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    Sick of the pain!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello y'all, It has been a while since I have posted here. I have been busy since I got my leg. I also got a job as a prosthetic Tech at the same place that I got my leg! PROBLEM: I thought that after I had my leg for a while that the nerve pain would start to lessen. It has not. It is as bad as if I had my old beat up mangled leg still on. I went to my Ortho Dr. about it and he said " well, there are no guarantees that the pain would go away" and he will not prescribe any pills. I have had Lyrica and it's big brother med. The only thing that seems to help are the narcotics. My Ortho Dr. WILL NOT!!!! prescribe narcotics past three months of surgery no matter what the case is. I do not have insurance so seeing a pain Dr. is out. I have used Med stop enough that I probably should not try them anymore. Every body seems to think I am a drug seeker. I guess in a way they are right. I am seeking drugs to stop the pain. I only take them at night as I try to keep myself busy enough throughout the day and try not to let it bother me. At night when I am not so busy... WOW! It gets really bad. I am not the kinda man that just cries but it gets me to tears. I usually go to the bed room so that my kids don't see it so much. Every now and then I think it is good for them to see that Daddy has feelings and can cry but not every night. I am at the end of my rope and just don't know what I can do. Dr.'s tell me that I can get addicte3d to narcotics if I use them too much. I guess I just don't see the problem then. So what if I get addicted. If it helps with the pain then fine you warned me, your free from responsibility. See that is what happens when people sue for stupid stuff. They just end up taking your choice away and tell you what you can and can't do. I am an adult and if I want to risk it then it is my business and my fault. Sorry, just venting. I had Oxycodone 10 mg, 2 every 4 hours for 6 months straight when they were trying to save my leg. After I was done with them I "detoxed" myself. It was not so bad. I had sweats and moody but that was about it. All I want is Hydracodone and I don't not need 10 mg and I only want them for bed time. I just don't see the problem. Does anyone know what I can do? Is there anything else that will help without a script? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! God bless! Corey TK 9025
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    Ertl Amputation It Is....

    I remember laying on the table thinking "Wait, stop, hold on!! Think I changed.....snore, snore, snore!" LOL! You will question up to the second you fall asleep. Just try to remember what you have now. And that soon, you will have a new leg and be up and walking like nothing was wrong. Sure their are bad days. Think we all have that with or without limbs. But, always try to remember what you had before. Great that you landed it with Dr. Ertl. He is a really cool guy and as you know he is one of the best! The other best ones are also named ummmm, Ertl! LOL! Let us know when your going! I may be up that way some time this summer. If your there when I am I would love to stop by and say hi!
  3. I have a Collage Park Tru Step foot. I like it a lot because of it's ability to handle all kinds of terrain but, it has begun to constantly click. I worked for a while at a prosthetic clinic and we had one other person who had the exact same thing. All we could do was to take the whole foot apart and clean all the working parts and re lube it. That seems to do the trick for a while but it only lasts a week or so then it goes right back to clicking. Anyone have that happen and if so, any solutions that you have come up with that works?
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    Hello again! Been a while!

    Hello every one! So it has been quite a while since I have posted anything here. So I wanted to say Hi and show y'all what I have been doing. I still have work that needs to be done on my leg so some days are better then others. Anywho, As some of you know I was working on getting and building Star Wars StormTrooper armor and joining the 501st (a world wide Star Wars Costuming group). Well, thanks to a great person donating enough money to get everything for the costume, it is now a reality. I have been trooping as the AmpTrooper for a year now! I have also been elected in the recent elections as the squad leader for our local group. Trooping has been a blessing! I love meeting other amputees and people with handicaps. Other people have said just seeing me has brought them inspiration and joy! That is great! This whole thing isn't about me, it is about what the AmpTrooper means to other people. Even though trooping for me is very hard and it puts me down for about a week it is still a blessing and I will continue to do it.Here are some pictures: (Click the picture to see the full size) So, that is a little of what I have been up too. To see more pictures and updates you can friend me on Face book. I think I am the only AmpTrooper there! ;) LOL! I hope to be on here a little more this year. Just have a lot to do with being squad leader and all. But i do miss it here! God bless!
  5. Amptrooper

    Collage Park TruStep click

    Thanks Dave! I am going to give that a try and if you don't mind I would like to send your message to my old boss at the prosthetic clinic. We told our CP Rep about the problem and of course he knew nothing. Now, the CP Trustep does come with grease for the joints. I agree that it attracts dust and i thin that is one of the down falls. I usually don't grease them as they really don't seem to need it. But, the last foot we got in that was doing it we tried it as the rep suggested. It worked for a week or so and that was it. Again, I am going to try it the way you said and I will let y'all know what happens.
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    Sick of the pain!!!!!!!!!!

