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  1. Hi

    I have been on this site right from the beginning longer than Johnny and longer than most of our members.

    I have seen people come and seen people leave and some came on this site very quietly and left with a bang,other's seem to keep them self's to there self,other's want to tell the world how good they are other's listen then there are people asking question's and other's giving answer's that's the way this site as worked and it as worked well.

    There have been people come on this site and you know as an amputee yourself that they are not amputee's but in most case's you grin and bare it.

    So when someone like the young man mention above said how he could do all these thing's some people will get annoyed about what he was saying and then for him to call them names was very rude so I think now we should draw a line under this thread and try and get back to normal.

    It's still the best site for Amputee's.

    Come on Jim keep posting we will miss you like we have missed Eddie.


  2. Hi

    Sam may well have been a Winner and an Achiever I dont know we can only take his word for that.

    But that doesn't give him the right to look down on other people.

    Yes great Achievers just look ahead but please remember the people on the side lines have Rights too when it's said that's the way they are that is no excuse for being ill mannered to other people surely that shows a lack of manners and politeness which is usually comes with common sense. When you are growing up if you are always led to believe you are something special then you start to believe it yourself and become very selfish and thoughtless to others.

    I think that's what was starting to happen when you start calling people a simpleton.

    There is nothing wrong in being a Winner & being an Achiever but it shouldn't stop you being polite to those that dont appear to to be Achievers it may be there choice not to be.

    Sam maybe a nice Guy and perhaps he should be invited back to make his remarks more clearer and given another chance that would be my way of thinking never close a door if you are not certain what's on the other side.


  3. Hi

    Thank you for telling me which thread I was to read.

    How do we know that what that young man was bragging about was true to call someone a simpleton was very rude I could say I was a millionaire who would know if I was? Nobody I could also say I went to Oxford I did once on a day trip I wouldn't be lying would I ?.

    If the truth is known the person he was portraying doesn't existed anyway perhaps he's a Walter Mitty type.


  4. Hi Running AK.

    What posting are we talking about it must be one I have missed.

    But to say Johnny is Unprofessional well is a statement made obviously by a new member.

    I was on this site before Johnny and since Johnny as been on this site he as been nothing but Professional.

    So please dont criticize the man when you hardly know him.

    Thanks Johnny for all the good you do for this site.


  5. Hi

    I think we should quit while we are all on speaking terms.

    But that dont mean I dont have my own opinion,I was a below the knee before I advanced to AKA I fill more intelligent now than I did when I was BK So London Guy I think you are wrong No, I know you are wrong.

    So I am with Lizzie she knows from both point's of view So I think that makes Lizzie the winner and me second.

    All agreed good?.

    That settles that.


  6. I knew a fellow RBK would understand! They say RBK's are the most intelligent. ( Now that's controversial! ) :D


    Well this quote could start something,well maybe.

    Better not make any comments on this one you see I am AKA and I might think we are the most intelligent.

    So where do we go from here?.

    Over to you.


  7. Hi Lisa

    I have not disagreed with you in what you have said about reapplying I have not said you were wrong in saying about some people getting it that seem to have very little wrong with them I only told you about my friend who had cancer.

    I have not tried to take part's of your posting out of context all I have done is put my point of view.

    At no time did I say that people should not apply and I hope putting my opinion as not put people off applying as that seems to be what as been suggested.

    I have been on this site from the beginning and I hope what I have posted as not offended anybody because it was not meant to at anytime as I said we all have our own opinion's and let's keep it that way.

    And yes if you or anybody think you are entitled to claim DLA go for it.

    Lisa no offense was meant in my replies to just making comment's sorry if you thought I was having a go at you.


  8. Those of you in England who have applied previously or are thinking about it, my advice is apply and keep applying until you do get it. I know it is such a drag as there are so many forms to fill out, but you are entitled to it. It's not about lying or exaggerating as we all have days worse than others. I was told by someone who advises amputees that he has known amputees not to receive anything and yet someone who had corns on their feet to get the highest rate. Don't let this put you off! This just made me more determined that I was going to get what I was entitlted to. This benefit is not means tested and you can claim it even if you are working and earning a good wage. The bottom line is you are entitled to it!!!!!!!! Contact your local Amputees and friends society or disability direct they will help you fill the form out correctly as it is all about the wording, not about lying or exaggerating. If anybody is successful let us know.



