still in a box in the basement!
  7. britinfrance

    A little bit of a vent

    Just reading your post about the discount got me thinking. I have good insurance with great coverage but a friend of mine was laid off without insurance. We realised that instead of getting a discount or a break on the cost as he had no insurance he actually had to pay MORE for services. When he questioned this he was told it was because the insurers are able to negotiate a discount due to volume whereas my friend had only himself. Seems crazy to me. Having spent most of my life in the UK I really think Healthcare should exist for all, not just the ones who can afford it. Sorry if Ive ticked any republicans off! The other thing (I'm on a roll now!) is that even tho the medical costs are sky high here I still have to regularly wait one hour past my appointment time!!! Goes to show that the NHS isnt that bad after all!! Keith
  8. britinfrance

    How Many Bikerholics?

    You know, I just got to thinking about all the places I get to, I'm lucky that most of the time its thru work. Well, the Toronto thing was just a quick weekend, but we have a jobsite near there at a place called Oshawa so I was able to kill two birds with one stone!! Detroit is really home for me at the moment. (toronto is only 4 .5 hours drive away) Take care!!
  9. britinfrance

    How Many Bikerholics?

    Dear oh dear, I nearly spilled me cocoa there! Actually, the ace cafe was reopened and theres a regular crowd of not so old people get there who appreciate fine motorcycles. And now Triumph have there retro Bonneville on sale life couldnt be better! Old Codger
  10. britinfrance

    Everyones story

    Good to see you can still smile Michelle! PS I see youre from Somerset, I lived in Combwich once but Im sure you never heard of it! Keith
  11. britinfrance

    What part of the world are you from?

    Why Aye Lass! Theres nowt like a good ham and pease pudding sandwich!! Altho Detroitdoesnt offer much in the line of Northern "soul food" :P In my many travels I did live near you once, in Dordon near Tamworth. I work in the auto industry and theres not much of that left in the UK unfortunately.
  12. britinfrance

    What part of the world are you from?

    Yep, You're right Cazzy, "Ha'way The Lads!"
  13. britinfrance

    What part of the world are you from?

    OKay then just to confuse thngs: I was born in France, greaw up in England (with a couple of years in Africa) but have now lived in Michigan for the last few years except for when I lived in France, Oh and Australia (Adelaide). But I really think of myself as a Mackem, not a geordie. Im sure the Mackem bit has everyone confused!!!!
  14. britinfrance

    How Many Bikerholics?

    Hi Marianne, THE most famous bker hangout in the UK , maybe even the world, is the ACE Cafe I believe it is on the North Circular?, but for motorcycles not Scooters! :D Anyway, I was in your neck of the woods at the weekend! Toronto, I even went sailing on a big sailing ship!! Anrd watched some people make glass stuff. Toronto is a great city!
  15. britinfrance

    How Many Bikerholics?

    MAG rallys, Ah takes me back!! The nearest thing I've been to here in Michigan (by the way Paris was way better! lol) is the Battle of the Brits Rally. Its pretty cool, theres a load of Brit bikes and cars show up, its not like a rally where you camp or anything but it is interesting. And on Protective gear? Well youre talking to a lad who always wears a jacket jeans and boots when I ride (needless to say a helmet as well) so Im totally in favor of it, but I guess theres freedom of choice too so I get mixed feelings on the helmet law. By the way, do you have a fur trimmed parka? :P
  16. britinfrance

    How Many Bikerholics?

    I think there will always be a little rivalry amongst the two wheeled fraternity (and sorority!!) but as far as I have ever seen its always been friendly!! Its also great to know that a third of the forum still rides!!!!
  17. britinfrance

    How Many Bikerholics?

    I'm glad I askedd the question about bikes! Well, I'm not quite old enough to have taken part in the mods and Rockers war but remember hearing about them :D I've always thought scooters were a little dangerous, you can't see which way the front wheel is pointing!!! My triumphs are bothe T160 tridents with electric starts (easier on my bad leg!) but I still kick the BSA over. The other problem I have is the gear shift and the brake pedal are reversed on the BSA (like all really old British bikes) and that can cause a heart stopping moments when you momentarily forget. Cazzy, did your family never want to beat you up for riding around on a scooter? :P Marianne, I hadn't seen a Honda pan european before, it looks kinda cool but my bikes have less bits on them (less to break when you fall off!) Anyway thanks for answering the poll everyone!
  18. britinfrance

    How Many Bikerholics?

    I think we must all be slightly deranged to still like bikes. Of my many mishaps a drunk driver was the worst but of the lesser ones a sheep created havoc one Sundays afternoon in Somerset. Worse still the bloody farmer wanted compensation for his sheep! Now living in the states in Michigan you have to be careful of the odd deer in the twilight (a lot bigger than a sheep). The most stupid accident I had (I'm on a roll!) was at a zebra crossing on my moped. The nipple had snapped off the throttle cable so I tied it to my foot and was able to operate the throttle with my foot resting on the foot peg. I came up to a zebra crossing and, being the curteous person I am, stopped and put my feet down. Unfortunately two things happened, I'd forgotten about the cable tied to my foot so the engine revved like crazy and the other was that the cable wasn't long enough for my foot to reach the ground and I fell off. So now there I am lying on the ground with my little moped lying on me with its engine screaming in the middle of high street. It tok a while to right myself but the amazing thing was noone asked me if I was OK, they just continued walking accross the crossing as if I wasnt there!! Ah well all good fun!
  19. britinfrance

    Everyones story

    Good Luck with the recovery John, Couldnt aggree with you more about wearing protective gear, it may not help you but it has helped me keep my skin in a couple of spills!
  20. britinfrance

    How do we end up with......?

    Many years ago, well not that many really, I was an engineering student at Newcastle Poly my project was writing software for a myo lectric hand. I met with some people from Steepers and found out that a bunch of them were actually engineers who were recruited for their engineering know how and underwent training (3 yrs) at Roehampton to become prosthetists. I remember at the time thinking they must be a little crazy to go thru all that extra time in college! I guess that Steepers figured that Engineers do it better :P
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    I was waiting for someone to mention the Rare Norwegian Parrot that was nailed to its perch, or had it really shuffled off its mortal coil? Sorry but I know the Monty Python afficionados may understand that. Then we could always talk about the cheese shop with the "bllody bazouki music" Maybe the older members of the group can remember what thats all about!
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    I give up, that was an0ther waste of $20 to watch footy on Pay per view! TThe sports bar made a killing last night, there was about 200 people paying $20 each to watch the game on telly! Theres always next time
  23. britinfrance

    What's your opinion???

    Just my two pennorth worth, the person who had it transplanted also had it removed as he didnt want to continue to take the large daily quantities of anti-rejection drugs needed to keep it. He was Australian who lost hhis hand in an accident whilst in Prison.
  24. britinfrance

    members names

    Well, I am a bit od an international man of mystery, and I used to wear thongs when I lived in Australia!!! Only thiing is in Oz thongs = flip flops. G'day! :P
  25. britinfrance

    What do you all look like?

    I'm in the mood for posting today! Im 6 ft 2 with short hair. Funny thing is that a few yrs ago I had a purple streak in it and now when I look in the mirror I cant imagine it at all. These days Im thankful for whatever hair I have! Live on my own as I never seem to stop travelling, but to be honest I did enjoy Paris a whole hck of a lot more than rural Alabama where I am today. Cheers all Keith PS Im a motorcycle fanattic as well, I have 3 Brit Bikes.