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    Phlegmasia cerulea dolens
  1. GregB

    Gig going

    Hi folks, I am a bit of a lurker but thought some people might be interested in a piece I've written about my experiences of gig going as an amputee. http://www.themusicfix.co.uk/content/feature/13270/the-adventures-ofdisabled-gig-goer-part-1.html Any comments are always appreciated and feel free to check out my other attempts at music writing while you are on the site Cheers
  2. GregB

    Hi all

    Cheers folks. Good to be here
  3. GregB

    Hi all

    Hi I'm new here and thought I should say hello and give a quick intro to why I'm here. I'm 44 and live in Leeds, UK. I had some health issues during 2009 including being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. During late November I as having some leg pains which made it difficult to walk comfortably. I put this down to pulling a groin muscle while playing Badminton. On Dec 3rd I decided to take a day off work to rest but unfortunately I found I couldn't urinate. A&E catheterized me and I was admitted to Urology for further tests. The next day I got a DVT in my right leg which they treated for a couple of weeks until I was almost set to go home. This is where it goes pear shaped. Late night on Dec 16th I started getting severe pain in a toe on my right foot. The pain gradually radiated through all my toes and my forefoot. I was transferred to the vascular dept on the morning of the 17th. I was diagnosed with Phlegmasia cerulea dolens and despite a lot of effort by Angio specialists the foot went gangrenous and after a lot of waiting to see what was salvageable I had a right leg BKA on Jan 13th. I'm now happily back home and going to physio twice a week and will have a fitting for a prosthetic on Mar 8th. despite a few bad moments I am trying to be as positive as possible and finding this site has been a real eye opener. It is great to know I can come somewhere to get help so thanks in advance for any help I get . Cheers