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    I have many interests, including spiritual issues, ie Reiki Reflexology. I like rugby, scuba diving and just being outside

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    Rugby accident
  1. myztogen

    New guy in town

    Welcome to the group
  2. myztogen

    awaiting counselling atm

    Cazi, can I ask how old your husband is? Also has he ever served in the forces?. My name is Keith. I lost my right leg above the knee playing rugby, I also had a fused ankle, which led to amputation 2 years ago. I was devastated, I have always been sporty, and have always worked. I thought it was the end, however, since then I have been skiing in Austria and Germany. I have also done several other activities which I thought was gone forever. The reason I ask about the forces is I belong to a group called BLESMA, this is a group for ex service persons who have an amputation, it doesnt have to be due to war. They do so much to help Amputees. I live in Wales, if ever your husband wants to meet to chat, we could sort that. best wishes keith
  3. myztogen


    Lizzie, thanks for the message reply, You are right. With regards to the amputation, i tend to write my profile ( on dating sites) mentioning my amputaion, so people are aware of it, and can decide if they want to contact me rather than mention it after. I suppose its about adjustment.
  4. myztogen


    Hi there to everyone here. I live in the UK, in Wales. I have been an amputee for two years, im single an in my forties. I must admit I am finding it much more difficult to meet someone. I did join a dating site, but had a pretty bad experience when a women emailed me, however I was a bit slow in replying ( I was in Hospital) anyway as a result she wrote again saing blimey I cant even pull a one legged man, people did say dont worry she has the problem etc, but to be honest even though i am happy within and about myself it did hurt. I really would like to meet someone, dont get me wrong im not obsessed with finding someone.............but it would be nice if the right person came along, but as someone else said, she isnt going to come and knock on my door lol.
  5. myztogen

    Phantom Pain Treatment

    Hi there, im sorry your not getting any pain relief. I have never had the injections you are talking about, however I am using patches right now, they dont seem to have any effect on my pain either, I have also gone through a range of drugs which have not really helped that much. I would be interested in the injections you are refering to. I hope something works for you, pain affects every part of your life. keith
  6. Tamara, I have just had a quick peek at your profile page, if ever you fancy a chat, then im here as im sure others will be takecare keith x

  7. Maggie, hope your ok, I just had a quick peek at your profile page, so thought I would say Hi. so Hi hehe

  8. Hi there, just read your profile, hope you are enjoying the weather, Do you find the weather has a negative effect on your leg

  9. real good friend

    best wish

  10. myztogen

    Wheelchair Use

    I was wondering how much use people on here make of wheelchairs, Do you think as a Amputee a wheelchair will be part of our lives now and in the future? I am now 45 years of age, although I cannot use my Prostheitc leg ( as mentioned in a previous message). Does using the leg become more of a problem as we get older? and have to use a wheelchair more often. Or as im thinking, it really is an individual experience and differs for everyone. Are there people on here who just dont bother with a Prosthetic leg, I can understand that feeling based on the NHS legs given ( that is my experience, im sure other people have had a positive experience with an NHS leg). Well im off to SPAIN for a couple of weeks starting monday, it will be the first time ive been away as an amputee, so it will be some experience, This may sound a little naieve, but can you wear a prosthetic leg whilst flying?. best wishes keith
  11. myztogen

    Hi I am new here.

    Soul Dog, like you im new here, and pretty new to amputation. If I can help in anyway please feel free to ask, I have limited experience however im a little further up the line, so I may be able to help in some way. There is a vast amount of experience on here, so we would be wise to check it out best wishes keith
  12. myztogen

    New to site and Amputation

    Hi there, thanks to all who emailed. The pain I believe is to do will bone and nerve. Also I have open wounds that wont heal, The surgeon had a look and said that blood wasn't getting to the end of my limb. I had the amputation done just over a year ago. I have caught MRSA four times, so this wont help lol. Im not sure if an operation can be done to sort the nerves and bone. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend keith
  13. myztogen

    New to site and Amputation

    Hi to everyone on here. My name is Keith. I am from Wales in the UK. I have recently had a right leg above knee amputation. This was due to a sporting injury ( Rugby Union). I am unable to wear my NHS prosthetic leg due to pain, I hope this will get easier in time. Its great to find a site like this, and chat with like minded people.