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  1. Pat.UK.

    Bye for now.

    Hi To All my Friend's A nice day today in Burgas Bulgaria.someone kindly sent this post for me really enjoying myself.We will be back home in the UK at the end of June when I hope I can share my photo's with you all.Bye 4 now I thought I would let you know I was safe.Miss you all. Pat.
  2. Pat.UK.

    Bye for now.

    Hi I have been on this site almost since it started my membership number is in the first 30 to join so I think it's about time I had a rest.Like Eddy I came on here to find out all about Amputee's I have learned a lot I now have many more interest's than when I first came on here and now going to for fill some of my ambitions now so wont have as much time to come on to this site as I have in the past.I am not leaving but resting for a while there are now plenty of good members on this site and the post's are getting better all the while.When I first joined we needed all the post's we could get now that our membership is large you dont need the same people putting postings as we needed when we first started so I will go and keep quiet for a while.Nice to have been and still am part of this site. Bye 4 Now Pat.
  3. Pat.UK.

    Hi Nestudas.Rob.

    Hi Rob. Congratulation's to your team.They deserve being Champions they will be playing my team next season.I had to make a comeback just to say this to you .I am now going off to Bulgaria to start my new adventure. All the best for next season but not too good against us please. Kind regards Pat.
  4. Pat.UK.

    Hot Seat XIV

    Hi Marcia. 1,What was the most favorite time in your life.? 2,Who do you most admire.? 3,If you could meet anybody living or dead who would it be.? 4,And where in the world would you most like to visit.? Pat.
  5. Pat.UK.

    Easter weekend

    Hi We will be seeing our Children plus Grandchildren.Cant eat the nice chocolate because of diabetes but will have some dia choc's.We too live in a Bungalow bought a detached one a few years ago wouldn't be with out now no stairs thank god.I wish you all a Happy Easter. Pat.
  6. Pat.UK.

    Easter weekend

    Hi We will be seeing our Children plus Grandchildren.Cant eat the nice chocolate because of diabetes but will have some dia choc's.We too live in a Bungalow bought a detached one a few years ago wouldn't be with out it now no stairs thank god.I wish you all a Happy Easter. Pat.
  7. Pat.UK.


    Hi dak102054 That was some statement that Diabetes as no connection to Amputations.Well let me tell you I have been a Diabetic for over 40 year's on insulin since my teen's I have lost 2 children over it and have been in a coma when I lost one of my babies it was born while i was in the coma and died soon after being born and buried be for i came out of the coma.So i think I know a little bit about Diabetes, believe me Amputation's and Diabetes Are connected.I am living proof i lost 2 toes then below the knee then above the knee,and each time they were related to Diabetes so the Doctor's told me who have had many years of Medical Experience.There is a thing called peripheral vascular decease and that is caused by Diabetes.I test my blood up to 8 times each day and take 5 injections a day and i have always watched my sugar levels but these thing's still happen and i have never smoked so my arteries were not blocked up by that. Pat.
  8. Pat.UK.

    The last 4 Years.

    Hi It's 4 years since I came out of hospital after my second operation from being an BK to AKA. It dont seem that long ago time flies by.I have been a member of this site over 3 years now I was in the first 30 to join one of the best things I have done since becoming an Amputee,I still post when I can nice to see new members getting help from this site best wishes to all the members new and old. Kind regards Pat.
  9. Pat.UK.

    The last 4 Years.

    Hi Joe. I dont remember it as a loss but as a gain the only thing I remember is the pain I had before my leg went losing my leg was no loss it was no good to me when it went I miss the day's when it was worth keeping but not when it went by then it was no use to me at all.So my memory of 4 years ago are good. And that I was released from pain and I started life again pain free.And found many friends who are worse off than me and they are very nice people and most are on this site. Kind regards Pat.
  10. Pat.UK.

    Just venting I guess.

    Hi I know what you mean I was out shopping with my husband when a woman said so I could hear her fancy coming out like that it's not very nice for us to see that while we are shopping I realized she was talking about me I was in my wheelchair with out my leg on I am above the knee Amputee she had gone before I could say any thing some people are very nasty and sad. Pat.
  11. Pat.UK.

    Scary Journey

    Hi Vicki I am LAKA Mine was elected i first had a BK then had to make the same decision 28 day's later to have AKA The first time I had to wait a month after I made the decision the next time it was done the next day with AKA it's a bit more difficult than BK you have no knee joint that's what I found but like all thing's you get used to it after a while.You sound very positive so you will be OK. IT'S now 4 year's since my 2 op's and I have been a member of this site just over 3 years as you can see by my number I was one of the Early member's i still find this site very helpful.All the best Vicki PM me if you need any advice.I was in hospital 10 day's each time after the op's Pat.
  12. Pat.UK.

    home visits

    Hi Yes I went home for 2 hours a few days before they let me come home to stay .As said before with OT to see if our Bungalow was suitable we needed ramp's my husband and Son did those and they let me home.That was 4 years ago. Pat.
  13. Hi Never put on paper what you may regret later always hope that you have a good memory when we start complaining about some one else or having an opinion on there posting's, but as it as already been said this thread was tongue in cheek.When we went on holiday last year I was pushed by a porter from the plane straight past the queue at passport control in my wheelchair if i could walk that distance believe me i would. Pat.
  14. I had no idea that some of you were missing other part's .Well it's very good you can see the funny side of thing's well we all have to do that ,a friend of mine had lost his middle finger's many years ago and he was now a manager in a factory he was showing a new employee how to use a machine the guy looked at him in a funny way it took my friend sometime to convince him that he had not lost his finger's on that machine he still laughs about it even now. Pat.
  15. Pat.UK.

    Business As Usual

    Hi Edd I wish you would not sit on the fence.Now say what you really think ,Ha Ha Ha. Pat..
  16. Pat.UK.

    Business As Usual

    Hi Johnny What can I say who would want to do that to our site?. Pat.
  17. Pat.UK.

    The Record

    Fine but how do we do that?It will only be the people that read this thread.Should we start a new topic telling member's what we are trying to do?. Pat.
  18. Pat.UK.

    The Record

    Hi Would be possible to let HMM Know what we are trying to do?. And see if she could get publicity for us as Afet said she thought there might have been something on TV The last time that there were that many people on line.Only an idea. Pat.
  19. Pat.UK.

    The Record

    Got 2 go now. Pat. PS. have we done it.?
  20. Pat.UK.

    The Record

    OK. Will be back 2nite 8pm on the dot.Sorry I am always early. Pat.
  21. Pat.UK.

    The Record

    I was here at 8-06 pm Pat.
  22. Hi Afet. That was very sad Why they cant tell her? (I dont know.)I know when I got MRSA in hospital I thought that was bad enough and I went from BK to AKA But to wake up like this young lady it must be awful.I only hope that she get's to know the truth. Pat.
  23. Pat.UK.

    FAO Admin - Does she?

    I dont think it matter's if HMM is on this site or not I would think she as been on maybe as a guest we dont know.And also maybe admin might not know that if asked.Sometimes people try and use this site for there own means but they soon go when they realize that people are not interested although some dont make a grand entry they try and make a grand departure by telling us they are leaving for a site were people will listen to them.Good luck to them we can do with out them.And thank you Heather for this site if you are reading this . Pat
  24. Pat.UK.

    Botox injections to decrease sweat?

    Hi Ann I am the one that is wearing the Pro-Tex sock they are like a silk material and they are very good but at the moment I am having to rest my Leg because of bruising. Pat.
  25. Pat.UK.

    shame about the topic that was locked

    Hi Muz I am Joan of Arc AKA Pat UK AKA Guess who?. Pat.