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  1. soo

    Hello all New Rbk Here

    Hi Chris Welcome to the site; a very useful place to get good feedback on legless!! issues. I certainly think you made the right descision, now you can move forward and I can tell you life with no pain is wonderful. Its great getting your new legs (I am double amputee) and its fantastic that you will get them before Christmas. I was back walking in 6 weeks and I can now walk unaided on flat ground. Best wishes as you now go MARCHING on. Sue
  2. soo

    New amputee / to forum

    Welcome WOW what a an incredible story, you need a tee-shirt that says please ask me how I lost my leg! No seriously i am sorry. So pleased that you are now moving on and getting you new leg. Yes something like this certainly gives you a new outlook. Take care soo
  3. Hi there, just read your profile, hope you are enjoying the weather, Do you find the weather has a negative effect on your leg

  4. soo

    New Here and SAD!

    Hi Jenn So sorry that you are feeling so sad, I would just like to say please dont be so hard on yourself regarding the accident. An accident is exactly that and could happen to anyone of us. So put it behind you and keep looking to the future. As regards pain, none of your family or friends know what that is like for you. My pain at the time was horrendous and I wanted out. But the legs came off and the pain vanished and that could happen for you. No pain means a clear head and you can do anything with a clear head. Lifes just a bit different thats all. Hope this helps and keep thinking positive thoughts Sue
  5. soo

    Wheelchair Use

    Hi Keith I lost both my legs a year ago the end of April, but am blessed still with excellent stumps. I have 2 wheelchairs 1 manuel 1 electric as I have missing fingers. I mostly use the electric chair if I dont have the legs on. I do not wear my legs all day yet as i get very tired but I am building up each day and I do give myself a day off occasionally! When i do have my legs on and say I am out at restuarant i take them off to give myself a break, then put them on to go home. In fact I did just that when I flew to Newquay dont laugh (I was a bit worried incase they did swell,) but risked it anyway as the flight wasnt long. Idid ask the crew if he wanted to put them in the locker but they were ok on the floor. I am very conscious re the fact the older i get the more I shall need the chairs, so i must keep using the legs. But hey take each day as it comes and see how you feel. I do like the freedom of no legs and i did swim at xmas without them on heaven. Have you swum yet? Have a fantastic break in Spain and report back your experiences Sue
  6. Welcome Taralou Im new too! So sorry to hear of your dilemma, I had similar probs with having my fingers removed, I wanted someone to say this has to be done, but they never did. On making the decision re my legs, that was taken out of my hands ultimately as there was no other choice. But I had been in a lot of pain and that pain has now gone and I cant tell you what a relief that is. I have never heard of a partial foot amp, I was told once the infection started up the foot the whole foot must go. I know drs like to save as much limb or digit as possible for future use, but in my opinion taking it back to a good part makes for a better repair and healing. I hope this makes sense and helps a little towards your difficult decision. Then you can get on with living again and you will Soo
  7. soo

    Hi I am a new amputee

    Thanks to all who welcomed me with a reply.
  8. soo

    Hi I am a new amputee

    Hi my names Sue and as of last April I became a double below knee amputee at the age of 54 (well Im 55 today actually). Im so pleased to have found a site of like minded people, being able to get advise, and perhaps I can offer some support too. My amputations are the result of an ongoing illness called Raynauds & Scleroderma a rheumatic illness, which can affect any part of the body. But for me that has been lack of blood flow to my extremities, I have also had 6 fingers amputated over the last decade. Thats the horrid bit out of the way. Now lets keep positive I am getting on with things and I will not let anything get me down I do give myself stiff talkings to, now and again! With my families support I intend to live on my own again when I have adapted my new bungalow. Having my life back after so much pain I can honestly say, having my legs off has been a blessing. Now I know that isnt the same for everyone especially loss of limb after trauma. I am walking again unaided indoors but a stick outside for a short distance. I have been lucky because my stumps healed beautifully, fingers crossed it stays that way (well not my fingers!) Well its really fantastic to meet you all Sue