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    ski accident
  1. keenan


    thanks- i'm very anxious about my condition and can't wait until the surgery because this waiting are killing me. i't devastating.
  2. keenan

    Keenan's intro...

    i already have my thread http://www.heathermills.eu/forum/index.php?showtopic=5422
  3. keenan

    Hi I am a new amputee

    i'm expecting surgery and i'd like to talk with others
  4. keenan


    hello again. here i am after a long time. i'm not amputee yet and my leg in worse than ever. i had serious health issues - flu and pneumonia and i couldn't go on the surgery 22 of december. i'm ok now and waiting new term- 8 of february. i'm tired form my bad health. i wonder what could go wrong now :(
  5. special day to you yesterday..

    wish best thing to you

    good luck

  6. keenan


    left below the knee - my english is not well so please forgive me if make mistakes
  7. keenan


    i'm 35 y/o and i was very active before the accident. i have a lot of questions because i have never meet any amputee and simply i don't know what to expect after the surgery. i had bad fall 2 years ago and spend a lot of time in the hospital. i had metal frame around my leg for 14 months and then cast and aircast but leg is in bad condition and i can't walk without crutches because my shine bone is like sponge - i have false ankle just above real one and they couln't fix it. amputation is only solution and i'm very upset because my surgery will be in december. i want to learn more from other peoples experience.
  8. keenan


    hello, i'm denis - 35 y/o i'm expecting leg amputation due bad healing after bone break two years ago. i'd like to talk with someone who is amputee before my surgery