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  1. Saw it was your birthday so I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday

  2. purpleden

    Lapse of concentration

    [/font Well yes now I was very silly and had a lapse of concentration last night. I had my bath and was doing my usual routing to get out and sitting on the side of the bath- then yes you've guessed stood up and set off to walk with the missing foot. Down I went- water everywhere- full weight on the stump and boy it hurts! -no real injuries - just a big big dent in my pride.
  3. purpleden

    What do you say?

    I have 5 grand children who have taken my amputation in their stride (excuse the pun : ) and seem to great delight in telling their friends that Nana's leg was worn out so she got another - mind I did over hear one tell his pal - Nana might only have one leg but she's still got both her hands!!! Not sure what he was meaning by that!!
  4. purpleden

    Hello out there- I'm new

    Thanks for replying- I can't wait to get back to work and no way was the alternative ever going to be my way of life too much to do see and visit yet!!!
  5. purpleden

    Hello out there- I'm new

    Thanks for replying- took me ten minutes to find it and another five to open it but hey got there in the end - Denise
  6. purpleden

    Hello out there- I'm new

    Hello I'm Denise and new to all of this - when I say all this I mean "forums" and "posting" so please be have patience with me!!!! Well thats the grovelling over with so heres a little about me. I'm a Registered Nurse living in the north of England with a super husband and grown up family- I'm alomost 50 but we don't say that too loud or more than once! I had my BKA at the end of september -an unexpected op to say the least. I had a blocked femoral artery two years ago and had it replaced witha silicone graft -they told me it would not last forever but I did expectit to last longer than the 2 years!!! So as you have guessed it blocked again and despite calling DYNAROD in it still didn't work as all the lower arteries had also blocked .I then elected to have the amputation rather than treatment and must admit it was the right decision. I am now pain free and indeed did not realise just how much pain I had been in. I got my prosthesis ust before xmas and am so pleased to announce that I'm back at work next week!!