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  1. NENIS

    I'm afraid I'll regret elective amputation

    Amptrooper, reading your post I thought - did I write that? Now it's been 40 years and I still have phantom pain. Not as bad as first few months. Tried everything. Some of my thoughts, take them for what theyƗe worth. Pain doctors- check their credentials, I fell in with a group who were anesthesiologists and spent their free time as pain specs. I ended up taking Vicodin, Xanax, Neorontin and wearing a Fentanyl patch, all at the same time. Went into hospital with unrelated urinary tract infection, went into septic shock, don't remember anything at all what happened the next thirty days! The hospitalists and other specialists and two pints of blood pulled me through. THey said the toughest part was weaning me of the Fentanyl. After that two weeks in rehab. Now I manage with Neurontin, occasional Vicodin or Tylenol and a lot of self control and excersize - walking. I don't want to lose another 30 days of my life. Other things I've tried: TENS, biofeedback, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, accupuncture, psychyatrists and psychologists, and all kinds of medicine. Lately I have read that Fentanyl is bad?! I had injections right into the nerves in the spine. One of those was Fentanyl. Instant relief, that reallly felt good, no pain whatsoever, BUT that euphoria lasted only for about 20 minutes. That led to the Fentanyl patch. Concentrating on some activity is good. I do the SUDOKU in the daily newspaper. Started writing stories about my life as a kid > as a young man > and on & on. Pressure on the stump, a rolled up towel in bed, a brick on the bench at a picnic... you have to improvise. Sex is good.