    Actually there is a lot of big time studies going on. That is why the medical community is changing it's mind on it. There are 3 institutes that have totally devoted all their studies to the medicinal qualities of marijuana. So, at this point is is not based off of experience. there is a real science to it. I'll see if I can find the links to one of the studies. I thought I saved it in my favorites but I can't see it there.
  7. Amptrooper

    Collage Park TruStep click

    Like a foot powder?
  8. Amptrooper

    Hello again! Been a while!

    Yes, lets blame the leg! We are still but youngsters!
  9. Amptrooper

    Sick of the pain!!!!!!!!!!

    Reviving an old thread. So, pain has always and is still a BIG issue. I did however find some relief. A friend of mine who lives in Colorado and who has major back problems from a compressed disk and who also works in a dispensary suggested something. Now, I was totally against it at first because of everything I have heard about it in school and collage and the government. So, I stared looking into medical and scientific websites that are ran by the Dr.s and researchers. It seems that everything I have been told about it is not exactly true. Seems that the government is against more so because they make a lot of money from it being illegal. From fines to actually selling it to other countries and even putting it into the public to justify their "War on Drugs"! Funny how the 2 most dangerous drugs in the world are the 2 that are most readily available and fully legal! That would be alcohol and Tobacco. The herb, not a weed, is called cannabis or marijuana. I use it in a vaporizer so, I am not smoking it and Dr.s say that is the best way to use it and using it this way relieves the only "danger" that this herb had. Meaning it is not good to burn and smoke anything. So, using a vaporizer keeps me safe from any lung problems. The side effects are much less then with pain pills. I do not use it to get high. Only for pain and only at night to help with the pain and help me to sleep. I have to say, it is quite amazing how well it works. Unlike with pain pills that only dull the pain, this actually gets rid of the pain totally! And no, I don't see things or laugh or any of the wired things they talk about in school and in propaganda movies. I am not saying this is for everyone and surly you must be careful of laws in your area. In the USA marijuana is has gotten a lot of research and is now being understood by the medical community for it amazing healing properties. Therefor it is slowly becoming legal in the states. Georgia (the state I live in) has a little know law that makes it legal for medical use that was actually passed back in 1981. Just most people don't know about it. I found it and so now I am fully compliant with the law. I know this is very controversial and I understand that this post may get removed. Please understand though, that i am not talking about illegal drugs. Medical Marijuana is perfectly legal here with a Dr.s script. There are pills that people talk about here that are illegal in certain states or countries and just because it is a pill it is allowed. There is also a pill for Marijuana called Marinol. I hear Marinol is worthless but, it is legal in all states and most countries. So, it works for me and it may work for you. I suggest you talk with your Dr. first.
  10. Workin, support goupin, and troopin with the amp!

  11. Amptrooper

    Georgia Support Group

    I just got back from my Dr's today for my 4 week check up. I still have some skin healing to do but otherwise he said that it looks great! He said that I can go see about getting my first leg as soon as the skin is healed!!! YEA!!!!!! They also talked to me about starting a support group for this area. Since I am trying to become the Amptrooper (see my sig for more information) and I sell Amputee T-shirts for donations to the Barr Foundation that I would be a good one to help with this project. I have not been an amputee long but I do have a way of dealing with it that may be able to help others who are new at it or about to be amputees. I can help organize it as well and get people in contact with the right person to help them if I can't. It would be nice if this could turn out to be a meet up group as well. We could have cook outs and bowling nights, etc. We shall see what the Lord wants to do with it. I see a lot of good coming from it. That is my whole thing. Losing a body part sucks. If there is anyway I can help someone else with it then I am all for that. That is why I sell the shirts and want to do this Amptrooper for the kids. Take a bad situation and make it something fun. Anywho, just thought I would share that with y'all! God bless!
  12. Amptrooper

