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    Hi Dea Thanks but in the UK we had Mother's Day on the 6th of March.Hope you have a good day tomorrow. Best wishes Pat.
  2. Pat.UK.

    ANZAC Day

    Hi My husband's Great uncle died at Gallipoli and his brother a few day's later in France how must John's Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather have felt to know that two of there son's had died just a few day's apart I cant begin to think how they felt. God bless them both. Pat.
  3. Pat.UK.

    ANZAC Day

    Hi Thank You to all the ANZAC'S God bless you all Pat.
  4. Pat.UK.

    Stolen from me

    Hi I was shopping today with my husband and when we came out of the super store I notice the zip on my handbage was open my hand bag was at the back of my wheelchair I know that it should not have been there but it was.My visa card+£60+ photos of my late brother+Dad thats what hurts most they are the only one's i have of them I feel silly that this as happened to me.But what low life would take from someone in a wheelchair?Please dont leave you handbag out of site of you i have learned the hard way. Best wishes Pat
  5. Hi I was in a shop looking at a dress and showing it to my husband when a woman came up to me and said do you have this in my size 18 I said I did not know she said could you find out if you have. There was no please I said can I tell you something she said no just go and find out if you have it my size.I then said listen to me I dont work here I am just looking at a dress and that wheelchair is mine and I am just standing so I can look at the dress the top i had on at the time did look like the ones they wore in the shop she then said why are you wasting my time I just looked at her and she walked off. Best wishes Pat.
  6. Pat.UK.

    I dont work in the shop

    Hi I wonder why they went bust perhaps it was there attitude.Good riddance. Best wishes Pat.
  7. Pat.UK.

    What Remark

    Hi Are we talking about pancake's? Best wishes Pat.
  8. Hi. Can anybody please tell me a safe way of keeping my footrest,s safe with my wheelchair if they have to be taken off when the wheelchair goes in with the Luggage.Or does anybody know if they can be left on the wheelchair.?As this is the first time I have flown with my wheelchair,since I become A.K.A. Please help if you can.Thank,s + Kind regard,s Pat
  9. Pat.UK.

    Slushy gurl hhas a questtion to evveryonmes..

    Hi I check most day's to see what posting's are on the site but dont always put a posting myself.I think it's like praying we all do it when we need help then tend to forget till we need help again I know that is not right but I think that's how it work's. Best wishes Pat.
  10. Pat.UK.

    HE*S MINE!!!

    Hi Carrie I know how you feel we adopted many years ago but at the time we were to young to adopt so we had to wait a long time before we could go to court to adopt one of our son's we fostered him a long time but when finally adopted what a relief. Best wishes Pat.
  11. Pat.UK.

    Time Travel.....

    Hi I would change my life by not being Diabetic I would not have lost my first baby if I was not diabetic I lost Andrew when I was in a diabetic coma and I lost my leg due to diabetes. But apart from that I would leave it the same.Since I lost my leg I have made many more friends including on this site.So as we say some good comes out of bad luck. Best wishes Pat.
  12. Hi I was watching a TV program and they were asking what would be our perfect day?.So I thought we could have ago at picking our perfect day.The rules are it as to be our day not a day to please others. But it can be what you have dreamed of doing anything you can think of it's not got to be thing's like saving the world we all know that needs doing it's just for yourself.I am still thinking what my perfect day is going to be like, so go for it. Best wishes Pat.
  13. Pat.UK.

    What would be your perfect day?

    Hi It's about time I said what my perfect is.Well I have had my perfect day it was when our 4 children were young and I was just out of my teens we were the silly young ones as we were told when we got married in our teens. Then we went for long walks on sunny day's and took the children every place we could.Now we go for walks and my grandchildren push me in my wheelchair,and I am still having perfect day's.And John is still walking with me after 40 years. Best wishes Pat.
  14. Hi Afet How must her Mum&Dad feel?. Something must be done about MRSA and sooner rather than later.I myself went down with MRSA in hospital that was when I had my BK then had to have AKA Due to MRSA. When will it all stop.?All my love to the little girl and hope things only get better. Best wishes Pat.
  15. Pat.UK.

    Date for amputation

    Hi Lynne 3 years ago I was told I had 10 days to wait for my op I am a AKA. At that time I wished I had known about this site, because since I have been on here I have found out so much you make Friends and they help you when they can which is most times.I live in the UK so if I can help in anyway I will,you only have to ask. When you have a partner who understands that's half the battle won,I have my Husband and he is with me all the way.Best of luck on the 17th dont worry thing's will only get better. Best wishes Pat.
  16. Pat.UK.

    I'm New!

    Hi Lynne Welcome to this site are you in the UK? or are you overseas because sometimes it's good to know because some advice might not be any good to you if I tell you something about the NHS you maybe in a another country. Best wishes Pat.
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    Hi Wonderful life KramervKramer Ice cold in Alex Reach for the sky Marty Babe Bamby A Town like Alice Full Monty That's mine till I can think of more. Best wishes Pat
  18. Pat.UK.

    Heather in Video

    Hi Dabbit Yes Heather is in the video. Best wishes Pat.
  19. Pat.UK.


    Hi Happy Easter to you all.Muz when we were on holiday one time I asked a local what crockle meant he had a sticker on his car saying I am a non crockle He said it meant Tourist he also said it meant.Hemorrhoid a pain in the A---. Best wishes Pat.
  20. Pat.UK.

    Partners dealing with it

    :D Hi I am Pat's husband Pat is the same as Pat was befor the amputation.I think the same about her as i did befor the operation we have been married for over forty years we got married in our teen's and Pat will always be the same pat to me.I will always worry about her but i always see all the good things that happen also. Becky he know's you are the right girl for him dont worry. Regards John.
  21. Pat.UK.

    Quiz Questions

    Hi Matt Dillons Side Kick is Chester. Barnsley is right 4 Scargill dont know the other one. Best wishes Pat
  22. Pat.UK.

    if you could have only ONEE wish .........

    Hi Peace in this world of our's.And less money spent on war's Best wishes Pat.
  23. Pat.UK.

    Stolen from me

    Hi Thank's everybody I will make sure it never happen's again but i did not think it would happen when it did anyway.very sad about the photo's the money I could ill afford but the the photo's and the letter's i cant replace and they took my brother's momentoes that he left me when he died 12 year's ago and a letter about my Dad who died when I was 16 year's old. Love you all many thank's Best wishes Pat.
  24. Pat.UK.

    They should know better

    Hi Went shopping today at my local super store and when I went to park in one of the Disabled bays in the one next to me was a Police car no blue badge on the windscreen.and there were plenty of parking spaces all over the car park.Once when I was sitting in our car a police officer ask if I was a disabled person I said yes and he told me as I was the passenger and my Husband was driving my husband should not have parked on yellow lines I said my husband had gone in the shop for me he did not look very pleased and walked away.Now I find them parking in our bay's What's the saying ? One law for them and one for? Best wishes Pat.
  25. Pat.UK.


    Hi Muz You know what you have been told about playing with your conkers you could go blind, a bit of conker could chip off and go in your eye now be careful. Best wishes Pat.