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  1. snuba

    TK2000 adjustments - Pls help!!

    Have the total knee, and yes its slow, they have adjusted it in many ways, but the problem is it has to lock before you put it down, and you know what happens when it doesn't, they have worked me on tread mills to try to pick up the speed, that works well but its not the same when your on a sidewalk. I don't think your going to fix it till you get a different knee, Im getting the Rheo next week, excited to get away from that click as it lock's.
  2. snuba

    Sick of the pain!!!!!!!!!!

    A newbie here, have very bad phantom pain also, I have been taking neurontin 1800 mg a day, it takes the edge off, but thats about it. At night is really the bad time, I have to agree. Ambien is a big help at night to help me sleep, that is most days it helps. Have stayed away from narcotic pain pills since the amputation. I have tried mirror therapy with out any luck. Keep in touch and let us know how you make out.
  3. snuba

    C-Leg vs Rheo knee

    I went with the new version of the Rheo, get bit in two weeks, I'll keep you informed.......
  4. C-Leg vs Rheo knee Any one have any input here? I am interested in unbiased opinions regarding differences between the C-leg and the Rheo knee. For those of you who have experience with both of these knees, your opinion is especially appreciated.
  5. snuba

    Hello out there- I'm new

    Welcome Denise, glad you found every one here!!!!!
  6. snuba

    Hi From the Wirral

    Hi Bill, tell us some more...................
  7. snuba

    another newbi

    Hey Simon, glad to see you here!!! Jim
  8. snuba

    Newbee just saying howdy

    Hey Welcome to the forum, I've found the internet very useful for info that has helped me along the way. A recent Amp, Im just getting fitted now for my permanent leg, think Im going with the Rheo from Ossur. Made this decision with the help of many people I've talked with and information found online. Ask alot of questions and you will get alot of answers. Jim
  9. snuba

    C-Leg vs Rheo knee

    Thanks for your input Looks like Im going with the Rheo 2 and the Vari-Flex with EVO foot. Had the casting done a few weeks ago, so should be getting on with it soon. I'll keep you posted.
  10. snuba

    Chat room

    Would love to see it happen! I just wonder if there would be a common time that would work? Lets give it some thought.
  11. snuba

    Icy Britain

    Im a newbie to all this, being my first winter, and ice is very hard for me to deal with, fell a few times already. I'll be watching this thread very close.
  12. snuba

    the jar is full

    Very good.................................
  13. snuba

    C-Leg vs Rheo knee

    Lynne Im trying to do just that, but trying to get some input from other's. Looks like I'll be able to try both legs, but just in the office, not in real life. Prosthetist is pushing the Rheo, therapist is for the C-leg. Jim
  14. snuba

    C-Leg vs Rheo knee

    On a Total Knee now and have to make a decision on what knee to go with. Have a week or two to make up my mind on the knee and also what foot to go with. What knee would be best for everyday, Im not into sports, but am very active! Since I have my choice, I want to go with whats the best for me. Im going tworards the Rheo so far, just seems like a good every day knee along with the LP Vari-Flex® with EVO foot from Ossur.
  15. Dont think it has all the electronics in it, its why Im looking at this one instead. Could get either one.
  16. Anyone try this foot yet? http://www.utaharm.com/Motionfoot.pdf
  17. My foot hits the shaft the pedal is mounted to, some time's enough to stop me from pedaling. I use toe clips, and really enjoy riding. Anyone's help with this will be appreciated. Thanks again Jim
  18. I tried to reg. but have to wait approval, will check it out at that time. Thanks in advance
  19. snuba


    What type of powder does every one use? Im a new amputee RAK, been useing J&J baby powder, anyone try just corn starch?
  20. snuba


    I found talc has worked well, gives it a little bit of lube in the socket. I will look into Ampu talc. Thanks in advance....
  21. snuba

    Da Blues

    Hang in there brother, I think we all have those day's, be it from what ever brings it on. Boredom is setting in here on me bigtime. Trying to find things to take up my time is very hard. I like to surf fish, but can not go due to its hard walking in the sand with all the gear. Trying to learn to ride a bike, thats coming along well. Going to go on vacation soon, so at least I have that to look forward to. Any time guy you feel a need to chat, just drop me a line. Jim
  22. snuba

    RAK from Philadelphia

    Im Jim, I live in eastern Pennsylvania. Im a recent Amputee as of 3-31 of this year, due to a accident at my work. Really enjoy the forum for its information and contacts to others with the same issues.
  23. snuba

    where should I be

    As a RAK for 6 months, Im walking with a cane for short distance's. I have some stump pain which is the reason for the short durations I can go. The questions is, am I normal? Am I where I should be for 6 months? At rehab everyone always says how good I do, but Im sure this is also what the tell every one. Any help with this topic? Thanks in advance.
  24. snuba

    where should I be

    I was very active before the accident, I liked to swim, walk, bike ride, and we travel quite often. There still is some issues with the fit. I have trouble with the socks often, to little/ to many! Phantom pain gets bad the longer I wear the leg, they are trying different things to help this. Last week I went thru some steroid injections to try to help, which I didn't see any help at all. I can wear the leg a min. of 8 hours a day, trying to make it from the time I get up till bed, have not got to that as of yet. I do see progress so I guess I'm on the right road. Thanks so much for your reply.