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    Georgia USA
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    I am a drummer, guitar player, bass player and singer. I play the Native American flute as well. I am a Lightsaber smith (builder).
    I do all kinds of art work. I love to do relief carvings in wood. I enjoy guns. Shooting them and working on them. I like my motorcycle even though I lost my leg from driving it. I like hanging out with my wife and kids and I love the ocean!
    There is a lot more I like to do but I would just bore you with all of it.

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    Motorcycle crash

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  1. hope you have sorted your pain, i have always had phantom pain, but last year it got real bad so i went on lyrica & its been good, lessened the pain a lot altho' not altogether

    hope you got on ok


    ps i am also a motorcycle accident amputee!!!

    yamaha virago 535! cheers