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  1. :rolleyes: Hi can anybody help me please. what I would like to know as anybody been to the Bungalows at Santa Clara at Playa del ingles in Gran Canaria.?We have booked a holiday there after being told it was suitable for someone in a wheelchair.We told the travel agent that my wife would have to use her wheelchair if she needed the bathroom in the night and first thing in the morning because as she is A.K.A. We were told that they would get confirmation that the wheelchair. could go through the bathroom door so far we have had conflicting reports we dont go on holiday till Jun 05 but we would like know if somebody as been there and found the doors O.K.We have told them in the day time it will be O.K. as my wife will have her leg on.Please help if you can.Thanking you and Kind regards John+Pat.