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    Running, cycling, mountain climbing and spending time with my family.

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    Land mine
  1. Michael McNaughton

    Bartlett Tendon

    Thanks so much Lynne
  2. Michael McNaughton

    Bartlett Tendon

    Hi Neal, I really wanted to but I work for Veterans Affairs now and it's really hard to take off. Hopefully next year.
  3. Michael McNaughton

    Bartlett Tendon

    Hi Everyone, I'm going to the bike shop with my prosthetist to get set up on my mountain bike and try out my new Bartlett Tendon Knee that will let me pedal up hills standing up. I will let you all know how it worked out. www.leftsideinc.com info about knee
  4. Michael McNaughton

    Looking for tips from AKA athletes

    Hi Jenn, Toby is spot on, make sure you can wear your socket for very long periods of time. Are you going to do the 60 miles all at once? Please make sure you are stretching before and after your works even if you do long walk's. Good luck.
  5. Michael McNaughton

    Hooray for Heath

    That is really awesome. I'm a big fan Nascar too.
  6. Michael McNaughton

    Picked the Rheo Knee

    Hi Snuba, I have been on the new Rheo since August 2009 so if have any question's I will be happy to answer them. Regards, Mike
  7. Michael McNaughton

    Hi everyone

    My name is Michael McNaughton and I have been on here before as Running AK but that was maybe 3yrs ago. I lost my leg RAK in Afghanistan on Jan 9th 2003 because of a land mine. I wanted to come back to the forum to learn and help.