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  1. Hi Brenda, Yes that is what my husband is saying. However in practice that it is very difficult, I don't know if I am just getting worn down with it all, but they really don't want to seem to know. The leg I had made in the summer was too tight, my GP was horriified we thought I had a DVT but it was just too tight, and this right one is a remake of that. The left leg never got passed the fitting stage, I requested to see the rehab. dr. and then they moved me to yet another prosthetist.It seems I am getting a reputation for complaining, but if they made me one I could wear properly I wouldn't need to. They have given me an appointment for 3 wks. it is very hard to get appointments, which is why it takes so long to make the limbs. Feeling a bit low at the moment, haven't been walking much since May, and as I am normally very active, this is difficult. Ann
  2. ann

    Oestiointregation Anyone?

    Hi Paul Can you explain "Oestinointregation", I haven't heard this term before. Thanks.
  3. ann


    Hi Shae Congratulations. I am a bilateral b/k and have had three children without too many problems with my legs. My first one was quite straightforward no problems before or after. The second had some swelling due to high blood pressure, which caused some problems getting limbs on. The third was fine, with no problems. My main problem was morning sickness which had nothing to do with the legs. Hope everything goes well for you.
  4. ann

    car advice for UK Left AKA

    Hi David I am a bilateral below knee, and have been driving for many years. I drive an automatic with a single combined brake/accellerator and steering knob. Have driven a variety of cars over the years, have found in recent years that some of the new cars have not given me enough leg space. However in Jan. this year purchased a Renault Scenic and am finding it a pleasure to drive, very comfortable. Have had a look at the new Scenic which looks even better. My Scenic is a 1600 auto. and this is the only thing I would chnage, imaybe to go for a 1800 or 2L next time. We recently did a fair amount of hilly and motorway driving and would have liked the extra power, however apart from that I have no complaints.
  5. ann

    Fed Up with the NHS?

    Hi Liz anne Sorry to hear the probs your husband is having. I too had an infection about 9 years ago, due to an ill fitting limb,it lasted for about 8 months, it turned out to be Staph.A. and had to go to a dermatologist to get right treatment, he told me that this infection doubles itself every four days. It then healed in a week. I was surprised when I read you were hoping to come south for treatment, I read on a website that you have a centre of excellence up in scotland - I had thought of coming north!
  6. ann

    Fed Up with the NHS?

    Hi Mandy Yes I am still having problems.Have already moved from my local NHS centre to another, but also seem to be having problems there. Went for a fitting this week and encountered the same problems once again. Have done all the things you suggest, complained to GP, Health Trust, MP, Limbless Association, had lots of discussions but still end up with the same probs. Over the last couple of years have had 3 or 4 different prosthetists and each time I have a new one seem to get more problems. The last 6 months has been particularly bad. One limb was made too tight which made it swell and was very painful, I had worries that I had a DVT, the GP said it was too tight and dangerous for my circulation and told me to get it remade, however it took another couple of visits before this was decided. I am going back and forward every couple of weeks for fittings, castings etc. and not getting anywhere. I have read about "empower" but the suggestions they make just are not adhered to in the "NHS world" nowdays.
  7. ann

    Fed Up with the NHS?

    I agree with you Mandy. At the moment am absolutely desperate, am a bilateral b/k, for many years. Have recently been in touch with Dorset but the cheapest price for just one basic leg on one side would be over £4,000. Have had to give up my job due to the illfitting limbs so could not get a loan.I go for fitting after fitting and never get anywhere, after a few months the prosthetist leaves the centre, the next one tells me he has made it wrong, alters it and makes it worse. They then start a new limb which is worse than the first. I am really at the end of my tether!
  8. I am a bilateral below knee living in the UK. Have worn traditional type limbs for years limbs, now they seem unable to make these limbs at limb centre. Does anyone know of any specialist NHS centres where they are address problems.
  9. Hi Paul Can you explain how this leg fits on, do you have to take weight on end of stump - that would be a problem for me. Do you wear this limb all the time or can you interchange it with your NHS leg.
  10. ann

    Why won't it fit ?

    Hi Blossom You are not alone. I am also having problems with getting a good fitting NHS leg. Have been an amputee for many years with no problems, but the last five years have been unable to get a leg that fits. I also cannot afford to go private. Have done a lot of complaining but do not seem to get anywhere.