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  1. Pat.UK.

    Sir Douglas Bader

    Hi Eddie Just made a rare visit don't come on here very often now nice to hear from you again we are a couple of the old members on here. I joined somewhere near the beginning when this forum first started one of the first 30 to join we were posting all the while just to keep the forum going we somtimes run out of thing's to say but now plenty of members. It still seems a good site to join. Well that's my visit over for a little while. Nice to still be a member and to see some good posting's good luck to you all. Pat
  2. Hi Just thought i would have a look at the forum not been on here since Christmas. Don't know many on here now but it still seems successful. It was a great help for me when i came on here many years ago under 30 members then look how many now. Great to see it still helping people. Well until the next time Bye 4 now. Love Pat
  3. Pat.UK.

    Merry Christmas to you all.

    Hi Not been on here for a long time but i always like to check on here when i can. I don't know many of the members on here now but this is 7th Christmas i have seen on this site i was in the first 30 or so to join this site and still enjoy looking at it from time to time. This year's not been to bad apart from having a near to major heart attack then catching MRSA in hospital but gradually getting over that now. Still go to our local limb centre for our stepping out meeting's. So it was nice to comeback and say a few words. So i wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year and i will hope to visit a bit more regular next year god willing. Love Pat x
  4. Pat.UK.

    Hi There

    Hi Just thought i would have a look in. Thing's seem just fine not been on here for about a year. Don't know many on here now but nice to see Cat is still around. Different from the old day's when just a few of us had to keep posting just to keep the site going nice to see so many members it's a joy to read so many posting's. Kind regards Pat.
  5. Hello Not been on here for a long while so thought i would see how things are. Nice to see a lot of new member's well new to me. I am one of the original 30 members that started on this forum before most of the moderators. So nice to see all these years later the site is still popular. I see Cat is still on here but not many of the originals well time goes on and i wish you all the best of luck and keep this site the best one for Amputee's. Kind regards Pat x
  6. Pat.UK.


    Hi Yes me too I would post nearly every day once. Then more members came on here and gave me a rest at the beginning we needed all the post's we could get just to keep the forum going that was a few years ago I was in the first 30 then it was hard work thinking what to say to each other with out boring ourselves but as the years went on new members came and some very good posting's that gave me and other old members a rest. I now come on here to read post's now not posting myself the information given theses days on here is excellent keep posting I am still watching. Also I would like to welcome back some of the member's that have not posted for a long time Hi Ally & Mike. Kind regards Pat.
  7. Pat.UK.

    The Question Game

    Hi Green is my favorite colour. If you could live in any country apart from your own which one would you choose?. Pat
  8. Pat.UK.

    The Question Game

    Hi Seeing people treating the same now as when I had 2 leg's What's the funniest thing that as happened to you.? Pat.
  9. Pat.UK.

    The Question Game

    Hi Because it was invented by a man and he only had one thing on his mind. And also men cant multi task. Pat.
  10. Pat.UK.

    metal detectors

    Hi Each time I have flown I have no trouble and I am in my wheelchair with my leg on I just tell them about my leg and they have me put my arm's in the air and just go over me with a wand. But sometimes the wheelchair is push through and no alarm goes off. My husband walks through with loose Chang in is pocket and all hell is let loose. Just the luck of the draw. Pat
  11. Hi This forum is as Muz as said for the help of Amputee's and those concerned with Amputee's not an appreciation society. There are enough site's praising Paul & Heather with out using this one for support of the two named people. We are gratful for this site but as I said it's purely for Amputees and people that wish to help Amputee's. I endorse what Muz as said. Pat.
  12. Hi Does anybody know if this show with Heather dancing is shown in the UK. If do you know which channel?. If you could help please could you let me know as I would like to watch it. Pat.
  13. Hi For someone who said they don't want any publicity she seems to be on nearly every chat show. You can make your life more private if you try. But I hope Heather does well at the dancing. Pat
  14. Pat.UK.

    American Idol Comment Demeaning Amputees

    Hi Where as all the fun gone from this forum?. I have been a member over 4 years and thing's seem to be getting very serious with debates now. If we are offended by what someone may say then I think it's about time I left. We as Amputee's have to put up with a lot but I always try to see the funny side of thing's and in my case 2 Amputation in 28 day's was enough for me to see thing's that are important in life rather than make a fuss over a comment made on TV. Pat.
  15. Pat.UK.

    uk amp get2gether

    Hi Neil No Step's is a meeting held at many Limb centre's in the UK. We attend about once every 3 month's they are also connected the Limbless Association. We are all adults that attend but all amputee's are welcome. Pat.