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  1. mkbiker

    Cool new leg protection

    All of them are for above knee but I suppose as its custom wouldnt be a problem below knee? I love the idea of a nenoprene protector!
  2. mkbiker


    Me Too..........PM sent
  3. mkbiker

    New Here and SAD!

    Hi Jenn, firstly constantly blaming yourself isnt a great place to be, whats done is done, my recollection of my accident is somewhat vague which to be honest is worse wondering who was at fault!! My amputation was decided almost for me by the condition of what was left of the bones in my foot, the very next morning after my accident I was asked to consider an amputation, we persevered for one week and after a week of almost constant pain relief, decided there was only one way to go. After some slow recovery and 3 years down the line you wouldnt know any different unless you ask me to run. Now on no meds what so ever.
  4. mkbiker

    Hi I am new here.

    Hi Souldog, Cool link
  5. mkbiker

    Jacqui coming home

    Hi Jacqui I found the phamtoms to really be a mind over matter thing, was started on Gabopentin and the dosage was quickly upped, however I have never been one for depending on any kind of meds so decided to wean myself off as quickly as possible, I dont know whether this is advised but I used to keep my stump moving back and forth and the pains quickly go, however the nightimes were the worse for me, kept waking up, until I tried using a warm hotwater bottle, under my stump and Voila peaceful sleep. Also get to massaging your stump kinda gets you more accustomed to it, I was really adverse to my kids touching my stump until I began to massage it . Stay positive and it'll all come to you! Best wishes
  6. ....facebooked? Yes! Have you ever been Playmobiled? Eh?
  7. mkbiker

    In need of some courage!!

    Hi Jacqui some great advise and experiences on here, like youself I was riding a motorbike when I had the accident that resulted in my right BK amputation, decided very early after some pretty blunt advice to seriously consider an amputation or spend many hours in hospital in the next few years to come with no guarentees of any improvement, 3 weeks later, plunge was taken. I used crutches almost immeadiatly against the occupational theprypists advice, to begin with very tiring, but you soon get used to it. I drove my automatic left footed days after coming outta hospital, told dvla about my amp, had my licence restricted to adapted cars, decided to try manuals on private land, got on well, contacted dvla who told me it was self regulating and got my manual licence back with very little effort, now drive a manual with no adaption in the normal manner just push from the knee instead of the ankle. I also am back to riding my Honda Pan European, big bike for two legged ppl LOL bike did take 3 months to get back on mainly due to confidence to hold bike up on it. It is illegal to load your insurance due to disability.
  8. mkbiker

    Amputee T- Shirts

    A friend scoured mainly american sites and found several gems and as he had a t shirt printing biz he rattled a few off heres a few, "it was gonna cost me an arm & a leg but I got it half price" A big orange star with "25%off" written on it!! I used to be unstable until the doctors put me on aluminium" "Its taking longer to grow back than I thought!" and a personal fav for hozzie appointments..... "I only came in for an ingrowing toe nail!" I do believe he "got the idea" fromthe sites mentioned!!!
  9. mkbiker

    Hello all

    Hi all, reconise a couple of names from another forum that seems to have trouble with finding enough 50p's, I'm Tony with a rbk amputation from a motorcycle accident in 2006, was back on just 6 months after.