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  1. Pat.UK.

    shame about the topic that was locked

    :ro Sorry I should have put HMM.
  2. Pat.UK.

    shame about the topic that was locked

    Hi Not everybody that comes on this site uses there own name how do we know that MMH is not on this site under an assumed name it might be you it might be me who's knows?. Pat.
  3. Pat.UK.

    Job interview

    Hi I hope you got the job.All I would say is if I went into a shop that was dealing with a certain product I would want the person that was serving me to know how it work's and there is no better person than one that experience's the problem that the product is made for like yourself best of luck with getting the new job. Pat.
  4. Pat.UK.

    Botox injections to decrease sweat?

    Hi I have just been given some (Disposable) Sock liner's they are called Pro-Tex and they work the sweat goes through the liner into your sock and keeps the stump dry I have only been useing them 2 day's and it makes it far more comfortable they were given to me at my Limb centre.My Husband had an operation for excess sweating of his hand's a few year's ago it worked but he as had many side affects so some time's it's worth putting up with the complaint as the cure is sometimes worse. Pat.
  5. Pat.UK.

    I have pain in my stump

    Hi I am back I thought i would be away longer.The last few day's i have had a pain in my stump i am a AKA. I have also lost 2 stones in weight in the last 5 month's the weight loss was planned so iam not worrying about that when i have my leg on it hurts when i walk i have taken my leg off and it is tender for a while the the pain goes i have tried putting more than one sock on with it but that dont help as i have not had this pain be for in the 4 year's since my amputation i wondered if other people had this when they have lost weight i know it seems logical but as it as never happened to me be for i dont know if it would, Hopeing you would have an answer for me i hope to go to the limb centre tomorrow. Pat.
  6. Pat.UK.

    New Devotee Site

    Hi When you ask for this to stop other people have asked the same request on Jan 5th of this year. On the same day the person that started this subject started another one on the same subject so that person must still feel very annoyed about this subject how do we stop it?.Most probably I am prolonging it by putting this posting. Pat.
  7. Pat.UK.

    I have pain in my stump

    Thanks for your advice,I have been to my limb centre and they have made a new sleeve for my stump socket the pain is going I had bruised from the inside now it's a lot more comfortable.I was weighed while i was there and was told i had lost over 2 & half stone since the summer of last year so i had lost more than i thought that's about 35 Pound's in weight.So no wonder my stump was loose in my socket they also gave me some sock's i put on under my normal sock's to keep my stump dry from sweating they really help nothing worst than a soggy stump. Pat.
  8. Pat.UK.

    Taking a Break

    Hi. I am taking a break from the Forum for personal reason's I will be back but not for a while so I dont want people thinking I have got lost like some of you have been worrying about our Mate Edd Bye for now and I wish everybody on this site a Happy New year. Kind Regards Pat.
  9. Pat.UK.

    Happy New Year.

    Happy new year to you all Pat.
  10. Pat.UK.

    New Devotee Site

    :roll eyes: If I had to give proof that I Was an Amputee to join this site I would willingly give it as long as it was not put on public display and the information was held by the site I have nothing to hide.That way all information could be checked by the site.If found false then no membership. Pat.
  11. Ally what I said was not meant for you or criticizing what you had said it was my thought's on the matter.Please dont take offence it was not made that way it was more for the post above your's. And that Heather was supporting herself before she married Paul. Pat.
  12. We would all like better resources I cant afford a better leg but there is always someone worse off than we are with no resources at all.And I think you will find Heather was walking perfectly well when she met Paul. Pat.
  13. Pat.UK.

    New Devotee Site

    Who would want to know about Amputee's? Apart from those that are Amputee's those that live with us and those that help us also people working with us and for us. my family are interested in my way of life but wouldn't go on to a site asking personal question's as some people do.I dont think this site is a closed shop to none Amputee's but I wouldn't be on here if I were not an Amputee.So why be fascinated by someone different to you when that person would rather have all there limb's than be in the position they are.Fascination can be dangerus some time's.As Ally would say this is my personal opinion. Pat.
  14. Pat.UK.

    New to Group & Potential Amputee

    Hi Louise I am AKA I had to make the decision to have a BK as all other treatment had not worked. Then I had to make the same decision after 28 day's to have a AKA.each time they left the decision to me I suppose that was to let me think I had control over it but there was only one decision I could make if I wanted to live.So if you are going to be better after the operation and you will. Then decide but it must be your decision and what you want for yourself AKA is not the end of the world as I have found out.Best of luck Louise. Pat.
  15. Pat.UK.

    Tracking Santa.

    Hi I hope you found Santa on his way to you Merry Christmas. Pat.
  16. Pat.UK.

    Tracking Santa.

    I thought you would like to know where Santa was and if he was on his way to you . Please click on Tracking Santa.Tracking Santa Pat.
  17. Pat.UK.

    Merry Christmas.

    Hi Merry Christmas to all our friend's. And to those that dont celebrate Christmas still have a peaceful time.And I hope life is better for you all in the future.Best wishes to you all. Love Pat.
  18. Pat.UK.

    How do I add a Link?

    Please can you tell me how to add a link.I have tried but no success.Please help me.I have tried to add a link to my post's but it dont work I am not as clever as you my friend's please help a sad case get it right. Pat.
  19. Pat.UK.

    How do I add a Link?

    Thank's Ally. Pat.
  20. Pat.UK.

    If Nelson's navy was today!

    How true when you see it on paper it makes you think.Our service men have to go to war with one arm tied behind there back how stupid can we get ?. Pat.
  21. Pat.UK.

    Chapters customers

    When we went on holiday this year i was in my wheelchair i am AKA i told them at the scanner i had a false leg they just pushed me through the scanner it made a noise people looked i laughed so did the security guard and he checked my leg with a hand scanner and told me that was fine that happened in this country and in the Canary Island's no trouble traveling with a false leg.for me. Pat.
  22. Pat.UK.

    What would you like for Christmas?

    Hi I will be happy if I get the thing's I need and not the thing's I want. Pat.
  23. Hi Mine is It's a Wonderful Life.Starring James Stewart.
  24. Pat.UK.

    What's your Favorite Christmas Film?.

    Hi Johnny. There are 2 versions of Miracle on 34th street.The first one made in the 40's the last one made in the 80's both very good.But the best film of all (It's a Wonderful Life) Pat.
  25. Pat.UK.

    It's time to explain

    What you people have experienced I have not had that.But when I was in a coma, thinking back I was very contented I can remember someone talking to me I think it was my husband but I was very happy where I was then I found myself floating above my bed looking down on myself then all of a Sudden I was going down a tunnel there was a bright light at the end but before I got to the end I came out of the coma a nurse was trying tell me I had lost my baby while i was in the coma it took me a few day to relies what had happened. But for years I did not tell anybody apart from my husband what had happened to me in my coma because I thought they may have thought I had just imagined it but now people talk about things like that and it does seem to happen to a lot of people. Pat.