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  1. gazza99

    New guy in town

    hi joe welcome to the club. I've found pleanty of answers here too, think it's a great help to being a member
  2. gazza99

    stump tip swelling

    just to let you's all know it was the MRSA back in the leg and as a result i had to get part of the tibia removed that was done last month :-(
  3. gazza99

    stump tip swelling

    [ Not sure if I am reading correctly, but I don't think he is wearing his prosthesis yet, Neal. Correct I'm not wearing the leg yet as i know the stump shape is different and I'll need a new socket, plus the difference in lenght, I think it's some kind of infection I'll be at the Dr. soon and I'll keep you all posted. I'm just affaird it's the MRSA back
  4. gazza99

    stump tip swelling

    i've not being wear the leg as there was more of the bone taken off, and it took quite a time to heal due to the mrsa, it's odd as some part of the day its not to red and other well it's more like a wiskey nose,and it doesn't look like a bruse. I'm back to my leg man this week so it will be nice to see what he think. as to me it does not feel right or look right.
  5. gazza99

    stump tip swelling

    hi all it being a while; just to fill you in i had a revision 4 months ago then got mrsa all being clear for a while now and i'm all healed up but the last day or two the tip of the stump is getting very red and swolen plus some pain,i,ve not be wearing the leg since i had the revision. i ve no idea what's going on????
  6. gazza99

    nerve bundles

    i had a neuroma removal and it was 3 months before i was able walk the problem i had was the the stump shape changed and i to get a new socket made but was walking quit soon on it, it also depends how quick you heal after the removal i'm back getting a different pain in the stump now but i'm going back to see the doc soon not sure what to expect next
  7. gazza99

    plane journeys

    hi everyone heading on holidays for the first time as a amputee, just loking for tips as how or what should a amputee do on plane journey and cooping with the heat, cheers G
  8. was wondering what is everyone veiw about amputee football does anyone play? how hard is it on the rest of your body?
  9. gazza99

    Sweating in liner

    hi i used drilicor it a roll on anti prespirant, with aluminium in it that you can buy across the counter in Ireland but I'm sure there is some thing similar you can buy
  10. gazza99

    Online Chat?

    not sure how this would work but i notice as you read a topic it lists at the bottom how many members are reading it and who they are so you can tell who is online, if you were able to do what face book does and allow the members to chat or to give people the option to chat with the people that are reading. it may be something
  11. gazza99

    Jacqui coming home

    hey Jacqui good to here your home and all went well, thank for your reply, i'm home too and all went well with my op. i agree about keep the stump up, and banaged tight, i'm on lyrica and it's working for me. one thing i can say is do what the physio say and do the exercises, as they will be well worth it when you get fitted for you new leg. and keep the spirts up
  12. gazza99

    hi all is anyone from ireland

    just like to wish you all out there HAPPY ST PATRICK'S DAY
  13. gazza99

    So Silent!!

    so everyone make there way on to one off the many buses, but there is different ideas of were to go Bat's and Public Toilets are not top of the list, the buses are full and pull out of the carpark in the direction of........
  14. gazza99

    So Silent!!

    the journey look's like it might be well worth it, this Waffel House is some size, there is some crowd here and some not fit to stand, WHAT the next plan of action
  15. gazza99

    So Silent!!

    and from all different parts of the world