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    facing amputation at 25
  1. Allen Its a good job someone is on the ball ! its monday the 24th my surgery !! LOL good job you noticed x
  2. my surgery was delayed due to illness so im now scheduled for mon 23rd may. so more waiting but thank you all for your replies. im so nervous. i have no doubts just nervous about the op ! but hopefully all will go well ! xx
  3. Thanx everyone !! After my initial reaction of panic (oh my god Im actually loosing a leg) I feel ready for it. Ive gone through everything in the house moved some furniture around packed my bags its mentally prepared me I think. And Im really looking forward to NO pain ! How much pain should I expect after the op?? I only ask coz I forgot to ask that one when i was in with my surgeon?? Thank you xx
  4. hi everyone ive not been on for ages !! I have my surgery date for a lbk its the 17th may 10 ! Im so sure ive made the right decision ! Im just so nervous about the actual surgery itself. Insomnia has kicked in ! i feel like my mind is racing at 100mph. does anyone have any suggestions as to how to best get through the next 2 1/2 weeks ?? Thanks guys xx
  5. hannahc410

    ertl procedure - uk nhs

    can anyone from the uk give me some information on whether they do the ertl procedure on the nhs??
  6. hannahc410

    cost of prosthetics

    Strange question but as a below knee amputee how much would it cost to get a prosthetic that you could adjust to wear heels and that looked like a normal leg? in the uk??? thank you xx
  7. Ive pretty much made up my mind after much reaserch and talking to the docs that an elective lbk amp would be right for me. But I was just wondering if anyone has any regrets about there decision and what was the hardest adjustment? x
  8. cherlylm - what you have said rings so true when I tell people they look at me and say 'but your walking on it, surely its not that bad' I just want to scream sometimes !!! behind closed doors its awfull but you just have to keep going !! I have a 4yr old daughter what do people expect that I just take to my bed and never come out !! other peoples perceptions are the most frustrating thing about all this ! xx
  9. Im really annoyed just found out my boss said he thinks its a bit extreme of me to be considering an amputation !!! does he not realise that the docs wouldnt even consider it if there wasnt justification !! i hate the fact that you cant see pain ! everyday is a struggle and i dont even sleep properly because of pain ! !!!! aaarrrrggghhhh im so angry !
  10. omg she looked amazing !!! and the heels she had on were amazing !! thank you so much for that video xx
  11. can you wear high heels with a below knee amp?? strange question I know but just wondering xxx
  12. thank you all for your msgs! im finding myself really down about it all these last few days !! im laid in bed thinking about stupid things like how i will get in and out a swimming pool, how i will cope on a beach ???? Im only 26 and worried how it will look too !! I still think its the right decision but im just so scared its so life changing. Im still waiting for my next appointment to come through and the waiting is awful !! did anyone find it really hard to adjust?? I think if I had just lost my leg in the accident it would be different but its the fact I have to make the decision thats so hard !!!
  13. hannahc410

    how did elective amp effect relationships

    Thanks guys i agree. I think it will be a big change but I do trust in him and he is a good man. Its more my insecurities about how my body will have changed that will cause the problems if any. xx
  14. As ive said in my last post I am just waiting on a date for a lbk. But one thing that plays on my mind is how my husband will feel about it! he says its still me and he will love me no matter what.But Im only 26 and im worried he might go off me. Can anyone tell me how their husbands/partners have dealt with it all ?? xx
  15. Thank you so much for your help!! I am still in the military and will go through headley court. It is inspirational to meet the people there. It has made me realise that in the great scheme of things this is fine and the right decision for me. i am going to contact the limbless association and see what I can find out from them. the website is down at the moment but will be up again within a week. Ann are you an amputee? would you give me your story? x