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  1. Ive just realized, due to the spectacle of the Dutch in their underpants in Stuttgart, that Budweiser has sole pouring rights at the world cup!! I think only one or two other beers are allowed.

    How did that happen? Especially since there were so many good beers in Germany.

    I guess if our American friends arent going to be able to win the cup they want some major part of the festivities!

    WHats the world coming to? :(

  2. Cat, you forgot to mention that Oz even has a "cultural Attache" Sir Les Patterson!

    Muz, one thing worse than a grockle is a bunch of them in their grockle boxes holding up traffic.

    Unfortunately I'm having to think long and hard about Detroit's attractions, maybe Metro Airport as you're leaving!

  3. Just a couple of thoughts:

    She's obviously attractive but after seeing that pic I dont think very highly of her decision to pose in it. She actually was a model prior to going on Howard Stern Posing in normal clothing.

    As young man I'd have loved to date her but wouldn't have taken her home to meet mam!!

    I dont think this thread should be closed, if we dont want to look at it we dont have to. The same goes for listeming to Howard Sterns show.

    And finally, Merry Christmas!!

  4. When I read you were a school dental specialist I had to smile, I remember when the nurse used to come to the school, there were 3 types of nurses!:

    The nit nurse (head lice)

    The verucca nurse

    And the tooth nurse.

    I used to hate all 3 prodding and probing!!!

    But I liked the tooth nurse best!!

  5. I'll be really glad when its over as well.

    Like you Dea I cannnot vote as I'm not a citizen and its really frustrating especially as my everyday life is affected.

    This last year I have actually felt the result of the poor economy being laid of from a company after 18 years, luckily I came out of it all pretty well but for a while it was scary. I have also just realised the cost of health care is horendous about $1000 a month for a family for COBRA (continuation of health care benefits after leaving a company) . It makes me pine for the good old NHS!!

    Well Lets hope things take a different course over the next 4 years.

  6. Along the lines of Muz, I was in the gents at a Sting concert when a young lady (a little worse for alcohol) came into the toilet with her hands over her eyes saying "I'm not looking guys, honest, just need to pee". Before she could get much further security came in and escorted her away. My thought at the time was how the hell was she going to find anything with her eyes covered up. The line outside of the ladies was phenominally long at the time and I guess she couldnt wait.

    I'm sure most of the ladies in the forum would agree that some venues dont cater for females adequately regardless of ability or disability.

    Now for a serious question, in the event of all toilets being in use do you think that an able bodied person can use the disabled toilet? Most of the toilets I have seen are integrated in to the normalgents and ladies so Ive always thought it permissible to use that stall if all others are full.

  7. Thanks for the pic, it really explains why I suffer momentary sciatica now and then.

    But just a slight deviation from the topic, a friends wife (from England) kept on talking about the car she had left behind in the UK before they came to the states as her BM (short for BMW). Unfortunately Americans tend to use BM as an abreviation for Bowel Movement. It lead to a few raised eyebrows when she would talk about how she missed her left behind BM.

    And talking of cardiff I was there last week and Porthcawl. Porthcawl lived up to its reputation and it rained everyday, thank goodness it was a caravan and not a tent!

    Back in Detroit now!

  8. Ive couple of adorable little darlings. Golden retrievers who are a little under nourished at close to 90 pounds.

    June , be careful about taking your pets overseas, we befriended a little stray cat in Australia and thought we would take him back to the states. Well instead of costing $60 for excess baggage it cost $850. After 6 weeks of being careful about letting him out in his new home he decided he didnt like his new home and left! So we were $850 down and no cat to show for it!

  9. Good Question, I suppose I could do with a face lift, a hair transplant and lasik surgery. But two things prevent me from doing it, one I hate pain and suffering, two I hate parting with money for no real cause.

    But in answer to the question I wouldnt judge anyone for doing it, I just wouldnt.

    Did anyone see "extreme makeover"where it showed the flip side, they had some lady on there who reacted badly and was in serious pain for months. She said she wouldnt have done it if she had known how it would be.

  10. Hi Tint, well glad to hear about the pipe and slippers not coming out!

    A few yrs ago afriend of mine after a not serious accident got rid of his Z650 and bought an Allegro Vanden Plas :rolleyes:, and to make matters worse he even started smoking a pipe and wearing a flat cap. (we were 19 at the time). Talk about being old before your time!!

    Anyway, good luck mate


  11. No Prob Shiela!! :D

    In fact you would not believe the differences between the different english around the world.

    Now, remembering we're British my wife was horrified to be told by a friend when we arrived in the states years ago to "park her fanny on a chair" :o . I wont bother sayiing what part of a lady's anatomy that means in English English. :lol:

    In Australia the signs in some places would say "no thongs allowed" but this had nothing to do with underwear! In Oz thongs are flip flops. Hmmm, I wonder if Mr John Kerry would be referred to as "Thong Man".

    And my secretary in the states was amazed to hear me ask for a rubber, which is English English for an eraser.

    All good fun , and Im sure theres loads more of instances!!