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  1. karen05982

    Online Chat?

    I'm on an online chat support group for burn survivors wjat meets every Wed. evening. I've been looking for the same thing for amputees. It is a great idea.
  2. karen05982

    Everyones story

    Wow! Congrats on the Disney Mararhon. We are going Jan,2010 to watch our daughter run. I am learning to walk on my second prosthesis and I don't see how I would have the endurance to walk the parks in one day. How did you build up your endurance?
  3. karen05982


    The peer visitor at my amputee shop told me she struggled for years with a torn up ankle from a motorcycle accident. The pain was intolerable and she coudn't always put her weight on her foot. She finally opted for amputation below the knee. She told me that once she put her prosthesis on, she veryquickly walked and has never had a problem. She is a single mother of two girls and works. I'm in awe at how easily she gets around. She said it was a great decision for her. Good Luck
  4. karen05982

    Howdy from Texas

    Hi Dale. I'm left BKA for almost 4 years now. I remember my time in the wheelchair. I had to wait for the grafts to heal ( I'm also a 65% burn survivor), so my rehab was constantly interrupted bu subsequent surgeries. Finally last year I began rehab on learning to walk (I had been using a walker) We speeded through until I just got my second leg. It is supposed to not produce any friction on the skin and the suction in controlled by a microprocessor. I have an Ossur flex foot called Elation. It enables me to raise the heel so I can wear up to two inch heel.You must feel comfortable with your prosthetist and PT and they must work together, Good Luck!