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  1. pegleg1az

    Feed back on Feet

    Well to start off with, I am a verry active person on my feet most all day walking on pavement, Gravel, and uneven rough ground. I have been a pegleg for 25 or so years and weight in at 200 lb, a lower right BK at 5.5" short without a fifea on the side of the stump. I climb over horse corals, climb ladders, in trucks. I am looking for a leg that will keep up with me and not were me out at the end of the day. What is out there now days? I may even call College park one of these days and twist their ear also.... I know they will say they are the best out there, which they may be. that is why I am putting out feelers from other readers and users.. I think we all learn from each other, not from a sales pitch of a salesperson
  2. pegleg1az

    last story

    I was at a steel tip dart party and we all was a little drunk, a few know I was a pegleg and the leg I had back then was all foamed up to look nateral. I was at the board throwing and I felt a dart hit the back of my peg, thought nothing of it, threw another at the board, another hit my leg, so I threw my last dart and right on Q the 3rd dart hit my back of my leg again... I never looked back, I just graber the darts out of my leg and started to throw them. Everyone is looking and not knowing what is going on, when I finished that are saying you can not do that... All I said was" Handicap advantage" That was the night I came out of the closet letting people know I was a pegleg.... That night went down in history and was talked about for a few years at other tournaments. I did know who was throwing the darts and trusted him. Only if he was drunk.......... not sober. The drunker he got, the better he through.
  3. pegleg1az

    another story

    I was working a car lot as a lot lizzard doing windshield repairs years ago. I just got my new leg with a locking pin liner and I was running between cars, as I was running my leg fell off and was about two or three steps behind me by the time I stopped. I was holding on to the cars as I realized I just lost my leg. Thank god. One of the lot majors was watching me running and saw the leg fall off. he started to laugh as he saw that and said I need to slow down, the leg was not made to go that fast... He now tells the new car sales people that I am so fast that my leg can't keep up with me.
  4. pegleg1az

    sticking your foot out

    I like sticking my foot under the tire of a car backing up and let them feel the hump as they drive over my foot. Most forgot I am a peg and when they run my foot over they jump out of the car to see if I am OK or not. Sometimes I will fake it that it hurt and other times if I see it in there eyes like, I am going to get you for that, I just smile. One of the guys at a job I have got me back years ago. I put my foot under the car he was test driving for a bad front end, He was a little faster witted than I thought, He was backing up the car and going forward so I thought I would mess with him. soooo I put my foot out and he felt the car rise because he got on top of my foot he could see I was there and figured I was up to something "Again" so he STOPPED right on top of my foot, got out of the car with the keys in his hands and left me there. Everone was laughing over that one and giving him an adda boy for that one. I just popped my release pin and hopped away and went back to my parts dept. The customer comes to get their car and can see there is a pegleg under the tire. They knew we were up to messing around again... I finally got my leg back in about 30 minutes. I do not trust him any more. But I have not stopped messing with others. Ya gota have fun with what ya got left.
  5. pegleg1az

    Feed back on Feet

    Hello folks. I am new here and would like some feed back. I am a RBK with a 5.5" stump with the fibea cut off also... Fitting is fun for most of the Peg shops. I would like to get some of your feed back on some feet. I have been using the College Park "trustep" foot for years, I was one of the testers for the new split toe when they extended the toe on one side. I loved it. Now they have others to chose from and I was looking at the ONYX and Venture. Does anyone have these? Has anyone started with the Trustep and up graded to any of these? I like the natural gate with the trustep. Is there any other foot out there that you wish you could have now? Don D.