    If we are in a wheelchair we look disabled.

    our friend was coming of a disabled Toilet when someone asked her if she was disabled as she had no sign's of being disabled.

    Our friend as Cancer and was changing her Stowma.

    So if someone got DLA because of corn's they may have something else wrong with them who are we to judge.


  9. All Amputees are entitled to the DLA payment. The amount you receive is dependant on the level of EXTRA care you reqiure.

    As long as your amputation is above the ankle or wrist you WILL get it.



    I dont think so to go to some of the meeting they have for Amputee's and see how many dont qualify for DLA- BK - AK and Arm's missing.


  10. Hi, All...

    I have to admit that yesterday was very unsettling to me... which does NOT mean that I have any desire to see recent events continue. I truly hope that Johnny's actions will get us all back "on track": this is too valuable a place to endanger it with infighting.

    That said, I'm wondering how many of us are still here and committed to keeping the forum going.

    I'm HERE. I intend to stay. How about you?

    take care... cherylm


    What have I missed?.

    I have been a member from nearly the start of this site I was one of the first 30 to join.

    I am still here have been away sometimes but always come back .

    So please tell me what happened yesterday which would have been the 30th of June.As your post is the 1st of July.


  11. Hi

    Whether we are rich poor white or any other colour.

    death does not discriminate or who suffer's in a tragedy that happened this time last year.

    So let 's forgets what we think is wrong and just think of those that have suffered and are still suffering.

    And if it meen's we have a ceremony at the time it took place then so be it.


  12. Chaps....

    If you want to find the reason for Scots "hostility" towards the English football team, you need look no further than Mr Jimmy Hill! I reckon it's all because he referred to Dave Norry's most excellent goal against brazil in the 1982 world cup as a toepoke.... the cheek of the man :P

    I'm fairly sure that the problems not with English people per-sae just really that we can't be bothered with the media rubbish that goes along with it particulary the tripe spouted by the commentators with regards to England's performances and maybe there's the fact that they are still going on about winning the cup in 1966 as if it were yesterday? They won the Rugby world cup less than 3 years ago and that doesn't seem to be mentioned quite so much!

    Personally I'll wholeheartedly support the England cricket team, I was probably as happy as any englishman when they won the ashes. However when it comes to football I'll quite happily throw my lot in with the opposition.... now where's my Portugal shirt ?:P



    Thanks mike

    Now I know I am feeling better about it.

    I still remember when Scotland beat England soon after we won the world cup.

    Scotland claimed they were the new world champion's.

    In any other sport they would have been such as boxing but I think we let them win to keep them happy anyway that's what I think.

    Apart from sport I always think of myself as British we are one nation.

    Cant stand Cricket Mike so if you support them good for you.


  13. Hi

    I watched the England games,

    In Bulgaria on there TV some Scot's sitting in front of us cheering on the opposition.

    I remember( Many) years ago when Scotland qualified for the world cup I cheered them on why cant they do the same for us?. England's the nearest they are going to get to qualifying for the world.


  14. Just got back from Bulgaria.

    Had a nice time,Now I know I dont have a lot to moan about the welfare in the the UK.

    After seeing how some of the amputee's live over there.

    No drop kerb's very high kerb's and pavement uneven where there are pavement's (Walk way's)

    Airport's poor, standing outside waiting to get into departure lounge for 2 hrs same in arrivals.

    But would not have missed our experience.

    Talk later when unpacked,Nice to be back and catch up on New's on this site.

    It's still the best one for Amputee's.


  15. :huh:


    A friend of mine is posting this for me.Just to let U know that I'm safe and as well as can be expected.

    A very nice day in Burgas Bulgaria in the Burgas area for a few days.

    Will be back in the UK,

    At the end of June.

    Hope to get back on line then,so bye 4 now miss U all

    Pat UK.