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  1. Pat.UK.

    Do you know your Christmas from your Carol?

    Done your quiz 66% right not bad for a Pommy. Pat.
  2. Pat.UK.

    What's your Favorite Christmas Film?.

    Yes AwesomeBlue. It's called( Scrooge) Ha Ha! Pat.
  3. Pat.UK.

    What's your Favorite Christmas Film?.

    Another film I like is Santa Clause Starring, Dudley Moore.
  4. Pat.UK.


    Just heard Stevie Nick's Silent night Absolutely fantastic.Thanks Cat. Pat.
  5. Pat.UK.


    Any Christmas Song's & Carol's .I do like I wish it could be Christmas everyday by Wizard.
  6. Pat.UK.

    Twas the night before Christmas

    A lady goes into a record shop and says to the man at the counter Do you have Jingle bell's on a 12 inch?' No replies the man But I've got Big ball's on an 8 inch! Oh,' says the lady. Is that a new record?. To which the man replies it is for this shop.'
  7. Pat.UK.

    Browsing Here Helps

    Hi Julie. Another late one but welcome to our club I am LAKA. Been like that since Feb 02 hope you find all the help you need on this site and make many friend's.Pat from Southeast England. Pat.
  8. Pat.UK.

    It's time to explain

    Hi Lynne. Thanks for letting us know my long term memory as gone for most thing's as i said before i was in a coma when i was in my teens and lost a baby while i was in it i cant really remember much about my life before that but thing's have come back to me over the year's my short term memory is very good but i know how you must have felt .I am sorry if i have offended you in the past by questioning some of the thing's you have said.Good luck girl. You were brave to tell us. Regards Pat.
  9. Pat.UK.

    Twas the night before Christmas

    Hi There was a Irish comedian on TV the other day and he said have you heard the one about the Irish turkey that is looking forward to Christmas?. Pat. PS. And with a name like Pat yes we do have Irish in our family.
  10. Pat.UK.

    Music challenge

    Just seen( Silver Dollar)
  11. Pat.UK.


    Great story if you cant laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?. Pat.
  12. Pat.UK.

    Music challenge

    Zombies Led Zeppelin Pat.
  13. Pat.UK.

    A Day at the Beach

    Hi ED. That was good.There was an advert in our local paper that said they repair furniture table's were there specialty it said if you have wobbly leg's we can fixed them or replace them.I was rather tempted to phone and ask if they could help me.? Pat.
  14. Pat.UK.


    Hi Awsome Blue. Very good what you said and as we get older how many times in a day do we say (IF ONLY.) Pat.
  15. Pat.UK.

    Amputee Fined for Parking Rage

    Hi I have got home from shopping today I didn't wear my leg we were parked in a disabled bay my husband was getting the wheelchair out of the car a woman came over to him and said being you have a wheelchair could park in a normal bay as he could push me in it as her husband could not walk very far because he had arthritis my husband told her we need the extra space at the side of the car so I could get into the wheelchair she said cant she walk the short distance to the back of the car my husband said not with only one leg she said Ho she was then told there are wheelchairs in the store she then said I am not doing that he needs the exercise. I rest my case. Pat.
  16. Pat.UK.

    Amputee Fined for Parking Rage

    Hi I have suggested to shop's and our local council that they could make a lot more Disabled parking space's without the Extra space at the side of each parking space and those people that cannot walk very far could use those one's and the people that need a wider space could use the one's with the extra width (ie) Wheelchair's and other mobile aids but so far no response.How easy is it to paint a few more disable bay's.? Then a notice saying wheelchair's only for the wide bay's.But I know that wont stop abuse of the bay's but it might stop us thinking why as he or she parking in that bay that I need for my wheelchair and he or she can walk a little. Pat.
  17. Pat.UK.

    New Devotee Site

    Hi I only found this site after I was an Amputee.I got my husband to look for an amputee site because at the time I could not operate a computer he found this one and a few other's but when I finally got on line I like this site better than all the other's.What I am trying to say is I wouldn't be going on a amputee site if I were not an amputee so why do these people get so fascinated by amputee's I know I would rather have my leg back and it was no fun losing it.Some of the stories I am reading are making me feel sick.This is a very good site and I hope it stays that way.And I agree with Muz after reading some of the post's you do get to sort the genuine from the false one's.I was always told if you are going to tell a story that's not true make certain you have a good memory because the truth will come back to haunt you. Pat.
  18. Pat.UK.

    New Devotee Site

    Where do these people come from or am I being polite when I call them people.If they are that interested let's make it compulsory that they have to have an Amputation to join our club anyone out there willing to abide by our rule's ? I dont think so. Pat.
  19. Hi We have booked our holiday for next year we are going to Bulgaria anybody been there and is it nice there?. We are going to Sunny beach we have booked an hotel that as a few room's for disabled people, there are 9 of us going in our family the same as last year I am the only one that is disabled.And if we find it's good I will let you know that it's suitable for disabled people when we get back but that wont be till next year so if anybody as been there please let me know if it's a nice place. Pat.
  20. Pat.UK.

    You think you're having a bad day

    I believe you I see the fact's on the Internet,I CAME DOWN WITH THE LAST SHOWER. Pat.
  21. Pat.UK.

    You think you're having a bad day

    Hi Now who's going to tell there young children there's No Father Christmas (Santa Clause) because they have checked the fact's on the Internet.Chill out please. Pat.
  22. Pat.UK.

    When a bell ring's

    Hi One of my grandson's was talking about Christmas to me and he was asking about father Christmas (Santa Clause) And he still believes in him, bless him,I was then telling him about the story of when a bell ring's an Angel gets it's wing's but before I started the story I asked him what does it mean when a bell ring's he said there is somebody at the Door. I had to laugh and so did my husband our grandson had said it so naturally, of course he was right but he still enjoyed the story. Pat.
  23. Pat.UK.

    Australia through to the world cup

    Hi Mike. I dont know about Brit's and come on England,you must remember most Scot's support whoever England are playing. Well done to Australia. Pat.
  24. Pat.UK.

    New Pros

    Great new's Must be a very good leg to be able to ride a bike is it pedal or motorbike.? Anyway welldone. Pat.