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  1. narooma99

    Double amputee sprinter

    Hi KItkat souds like you are doing well. I would encourage you to keep trying to run but be careful you dont injure yourself. Just out of interest what kind of foot do you have.
  2. narooma99

    New Socket

    Its comforting to know i am not the only one who comes up with solutions to problems with my prosthesis. I have lined the inside of my socket with a thin layer of neoprene rubber. I leave a gap where there is a lot of pressure to relieve the stress. I only did this after the leg people tried a number of times to add padding. It always failed so i decided to have a go. I feel guilty because i know my leg people would get mad. I have been told not to make adjustments myself. I know there is a risk that i might injure my stump but i need a Prosthesis that works well.
  3. Hi guys i dont know if you have heard of Oscar Pistorius. He is an double amputee sprinter. he is in line for selection at the 2012 London Olympics. l just had an article published about him. You can check it out here. http://www.divine.vic.gov.au/main-site/lifestyle/sport/the-fastest-man-on-no-legs;storyId,5669 Feel free to leave a comment on the site if you like.
  4. narooma99

    epidermoid cyst

    Has anyone here had an Epidermoid cyst on their stump. If anyone has could you tell me what you did to get rid of it or how it was diagnosed. any other information would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi Sueflayy thank you again for your help you can see the article now if you like here is the address http://www.divine.vic.gov.au/
  6. Hi Tonya8888, It sounds as though you have been left on your own with very little support. I think if your foot is not the right kind for you, or if it has not been aligned properly, or if your prothesis is not the right length, it could have alot to do with the pain you are feeling in your back. If your foot is not functioning properly it can affect your hips and your spine. I would suggest you return to your leg guy and see if the way your foot is working can be improved.
  7. Is this ok as well thank you again for your help.

    Susan Landolfi lost her left foot after an infection nine years ago. She believes exercise is even more important now she is an amputee. Susan says people with a disability “can do just about anything”. She says people just need to make some adjustments and be patient.

  8. Hi sueflayy, the article should be published soon. I got a little confused about who said what. Can i attribute these direct quotes to you.

    Susan has a special prosthetic leg for swimming. She needs railings to hold to get in and out of the pool. “I try to focus on what I can do, rather than what I can’t,” Susan says. “I know there are some people who can’t exercise at all”.

  9. Thank you again sueflayy i will let you know when the article is published

  10. i lost my leg due to infection in the bone. i had a cast on my leg and the doctor didnt care for me correctly. cast cut my leg and caused infection. my name is susan landolfi. best of luck with the article!

  11. narooma99

    sport setup

    Hi thank you to everyone who posted information to help me get a good setup, and to those who showed concern. I now have what i consider a pretty good setup. After a year and a half i have an even natural relaxed gait and i am now looking to get back into the work force. Next month i am planning on joining a tennis club. Thanks to all for you help. Peter
  12. Hi sueflayy thank you for your reply i would like to ask you for your permission to quote you in the article that should be published at the end of the month on the divine website.

    Could you please give me a name you can just make one up if you are not comfortable giving your real name also could you please tell me how you lost your leg you can be vague if you don't want to rev...

  13. Hi sueflayy thank you so much for your reply. I sent you a personal message requesting some more information. i would like to quote you in the article. It should be on the divine website around the end of the month. i will let you know when it is published. In the mean time could you tell me are there any sports or physical activities that you miss doing. Also are you grateful of the things you can do, knowing that there are many people who have great difficulty in doing any physical activity. Peter
  14. Hi My name is Peter I am a below the knee amputee. I am currently writing an article titled “Keeping Fit when you have a Disability”, for the DiVine website. The websites purpose is to highlight issues relevant to people with disabilities. I am seeking comment from people with disabilities who are playing sport, or exercising. I am looking for input on four main points main points. How does exercise benefit you in general, and can it help improve any health conditions you have? What activities do you do or, what sports do you play to keep fit? What services, or what facilities do you need in order to take part in your chosen sport, or activity? Do you find there are access problems, or a lack of suitable facilities that make it difficult for you to get the exercise you want? The article should be published on the DiVine website at the end of the month. If anyone is interested in taking part in a short informal interview that could be conducted via email you can contact me at trueman667@tadaust.org.au Regards Peter
  15. narooma99

    stump tip swelling

    if i was having the same problem i would be at the doctor now!