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    Jacqui coming home

    Hi Guys, Im home!! Very suprised to be but so glad. The op went well although took a little longer than planned, I ended up in theatre for 8 hours and when I woke up was swollen up like a beach ball!! It took so long because my consultant was fantastic and I now have the heel and sole of my foot firmly attached to my stump with full feeling and blood supply. This means, fingers crossed my knee is know safe!! Im getting about pretty well at home with a wheelchair, going up to bed on my bottom. Still got to work out how to shower at home as my stump is not fully healed yet and I cant get it wet. The hospital really dont want me to use crutches yet and say I have to treat my stump like gold bullion until it is totally healed. Pain management hasnt been so good, Im getting really bad phantom pain that actually takes my breath away when it happens, Im on a drug called Gabropentin, Im going to see today if I can up the dose. Any advice on phantom pain would be greatly recieved. Also when I let the stump hang down I get a really bad burning sensation?? Im so pleased that the surgery went so well, things are a little tough at the moment as I feel so useless. Im just staying focused that in a few months time I will be on my feet again. Hope all is well with all you guys, I will keep you posted. Jacqui xx
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    In need of some courage!!

    Hi everyone, My name is Jacqui, just joined and would like to introduce myself. In 1987 I had a horrible motorbike accident which left me with skin grafts on my right leg from just above the knee, I lost all the skin and tissue so I have grafts directly onto the muscle. I also completely messed up my right ankle and after 20 years it has now become fused and I can only walk in high heels ( I cannot get my heel to the floor) I walk so badly that I have constant back ache, I am always tired and in constant pain. 6 years ago doctors asked me to consider amputation, at the time my children were very small and I thought I could soldier on! I have now decided to take the plunge and am having my lower right leg amputated on March 15th (not long!!!). There seem to be so many practical and brave people on here but I have to say Im petrified!! They are planning to take what remains of the good skin on my foot to cover the base of the stump but there is a chance I may loose the knee because the grafts will break down. Im putting on a brave face at home, my family are fantastic, but Im not doing well. I really do need to start thinking positively. It would be great to hear from you guys, Jacqui x
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    In need of some courage!!

    Was also wondering if anyone can give me advice about driving, Ive had lots of mixed messages about cars etc. Id like to get back to it as soon as I can. Ive been told I might be fine to drive with a right leg prosthetic but I have to inform the DVLA, they might ask me to go for a driving assesment??? Also, does it affect your insurance??
  4. jacqui

    In need of some courage!!

    Hi Mick and thanks for your post. Thats an interesting point about my bed, I was moving it temporarily as the physiotherapists at the hospital said if my house was wheelchair friendly I could come home at weekends, apparently they dont like you to use crutches to early as you caan damage the stump while its healing. Your post has promted me to call the OT department to check though, I have to say it will be quite an upheaval to bring it downstairs!! Thanks for bringing it up. Ill let you know on Monday.
  5. jacqui

    In need of some courage!!

    Hi Guys, Been for my pre op today at St Georges, passed the health check ( feel pretty healthy but you never know) !!! Ill be in theatre for quite a while and ITC for first night but it was all very positive, the nurses were brilliant and gave me lots of reassurance. Thank you so much for all your posts, Ive read and re read them and am feeling so much more positive. Ive taken Higgys advice and have arranged to see a prosthetics guy next tuesday, the chat on the phone was very positive, they have alot of patients with grafts. The links you have sent have been really helpful and shane is just an inspiration!!! Ann, thanks for the info on the roehampton, the nurses at St georges confirmed what you said about how good they are!! I know I have a challenge ahead but with such a fantastic family and support from people like you I find Im starting to look forward to better days, tonight I cant walk at all my foot is so bad, onto better things!! Im hoping I can take my laptop into hospital so will be able to keep you all updated, they say Ill be in for about 8 weeks. Just poured a big glass of red wine and intend to have a good weekend! Hope you all have the same!! Thanks again Jacqui xx
  6. jacqui

    nerve stuck to the scar

    Hi gazza, Im new here to, going in for amputation on March 15th so can relate to how you're feeling about the op!! Stay positive, there seems to be some fantastic people on here that have got through tough times, will be thinking of you. Jacqui
  7. jacqui

    In need of some courage!!

    Hi Guys. Thanks so much for your messages. triggered lots of overdue tears, feeling abit more positive already! I find it hard to cry in front of my family about my leg, if Im honest Ive always just tried to hide just how much impact my accident had on me,its been 20 years of hard work to try and prove I could deal with it, as Shane said I am longing for a new, painfree chapter. I guess my biggest fear is what if it all goes wrong but I guess if you think like that you'd never take any chances. There are so many things I havnt done for years, run, gone swimming, worn a skirt!! Sounds silly but I really want to buy a decent pair of wellies to walk my dog (something else I havnt been able to do for a long time} I havn't had much explained to me about the first few months post op. I will be at the roehampton for rehab which I have been told is fantastic but am a bit worried about my house, I can temporarily put my bedroom down stairs but have an upstairs toilet and bathroom. Is it hard to use cruthches with only one leg? Other than chronic muscle tension all over Im pretty fit and strong although my weight has crept up over the last two years because I cant get about so well. Before my accident in 1987 I was very fit and was in my counties athletic team! I used to ride too, does anyone know if its possible to ride with a prosthetic leg??