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  1. Hi all, Is anyone out there using the Hanger ComfortFlex socket? If so, what do you think of it?
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    When I lost my leg in 1994 the doctors and nurses told me I would eventually get callouses on my stump. But for me that didn't start to happen until recently. Maybe it's because I'm not a very active person. Who knows. Anyway, I am just curious as to how to handle this. GOT CALLOUSES?
  3. Hi all, I am new to this website and I recently made my "introductions" in the section of the same name. Post a hello there if you haven't already. I have a question for Ice Ross liner users: Does your stump itch when you take off your liner at bedtime? Mine has since the first day I put it on 15+ years ago. If you know of something that has cured this for you (like soap & water, creams, ointments, lotions, or talcum powders etc) please let me know. I am really looking for common household solutions if possible.
  4. I am probably not going to be around next week so I want to wish you all: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
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    Hey all you AK's!

    Just a note to say I wrote to them, BUT, I also found a variety of pin system liners by clicking on the word PROSTHETIC from the link you sent us Lynne. So thanks. :)
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    Hey all you AK's!

    Thanks Lynne, I'll send them an E-mail.
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    Hey all you AK's!

    Erik or Lynne, Do either of you know if these liners can be used in a locking pin system? The link that Lynne provided didn't say anything about that and the picture of them makes me think it can't. Am I right?
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    This is for those of you (like me) who are not familiar with all of the teminology: http://www.amputee-coalition.org/fact_shee...efinitions.html
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    What do you say?

    "So you were in a car accident?" "Yeah, I used to have a lead foot and now I have a plastic one." ;) "I was gonna sue but I didn't have a leg to stand on."
  10. Thanks Anthony's Mom and Trailmaster Toby! It's good to know you like the Hanger ComfortFlex socket. I went to see a new prosthetist last week for a liner that didn't make me itch and he was showing that socket to me. I think the fact that you both like it, and hearing that it is less uncomfortable when sitting is why I posted my question. This new prosthetist and the articles I've read on it were all positive about it, but I wanted to get some actual unbiased user oppinions too. So thanks. The prosthetist also said it was three pounds lighter than the one I have now, since mine was made 8+ years ago and it's like solid hard plastic. To me that statement sounded a little hard to believe though since I'm 6'5" and I figure my whole prosthesis weighs 7-10 pounds. I DO believe it IS lighter though, but just not that much. Anyway, thanks. I was just curious and looking ahead. Times are tough financially these days so I went ahead and ordered the hypoallergenic liner I came in for, plus a sock and a shrinker. The 20% I have to pay for those items will be around $112 and THAT I can afford. But, my 20% cost to replace my old socket with this new ComfortFlex will run me over a $1000 and that will have to wait for now.
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    What is e45 cream? What does it do? Does it help?
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    Thank you all for your thoughts and advice. I do use and have tried many different creams, ointments and lotions. I have used one or more every night at bedtime for the past fifteen years. And, I also know that my stump can vary in size. However, it just so happens that I AM going to see a new prosthetist this afternoon about something else, and I will ask him about my new callouses. Thanks again.
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    Hi mmarie, Are you a very active person?
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    Where Y'all from

    I'm a male RAK living in the city of Corona, Southern California.
  15. Hi tomer, and thanks. My socket fits just fine. However, my stump is real short so I figure the lighter the prosthesis the better.
  16. In your oppinion which prosthesis weighs the least? I am currently using a liner with a pin that locks into a hard shell socket. I believe my prosthetist called the knee I use a Safety Knee? And, I think I am using a Flex Foot. All of this is covered with a foam covering to resemble a leg. I have been wearing this leg for 8+ years now and I would guess it weighes close to ten pounds. Also, due to my other handicaps I am not a very actice person. Can I go to a lighter leg and still keep the same outward appearance? Thanks
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    Amputee T- Shirts

    Hi Dave, I checked out that website and saw a couple shirts I liked. Too bad they didn't come in tall sizes.
  18. CanAm

    New BKA

    Hi mcatlin, and welcome to this forum! I am an AKA but I will assume that your phantom "sensations" are similar to mine. If not then I am sure there are many BKs here who can answer any questions you have. As for me, I still get those sensations every night when I remove my leg, but only occasionally do I get that sharp jolt of pain you refer to. When I do, as I said in the "Phantom Pain" section, wrapping my stump with a heating pad has helped a lot. So maybe that will work for you too! Is Monte your nick name? My father, mself and my son have all been called Monte (or Monty) at times during our lives.
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    RAK from Philadelphia

    Hi Jim, Same here, welcome! I too am a right AK due to an accident, and I am also fairly new to this message board as well. However, I am from Southern California and it's been over 15 years since I lost my leg. We all know what our own experiences were like when we were starting out as amputees, and I am sure many of our experiences are very similar to what you are going through now. This is a great message board, so if you can't find answers to questions you might have, please post them and someone will surely be able to help.
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    stubbies protheses?

    Hi MARTAN, And hello again Trailmaster Toby. Do either of you have an article on stubbies that you can post here while MARTAN is waiting to hear from others who use this prosthesis?
  21. CanAm

    Happy Birthday Higgy

    Happy belated birthday Higgy!
  22. Hi oneblueleg, sueflayy, and suesman; And thanks for the input from all of you. I have been a right AK for 15+ years now and I was just curious since I've been wearing this leg for over eight years. My socket actually fits fairly well, but I was figuring that all the newer components would be lighter now. The prosthesis I had before this one had a Mach(?) Knee and it was heavier than this Safety Knee I use now. I think it was heavier due to the hydraulics it used. Also, when I was being fitted for my first "temporary" leg in the hospital, I remember the prosthetist telling me it weighed about seven pounds. I am 6' 5" tall and my stump is short so I am guessing with the foam covering that my leg also weighs between 8 & 10 pounds. So what about this M.A.S. socket I read about on this website? Besides being more comfortable, isn't it lighter? Since the sides of the socket are lower it would make sense to me that it DOES weigh less. Also, what about a foot that is lighter than the Flex Foot? Is there a lighter weight knee than the Safety Knee? Finally, has titanium been improved or replaced by a lighter metal alloy? Thank you all for your previous and future input.
  23. Hi Higgy, Thanks for the hyperlink. That was helpful. I wash my brand new Ice Ross liners with soap and water several times before I wear them for the first time as well. From then on I wash my liner every morning when I take a shower. I also rinse off my stump with cold water before applying a cream and/or lotion to it right after I remove my liner at the end of the day. Unfortunately, for me, this still doesn't control my itching. :( I have a few questions from the hyperlink you posted: 1. So this Comfort AG under liner goes on between my stump and liner, correct? 2. Do I then wear a stump sock over all of that? 3. And this under liner doesn't cause the regular liner to ever lose it's grip, correct? 4. Since I am using a size 36 Ice Ross liner what size under liner would be right for me? Thanks again for the info!
  24. Hi JohnnyV and dalec919! And thanks ann for pointing that out to me that all liners are not the same. Frankly, until coming to this forum I never knew there were liners other than Ice Ross. JohnnyV, doesn't lubricating your stump cause your liner to lose some or all of it's grip? Like dalec919 I too am interested in hearing more from JudyH about this Comfort AG Under Liner.
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    Hi everyone

    Hi Chrissy, Wrapping my stump with a heating pad at bedtime works well for me.