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    September 29th. 2001
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    Trauma (rock evelage)
  1. Selma

    New to this life

    Hi Fluffy I am am RBK since the end of october 2001. I have been walking on the Elation foot from Ossur for about 2 years, (first it was called Total Concept, but they have changed it just a littlebit and the name also) I like it alot. It is great to be able to wear almost any shooes i like. It is wery easy to adjust the heel hight, it is just by a push of a button. You should check out their webpage www.ossur.com regards Selma
  2. Selma


    Hi there, I dont wisit the forum wery often, but i just red some of what you all were talking about regarding the shaving. I juse Hair remover cream, I just spray it on my stump, leave it on for about 10min, and than rins the crem off in the shower, and all the hair goes away. It is just great, no change of cutting!! Regards Selma
  3. Selma

    feeling low

    Hi Sarah. Sad to hear things are not going so well for you. You must be going out of your mind. I hope you will contact the prosthetist that Gwen knows. And hope you will get the leg you like and will fit you comfortably. I recomend you look at the websides http://www.ossur.com or http://www.dorset-ortho.co.uk to see what is available, because there is a wide range of legs available. Well since you first sent this mail last summer I truly truly hope things have changed 100% to the better for you. Please keep us updated on how things are going for you. Take care of you self, I know your daughters are doing it. Best regards Selma
  4. Selma

    Hello from Iceland

    Thank you all for the warm welcoming to the forum. Yes Glenn it is true I was wery lucky that "just"my leg got damagged in the accident. No I am not back to work, I just had a baby in january so now I am just at home taking care of my new born baby. The travel agency I worked for before the accident has gone bankruptcy! But my parents have just introduced to me a company which invites people to invest in a 24k numismatic, proof, legal tender gold coins. I think what this company has to offer is wery interesting. So I think that will be my new job, working from home. And yes WA I am blessed for those children I have.
  5. Selma

    Hello from Iceland

    Hi You all. I resantly signed in on this forum. And just wanted to introduce my self. My name is Selma i am 29, turning 30 in december. I am a mother of two goergeus children, Elisabet 7 years old and Andri 5 months. My husbands name is Stefan he is a carpender. He has been wery suportive. I lost my leg in an accident, september 29th. 2001. Before the accident i worked at travel agency, selling tours domestic. And it all started when a co worker of mine came up with the idea that we should take the river hiking tour to Glymur canion. The highest canion here in Iceland 200m high, and rather narrow. As this tour was one of the optional tours in one of our brochures we, the office staff and our spouses, dicided to take the tour to get to know the tour better so we could be better at selling it to tourists. We were a group of 18 people who desided to go on the tour that day. As we had been hiking for awhile, this was wery difficut, and not for everyone to do, the group began to split, and ended in a 3 smaller groups. I was in the middle group along with 3 other persons. We stopped as there was a 4-5m high water fall that we would have to climb up. The rest of the group went up the water fall and walked towards the Glymur waterfall, my husband was in that group. Few minutes later a huge rock (a sise of a car) fell down, split into many smaller rocks, and one of them hit my leg. The instep of my leg was cut of instantly and a open fracture on the shinbone. The rescue team came aprox 4hours later and the rescue operation took about 3hours. So 7 hours after the accident I was at the hosppital and was russed to operation. Afther this the tour was taken of the list!!! and this they had been selling to tourists, crazy people! And note, all of the owners of the travel agency were on the tour, 3 persons, and two other who had often hiked in this canion. So 5 experienced persons but none of them told us that there was a danger of a rock evelage in the canion, but they knew of the danger. So now I am bringing a lawsuit against their insurance company. But I am doing surprisingly well on my prsthetic. I look forward meeting you all in this forum and getting to know you.