    Georgia Support Group

    Where was it held? When is the next one? Sorry if this info posted elsewhere, I haven't looked around. Thanks. We are having it at Boland Prosthetic & Orthotic Center (it is where I work. No sales pitches or anything like that). 110 Osigian Blvd. Warner Robins, GA 31088. We are going to be having meetings every first Tuesday of the month at 7pm. You are welcome to come! It is in the early stages right now. We will have speakers at times and information and most important good fellowship! This will be a safe place for us to open up to each other and reach out to others in the Middle Ga area. Hoping to have a picnic this summer as well! Good times to come!
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    Sick of the pain!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Amptrooper, I assume you are talking about neurostimulation, if you google it there is lots of info out there. I have heard of it and there is research proving that it works for some people. Good luck with it all, hope you continue to get some relief from the drugs. Well, the drugs are not that great! I went to the pain Dr. again and they said to just stay on it. I would really like to just go back to the Lortab at this point. I don't care if I get addicted to it as long as it helps. Stupid Michael Jackson! Had to go ruin it for everyone! Just kidding. I think that is what it is called. Nerowhatsitwhat! Sounds good to me! I wonder which people it works for!
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    In need of some courage!!

    Wow, I am late to this one! Today is the day! I know you will not read this for a while as you will be healing and all. I had my amputation after trying to keep my busted up leg for a year after a motorcycle accident. I had a lot of pain in my leg and would need many more years of surgery to end up with a fused ankle and many bone grafts if I kept it. I am glad I took the plunge and had it done. Recovery really was not bad as you will find. I had my surgery 900 miles away and we drove back three days after the surgery. And I was up on crutches and getting around without a problem. It felt weird to put it down but not bad. Anywho, I'll be praying for ya! Let us know how things went. God bless!
  15. Amptrooper

    Georgia Support Group

    Well we did it! We now have the Middle Georgia Amputee Support Group! We had our first meeting last Tuesday and had a great time!!! Can't wait for the next meeting!
  16. Amptrooper

    AmpTrooper on face book!

    Hey y'all, I just wanted to let y'all know that the AmpTrooper (my Star Wars costume for kids) is on Face Book. I will be posting times and dates of where the AmpTrooper will be and I will be sharing pictures of the AMpTrooper at parades and comic book shows and most importantly at the hospital and amputee clinics for kids! This is going to be a great year! http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php...100000878362073
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    Sick of the pain!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I am seeing a pain Dr. now. He has me on Neurotin (again) and Tramadol and Elavil. So far the Tramadol and Elavil seem to help a little bit. They said if noting works they have an implant that will take the pain I am feeling and turn it in to a nice soothing feeling. Not sure about that. Has anyone heard of this before? Thanks for all your input. Hopefully others are being blessed by this discussion as well.
  18. Amptrooper

    Sick of the pain!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, I had the amputation by Jan Ertl. It took him 10 hours and he said the only reason he stopped was because it was already to long for me to be out. My damage was very extensive and full of scar tissue. He could only find two of my nerve bundles. so somewhere in my leg are the rest. The pain I am having is really mixed. It feels like it is in my non-existing ankle yet, if I touch the stump I can feel where the pain stems from. I did a two hour HOT bath and I massage it all the time. I also do the tapping technique. That one works when coupled with meds. I have not been to bed yet as I cannot sleep do to the pain. So, I am at 37 hours of no sleep. I am about to go to the ER just for a prescription so I can sleep tonight. I think I am going to just spend the money and go to a pain clinic. I hear they have a shot that can block the nerve. Has anyone ever had that? I just don't know what else to do. Thank you all for your help! I appreciate you all very much! God bless!
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    Been to long!

