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  1. Hi Mike, Thanks very much for your post. Are you based in the UK and if so, I don't suppose it is anywhere near the north east of England or London area where you have arranged skiing/climbing? In a way I am reluctant to tell staff at climbing walls etc about my leg as worry they won't have come across it before and won't let me climb, but suspect I have to tell them for insurance purposes. I have my own climbing shoes which I hope might fit on my prosthetic foot - I might try to mould them in the oven. At present, my second foot with more flexi ankle for climbing is in hospital, awaiting a new socket, whilst my current foot is my first foot on my second leg - it has an adjustable ankle so I can wear heels - within reason - but I find it less springy for walking, so can't wait to get my second foot back! My current socket is getting too big, so I will wait until I get a new socket as I doubt I'd climb very well if my leg keeps twisting round in the socket and if my prosthesis feels as if it will fall off. I will try the BSCD, thanks very much for that. As for motorbikes, don't mention them to me, as I am tempted, but I'd feel pretty foolish if I were to lose another leg in another accident - I doubt my family and friends would be so supportive a second time round! So I am going to try to resist, for now - perhaps when the phantom pain dies down a bit and I forget what it is like to feel I am being electrocuted each day, I will relent and get a motorbike. But for now, cycling in parks is about as much as I want to risk as I don't trust other drivers any more. Thanks again for your advice, it is really helpful and greatly appreciated. Take care on your bike - watch out for transit vans is my advice! Pippa
  2. Hi, thank you both so much for your messages! I guess I might just have to try climbing and see what happens - and if I can cycle, with or without getting my bike adapted, I will try that too. As for skiing, I just can't wait to get some serious speed up - at least I have fewer bones to break (will take spare leg with me in case mine falls off and I lose it) and I reckon it'll be more of an adrenaline rush than ever. Will keep you posted once I've been - so hope I can get it organised for this year! Thats great to hear about the swimming aids - glad they help you. I will look into a swimming fin. I managed to get out of a pool ok just by crawling (inelegantly, but i've been assured i've never been that elegant, always preferring speed over style!), but found swimming difficult as had lost so much strength and lacked a lot of power from leg, but guess i have to persevere and build up stamina and a new style. Will take a closer look at the forum to see posts on cycling, thanks for letting me know. Wow, that is really exciting about skiing possibilities - hopefully someone will get in touch at some point. I will also keep googling and youtubing to find some more answers and suggestions! Thanks again so much. its lovely to hear from you both. Take care and hopefully speak soon, Pippa x
  3. Hello everyone, I've just registered with this site, so wanted to say its great to be on here and to have read some of the informative messages on the forum. I lost my left leg - below knee - in a road traffic accident in May (van driver did a U-turn into me when I was riding my Vespa). I've had a prosthetic leg since September and it has been so good to walk and drive again. Since my accident happened, I've never longed so much to run and keep having dreams I am running! I've been told it is too soon (and although I occasionally try, my prosthesis doesn't make it easy or comfortable, so probably have to be patient on this front). I really want to exercise and get fit again (I'm 31) and am longing to go skiing, get back into climbing and cycling. Am also interested in exercise such as kickboxing, but will try and find local clubs that will take me on - and hope I don't accidentally kick anyone in the face with my new foot. I wondered if anyone had info on skiing on a prosthetic leg. I spoke to one person about it who recommended adaptive skiing on one leg and using arms for balance and to help turn - holding poles with small skis on. I'm not sure I fancy that way of skiing and suspect it would be a lot harder to find resorts that do it. As I know very few amputees of a similar age to me, I was thinking of going skiing with a bunch of friends who have all their limbs, so I don't want to go anywhere where i have to have majorly special treatment. I wondered what, if any, skiing legs are available and how to get back into skiing again (I've skied in previous years, but that was when I had two fully functioning legs). I would also love to get back into climbing - initially indoor climbing in London area - I haven't lived in London very long so am not sure where is good to go anyway, let alone where might be good to go for advice on how to overcome the lack of flexibility in the prosthesis and loss of tone in my thigh (which I hope I will regain, now I can start exercising more). Does anyone know if there are any special precautions / requirements / climbing clubs / climbing legs which might help, please? Finally, does anyone know of anywhere to go for an adapted bike or where I could get my own bike adapted to help with the issue of my prosthetic leg not allowing full flexion of my knee (mainly due to prosthesis digging in at back of knee when I bend my leg)? Also, what do people find is the best way of keeping the prosthetic foot on the pedal - some kind of crampon style attachment might help, but not sure where to look?! And finally, can anyone recommend a good leg for cycling? Currently I am relying on the NHS, so I doubt they'd give me separate legs for cycling, skiing and climbing. Sorry, just remembered one last question - does anyone have a swimming leg which is good for swimming? I find swimming quite hard now and was very self conscious when I went. I would love to be able to go on holiday again and swim in the sea, but given my lack of strength now, I would worry about that - does anyone have any advice? Many thanks for taking the trouble to read this and for any suggestions anyone might have. Best wishes Philippa