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    bad fall
  1. peglegs

    Online Chat?

    i have to agree with mary it would be nice to have somthing like facebook chat, it ok useing skyp messanger etc but if there was a chat option then anyone could join in from this site rather than having to pass our messanger ids around, just a general chatroom on here would be so much better than skyp msn etc, i'm yet to find a site like this were you have the option to either go on to the forum posts or into a chatroom, it deff can't be a bad thing especialy for new amputees who realy don't need to be reading thread after thread to maby settle a concerne that they may have when all it may take is to come into the chatroom and then for them to say (hello) can anyone help? it could possibly be a instant reply to there concerne rather than having to wait until somebody reads there forum post,, just my thourts
  2. peglegs

    another newbi

    thanks jim like wise
  3. peglegs

    another newbi

    thank you
  4. peglegs

    another newbi

    hi thanks maby i should of said alittle more about myself i'm simon 31 iv been a amputee for just over for years but only a double amputee since a year gone november its ok it doesant stop me but at the same time i have my low times especialy when i can't walk at all due to abseses etc and as for the phantoms well they come and go its just hard when its a painfull phantom but hey i dought i'm going through anything that others arnt
  5. peglegs

    another newbi

    hi all i just thourt i would introduce myself i'm new to the forum i'm a double below knee amputee and as i'm sure most do i have some hard times with my legs but it never stops me feel free to say hi, regards simon