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    Right leg above knee
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    Knocked down by motorbyke
  1. Shorty1994

    Stump Nicknames??

    Aw well, prob going to stick to technical topics since it seems this forum is laking personality from some people. Topic wasn't suppost to be about the word STUMP....it was supposed to be just a bit of FUN but hey ho!!!
  2. Shorty1994

    Stump Nicknames??

    B...O...R...I...N...G!!!!!!!! can always count on you OBL to reply with your......''no name, no personality,''........................''I wouldn't have a special name for my left elbow or my right thumb nail'', comments. Pointing down your nose at those on the likes of DLA and who have FUN pet names for their stumps. Get a life!!!!!!
  3. Shorty1994

    Disability Living Form - UK

  4. Shorty1994

    Stump Nicknames??

    Short Stuff!!! that's cute too lol. By!!! the way dont mean to insult anyone by saying I hate the name Stump for my leg, as mentioned everyone is different thats just my opinion and also I got that name from medical professionals, thats the only name iv known my leg as......thats of course until I met Matt, my husband. And now I have a shorty lol Just fun!!
  5. Shorty1994


  6. Shorty1994

    Stump Nicknames??

    My Username on this forum is named after my stump!!! When I first met my husband and had to do the whole 'Nice to meet you......and oh! by the way!!! I have half a leg' thing we got talking about my stump (hate that word) and when getting to know each other he came out with one day 'dont call him......(HIM) stump call him Shorty, and it's stuck!!! lol So now, not only am I a girl and my stump is a HIM, when ever we talk about my stump, its wee shorty. People look as us like we are mad but it made me feel better about myself when my hubby made up this cute name for my ugly, embarrasing STUMP!!!! My hubby's the best
  7. Shorty1994

    Disability Living Form - UK

  8. Shorty1994

    Disability Living Form - UK

    I agree Caveman, I also get wound up by the abuse of DLA.........I know an individual who worked across the street from where I work, I have had lengthy conversations with her about how she had a bad upbringing etc. Her dad died when she was younger and I think it left some psychological problems for the girl........she was in her job 1 yr then left and when I bumped in to her after and asked her what happend..........she said ah! it wasn't worth the money so I went to my doctors and tolds him I was taking panick attacks, she claimed for DLA and got it!??? to this day I see her walking about fine, she has her own flat, doesn't work and claims DLA. I dont think for one minute she doesn't get down about her past but my god, if I were to think about all the times I have nearly had panick attacks just crossing a road because like you I was in a road accident, thats how I lost my right leg above knee. It just makes you think!!!!
  9. Thanx guys.....much appreciated!! some good info there and I will defo look on website Tracy so again thank you x Lisa
  10. Shorty1994

    Doctor in da house

    Welcome......will bare in mind. x
  11. Hi this is just a thot!! After lossing my right leg AK at 11, all I concentrated on after getting knocked down was recovering and getting back on my feet. Of course I got fitted with artificial leg but wonder if I never got knocked down and leg amputated, would I have liked some kind of sport??!! I remember I loved to run and if I was given the option by NHS to have a leg provided to be able to do it again, would my life be different. I'v always been grateful for the leg my hospital provided me as the knee could bend and I never had a button to press to sit down or a buckelled strap to keep my leg on so thot getting the likes of a leg to run again was a big ask. Suppose just joining this forum it would be interesting to see if that all along was maybe an option for me but bcos I never asked about it or pressed the issue did the option just pass me by. Running again is a dream, wonder if it would take much for it to come true?? any views, stories or advise welcome x Lisa d x
  12. Shorty1994

    Disability Living Form - UK

    OBL.....what you write is nothing to do with fonts or different lanuages, you just talk in riddles!!!
  13. Shorty1994

    Disability Living Form - UK

    OBL your right to your opinion but Y....A.....W.....N!!!!!!!!! - and thats from a AKA in their twenties, in this country, in this day an age on DLA so there !
  14. Shorty1994

    Newbee just saying howdy

    Thank you both for your kind reply's, I will be asking more questions, definelty, almost cant wait for my next appointment at hospital, my leg lady aint going to know whats hit her lol!!
  15. Shorty1994

    Disability Living Form - UK

    No your quite right oneblueleg you dont know me or my needs................end of!