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    Ukraine , Odessa
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    I love nature, forest, mountains,fishing . I like to embroider a cross . Studying English.

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    transport incident
  1. Tonya8888

    Where in the UK?

    I live in Ukraine. I am in love with your country . I fell in love when watched the film "Pride and Prejudice" is a novel by Jane Austen , Since I dream to visit your unusually beautiful country , see the sights and nature. But unfortunately I can't make a prosthesis that I could travel freely by the state , and for private money is too expensive for me. But I hope that this will change. and I will definitely come to the UK
  2. Tonya8888

    Water/beach activity leg

    Very interesting video. But I have doubts. Whether you can make such universal artificial limb if short kul'tya of shins - 4-5 centimeters below a knee. How the artificial limb will keep and not to slip? Whether it will be possible to bathe in such artificial limb in salty sea water?
  3. Thanks cherylm , I am flattered by your response about my English, but I should admit that the most part to me is translated by the computer.
  4. Hi .cherylm Thanks big for the answer. I have seen the site specified by you, only because of bad knowledge of English language it was difficult to me to find answers to questions interesting me. But I have written the letter to employee Kerilin which can answer only on Monday on March, 28th.
  5. I was interested by conference. I would like to know 1. How many there is a participation in conference? 2. Whether there is there a hotel and how many there is a residing a day? 3. Where there is an airport nearby? 4. Whether there are translators from Russian and how many there is a translation service?
  6. Tonya8888

    Where in the UK?

    It probably beautiful places. It there are events from a film "Pride and Prejudice" is a novel by Jane Austen , where Colin Firth plays. There very beautiful nature in a film is shown.
  7. I thank God, for that that I have a knee. Probably I would reconcile, with that that I limp. But I am young enough, I have many vital plans and desires. But my lameness disturbs to me is high-grade to live. I very much am tired, the back is ill and I can't long go even with a stick. And still I am afraid that strongly I load a healthy foot which should be protected, I can't distribute in regular intervals loading on both feet. I think it is necessary to strengthen muscles which are responsible for various phases of a step. Only what it is muscles I don't know.
  8. Hi , Cherylm . Thanks for council. But unfortunately I can't find the expert in our country which could deal with such problems as at me. All orthopedic enterprises are translated for the reduced working week because the state doesn't have money for maintenance of invalids. I tried to find for the money of the expert, but nobody understands my problem. I can go only to a gym where to me will help to strengthen muscles. I now try to find the sponsor who will finance artificial limb manufacturing abroad in which I can is high-grade to live and go. Tell and whether there were cases in the countries where do you live that at the expense of the help of sponsors did an artificial limb?
  9. I very much like to embroider with a cross. This my hobby calms me. I like to embroider the nature and houses because I dream to have the house in a beautiful place.

  10. I looked as dances Heather Mills, and I even to go is normal I can not. What to do any more I do not know. After all it is very bad. The back already starts to be ill me from a lameness.
  11. I use an artificial limb 2 years. Amputation below a knee, very shortly. I too limp. To me say that I at first haven't correctly started to go and have got used to such gait, it is necessary to be retrained. Other experts say that I limp therefore as short the stump and I can not operate. I don't know as to learn not to limp. Can be it is necessary to strengthen what that muscles that they held a body at walking. It would be good to find the information how correctly to go on an artificial limb.
  12. Tonya8888

    Amputation below the knee it is very short

    I still have not made a good artificial limb.I do not love the country - the state is indifferent to destiny of invalids.
  13. Hi all For the reason still bad knowledge of English language I can not understand that such Annual Educational Conference that there do? How many cost there is a participation who can take part? Very interestingly.
  14. Tonya8888

    Swimming Legs

    Hi all Really nobody used such adaptation? It is on sale in your country.