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  1. Hi mmarie, ann, and JudyH, Creams just don't work for me, and I am pretty sure my liner causes this but I figure all of them will. But what is a Comfort Ag under liner JudyH? Doesn't your liner tend to lose it's grip when you wear it? Can you describe it in more detail and/or post a hyperlink about it with a picture?
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    Phantom Pain

    Hi CaptainKB, I have lived with phantom pain since the summer of 1994. I can't really call it "pain" now since most of the time it is just a sensation. I don't usually feel it during the day when I wear my prosthesis, but at bedtime the sensation varies in strength. Sometimes I DO get sharp jolts of pain but that only happens two or three times a year. Now what has helped ME a lot with these phantom sensations is wearing a stump shrinker at night. And, on those occasions when I experience sharp jolts of pain I have discovered that wrapping my stump with a heating pad makes the pain go away. These things have worked for me and maybe they will work for you.
  3. Thanks cherylm, Over the years I too have also used different creams and lotions, but I wore a stump shrinker over it instead. Regular stump socks make me itch even more. I have also used ointments prescribed by my dermatologist as well as Sarna Lotion which he also recommended. All of these things have given me temporary relief, but that itchy feeling always comes back and eventually ibecomes too hard to resist. I'm probably dreaming but still I hold onto the hope that I can finally find something that will stop this cycle I'm in dead in it's tracks.
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    Weird feeling in foot that is gone now.

    Hi Ed, I am a RAK and have lived with "Phantom Pain" for 15+ years. I can't really call it "pain" because it rarely is painfull. It's more like a sensation in my missing foot of daily varying degrees. Some nights are worse than others and I rarly feel it when I'm wearing my leg during the day. Two or three times a year my phantom "sensation" does become painful. It's like a sharp jolt of pain every 30 seconds more or less. When that happens I wrap my stump with an electric blanket at night and the heat helps it to go away.
  5. Hello again Erik! Do you prefer I call you Erik, or Trailmaster Toby? I agree. The scratching feels great! Too great in fact! For me, once I start scratching I just can't stop until I start breaking the skin on my stump. Then it's a hurtful mess, and the following day it hurts to wear my leg. After a couple days the hurting stops, but then it starts to itch all over again. I've been in this kind of cycle for 15+ years now, and I am looking for something to help me break it.
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    Thanks, it's nice to be here. Since I have now made my introduction I will probably move to the "Prosthetics and Related" section to post my first question.
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    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum so let me introduce myself. I am a 58 year old married man from California with two adult kids...one male and one female. I have been a right AKA for over 15 years now, after losing my leg as the passenger in a car crash. I still don't remember much of that night, but I was told the driver's alcohol level was twice the legal limit. I was in a coma for 5 weeks and I spent that entire summer in the hospital being rehabilitated. The crash also left me with a severly limited range of motion in my left (primary) arm, and short term memory loss for the past 15 plus years. Since the crash I have also been diagnosed with "peripheral venus insufficiency" in my only leg. That means the veins in my leg dont work properly so I have to keep it elevated most of the day and night or my foot and ankle will swell up like a football. Therefore, I can't drive a car and I can't work. I am using what my prosthetist calls a "Safety Knee" and I think my foot is called a "Flex Foot." My prosthesis is held on by a pin from my"Ice Ross" liner that is rolled over my stump, and the pin connects into my socket. I have been wearing this leg for many years now. I spend most of my days online which is why I don't know why I have never searched for forums like this until now. I am just glad I finally did. I have some questions but I will save them for later or post them in another section of this forum. For now I just wanted to say hello out there.