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  1. snuba

    Scuba Trip

    Pictures from a recent trip to Honduras. Thought you guys would get a kick out of them. Did 7 open water dives, and one night dive. 90 feet was the deepest.
  2. snuba

    Hi from pre-amp in uk

    Keep us updated.......hope all goes well.
  3. snuba

    Hi from pre-amp in uk

    Lost my leg in about the same way, it was a crushing accident at my work. Had a steel bar roll off a fork lift, and two weeks later due to compartment syndrome they amputated above knee. It has been five years next month and getting along pretty well. Have been on my current knee for about a year. hang in there. Any questions feel free to email me jamesrwolf@gmail.com or post here.
  4. Just saw this post, wish I had seen it earlier. Im in the Philadelphia area, will try to make it on Monday if possible.
  5. snuba

    Donate used Knee

    Thanks again Eldar, I will look into it.
  6. snuba

    Donate used Knee

    What is a good site for donating a used prosthetic? Have many pieces and parts now, hate to see them go to waste. Total knee and veri-flex foot.
  7. snuba

    Tumbleweed Time again?

    I have been off this site quite awhile, had trouble connecting with the forum for some reason, working fine now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to every one.
  8. snuba

    Hi from the pacific northwest (usa)

    Welcome to the site, glad to see you here.
  9. snuba

    Scuba Trip

    I started out in a pool, twice. Have a buddy who is active in .NAUI's "Adaptive Scuba Diver Program."
  10. Going to go with a Pile knee as a replacement for my Rheo2, and advice from a user ?
  11. snuba

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome from another from PA. Im in the Bucks County area. You'll find all the answers to your questions here.
  12. snuba

    New AK Setup...

    Been on a Rheo for two years, and just gave the ok to retro fit the knee with the Proprio foot. Keep me updated to how you like the set up! Looks like it's the way to go at this time. Jim Wolf
  13. Following your posting, have been a ARK for 3 years now, have a suction socket with a rheo knee, have always had problems with the suction socket, but my stump is too long to go with the pin system. Always get pain in the groin area also, some times not to bad, but it does slow me down thats for sure. Just tried a system from Otto Bock called the proseal, that failed very bad.

  14. Received a new socket yesterday, its a proseal socket from otto bock, with the e harmony vacuum assist. Anyone using this could give me some tips on the use of this socket? Thanks in advance
  15. snuba

    Tips for proseal socket

    Well I have had this socket for three weeks, and the seal ring has fallen out 2 times, its on its way back to Otto Bock again. Hope I didn't make a mistake in getting this socket.
  16. Have to get a new socket, I'm looking at the Proseal System made by Otto Bock. Anyone have any experience with this socket? Currently in a suction socket with a Ossur sealin liner, Rheo knee with a LP Vari-Flex foot. http://www.ottobock.com/cps/rde/xbcr/ob_us_en/10091985.1_ProSealSysBro.pdf
  17. snuba

    Proseal Socket from Otto Bock

    Im thinking on going with it, unless I hear more on here, the hard carbon fiber socket I have now has to go. I will keep you informed, thanks for your input! Jim Otto Bock recommends the Harmony VASS system to go along with this socket, don't know if I want a vac. hose running down my leg to get caught, or the Harmony e sytem that has to be charged. Any one use any of these Vass systems?
  18. snuba


    Took a fall and twisted my stump at the distal end, and now have singers about every minute, going to try to wait it out and fall asleep. Don't want to take a oxy yet. This ever happen to anyone after a fall?
  19. snuba

    Proseal Socket from Otto Bock

    Im thinking on going with it, unless I hear more on here, the hard carbon fiber socket I have now has to go. I will keep you informed, thanks for your input! Jim
  20. snuba

    Opinions Wanted:

    I'm very interested in your post. Im currently on a Rheo 2, have been on it for about 2 years. It does ok for me, but having to charge it and weight are a issue.
  21. snuba

    Rheo 2 Knee

    That's interesting, Ossur (UK) tried to sell me the original Rheo telling me that one of its advantages over the C-Leg was that you COULD run with it. Why would they have taken that feature away from the product when they upgraded it? I don't doubt what you're saying I'm just amazed that they would effectively make a product less capable than its predecessor. On the Ossur site. This warranty does not apply if this product (1) was not purchased from Össur or its authorized dealer, (2) has been altered in a way, or (3) has not been used in accordance with Össur’s Instructions for Use (IFU). http://www.ossur.com/lisalib/getfile.aspx?itemid=6963 A quote from the Instructions for use manual for the Rheo Knee LOW TO MODERATE IMPACT ONLY. • Community and workplace ambulators with ability or potential for cadence variation and ramp/stair descent. • Example: shopping, gardening, longer walks, golfing
  22. snuba

    Rheo 2 Knee

    I know they don't run with it, due to the impact it would have to take. Void's the warranty Im told.
  23. snuba

    New Pain Answer

    Very interested, keep me informed, and I will follow up myself..
  24. snuba

    Water/beach activity leg

    http://www.ottobock.com/cps/rde/xbcr/ob_us_en/08cat_13.pdf this is water leg I went with. Still getting use to it. Can't wait to try it in the water.
  25. snuba

    Water/beach activity leg

    Just got the same, or it looks the same from my leg guy. How well does it stay on in the water? And do you float or sink due to it?