    Hey y'all, It has been a while since I have posted here. I just wanted to check in and say hi and share with y'all some things that have been going on. So, I start Monday at my new job as a prosthetic tech. at the same place I got my leg. He actually let me make my own leg. It is a carbon fiber socket with a College Park True Step. Besides my intense nerve pain and that I get tired fast it is working out fine. I also am driving now and we used part of the tax money to buy me a car! It is a 1988 Toyota MR2 in great shape. It is very rare as it is supercharged, fully loaded and a rare orange pearl mica color. Only 150 were made! It goes 0-60 in 6.5 seconds Loving it!!!! The ApmTrooper is coming along well! I have to retake pictures for my promotional pamphlets. I do my first trooping in Atlanta on Saint Patrick's Day. I am also working within the 501st costuming group to make a purple heart status for those of us that are Stormtroopers and have a "disability". THis is to make it so that we do not have to be subject to the same codes as as others and would be the first to be called on to go to the hospitals and cheer up the kids and show them that it is not a disability unless YOU make it one. So, here are the first AmpTrooper pictures. More will come this weekend! Stupid crutch!
  20. Amptrooper

    Sick of the pain!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for that. I have tried all that. I sleep with a silver lined shrinker. It does help. However it helps more when it is coupled with pain meds. The pain meds do not get rid of the pain but they dull it enough to make it so that it does not consume me. I checked in right now just hoping that someone has a miracle method to share. My leg is off I am relaxing and the pain is winning. Badly I may have to just find a way to get in to see a pain Dr. I have a script for it. I heard that they will give me pain pills. That, that is what they do. Like I said I just use them for this moment. I usually only take 5 mg. Sometimes 2 of them if things are really bad. I just don't know. Snuba, you are in my prayers! God bless! Corey TK 9025
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    I'm afraid I'll regret elective amputation

    Well, I have been right there in your shoes so to say. I am not going to get into a big story about me. But, I do want to tell you that if I would have had the amputation a long time ago, things would have been a lot better for me. That is my regret. I should have done it soon. Now I live in constant pain. If I would have just done it then I would be alright. I work as a prosthetic tech. I start my first paid day on Monday! I have been volunteering there for just over 3 months. I have seen plenty of partial amputations. I have made shoes for them with big inserts to fill the empty space in the shoe. I have sen how they walk compared to the amputees. The amputees are doing much better for the most part. This of course depends on you however. If you have an amputation and are all down about what could have been or why you and you just don't want to do it then amputation will not be a good thing if however you are the kind of person that is a fighter and says "nothing can stop me from doing what I want to do" then amputation will not get you down but get you active again. Yes, there are some days that are hard. I think most of us if not all of us feel down about it at times. We have bad days just like any two legged person. But, we get up even tho we just don't feel like being an amputee that day and we put that leg on and usually by the middle of the day we forget all about feeling down. Ultimately, this decision is yours to make. You can live a fine healthy life with a partial amputation and you can get around. You can also live fine with an amputation and get around like nothing ever happened. It is a big tough decision to make. It was the hardest decision I ever had to make. I questioned it all the way up till the Dr. put a mask on me and told me to breath deep. I know now that it was the right one! The others that have responded to you are all right on! You need to make sure this is for you. Talk to everyone you can about it. Another thing you may want to do is go see a Prosthitist at your local Prosthetic Clinic. They can answer a lot of questions on quality of life and what they can do for you either way. I will keep you in my prayers! God bless you and be with you and help you to know what is right for your life. Corey TK 9025
  22. Amptrooper

    Halloween Costume

    Oh Yeah!!! Show off! I wanted to. I just cant put weight on it yet. That looks great! I am amazed you can use it like that! Great job! God bless!
  23. Amptrooper

    My first amputation picture!

    Thanks! I wanted to do a peg leg but the Dr. said I shouldn't do that yet. It would be to tempting to put pressure on it. Even if it was fake. Anywho Long John Sliver didn't have a peg. He used crutches. Well, he did in the Muppets version and that is the best one! LOL! I just updated my Myspace with this picture showing my amputation so it is complete! Later after the scabs are healed I'll show the stump.
  24. Amptrooper

    My first amputation picture!

    Well, here is my first picture of me with no leg. I dressed as a pirate for my first amputation Halloween. What else would I be? Here is my Pumpkin.
  25. Amptrooper

    Amputee T- Shirts

    I got " I lost my leg and all I got was this lousy shirt" t-shirt and a Got Me Stumped bumper sticker! That will give them something to think about when they are driving behind me! LOL!