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  1. whistonian

    Phantom limb pain

    Hi Mikey,How are you getting on with the fentanyl patches,are they still softening the Phantom Pain.I am still suffering on a daily basis so i might ask my doctor if i can try them.The one thing that worries me about Fentanyl is that one of the possible side effects is Hallucinations,i was give a daily dose of Amitriptyline 20mg a few weeks before my amputation and after 5 days suffered hallucinations so severe that i was taken to hospital. Anyway Mikey i do hope that they are still working for you.Are you still taking any other medication ? Best Regards Joan
  2. whistonian

    New Support Group for Cumbria/borders areas

    What a great idea,well done phillip,I hope it will be a great success. Dennis (husband of BKA)
  3. whistonian

    one leg dancing

    WELL DONE Mike, Im a BKA sice Sept.09 My husband and I love dancing and I'm hopeing to get back on the dance floor one day. You have done well congrats again. This is the 2nd time today I have used my husbands registration,I guess I should register myself although I'm not very clever with the computer. Joan
  4. whistonian

    Phantom limb pain

    "Wow, this phantom pain is no joke" Hy Mikey, How right you are with your statement above.This is my first time on here although my husband has asked questions previously.Im a young 73 year old who used to love dancing and walking etc. I am a BKA since sept 09,I never felt any phantom pain untill many weeks after the op.I never get any pain in my stump and my prosthetic is a perfect fit,never any marks,sores or redness after taking it off. Phantom pain in my lost foot is another matter,I am having it everyday.some days it is bearable and on others I feel like ending it all as the lightning bolts just keep coming and I reckon I have shed enough tears to make a lake. My husband(bless him)purchased me a Medipro Relax Sock,not cheap at £84 but Im afraid it hasn't helped,so now I have recently received from Canada a Farabloc blanket 12in.x 24in.(£63)much cheaper than having a sock made to measure as the standard sizes would not have fitted properly.I wrap the blanket around my stump and after about an hour I get a burning sensation and slight tingling effect which is normal as it is the result of the action of the Farobloc fabric.I must admit to a better nights sleep since wearing it. Medication....I am on Gabapentin 600mg 4 times a day (2400mg) also MST 10mg morning and night,also i can take 5mg of Oromorph up to 3 times a day if required,needless to say it is often needed.But even with this lot I still get severe Phantom Pain,I am going to ask my doctor if my MST can be increased as i am on the lowest dose. Best of luck with your FP Mikey and lets hope someone can come up with a permanent cure for this hideous pain one day. Joan
  5. whistonian

    Umbrellan Relax Night care

    Thanks Ann will certainly have the points you have raised checked out when we see the doctor. Dennis
  6. whistonian

    Umbrellan Relax Night care

    Thanks Lynne and Ann for your replies.My wife agrees with you Ann that the Umbrellan is comfortable to wear,however, I have doubts about whether it takes the edge off her pain as I have witnessed her in terrible pain whilst wearing it.My wife does not have a shrinker sock as she was told that she didn't need one.I still cannot find a supplier of the Farabloc in the UK,if anyone knows of one i would be grateful for the info.We meet up with her consultant in a couple of weeks,so we will mention the farabloc and hopefully discuss some better form of painkillers,at the moment she is on Gabapentim 3 x 600mg a day and ora-morph 5mg up to 4 x as required.I have read that some people are on much higher doses of Gabapentim.Her local doctor suggested Antriptylene untill I reminded him that they put her in hospital last year with really bad hallucinations Doh. Dennis dennis
  7. whistonian

    Umbrellan Relax Night care

    I would like to know if the UMBRELLAN sock is the same as the FARABLOC ,they both appear to be made of magnetic fibres.I guess this question is mainly aimed at UK amputees as the Umbrellan is available here.I cannot find a supplier in the UK for the Farabloc,all searches appear to go to a canadian supplier. My 73 year old wife suffers daily from Phantom pain,she uses an Umbellan relax sock whenever she is not wearing her BK prosthetic leg,it doesn't appear to do any good and I wondered if the Farabloc might be better. Thank you for any replies.
  8. whistonian

    Tens Machine

    Thank you Lynne and Grum,will take your advice.
  9. whistonian

    Tens Machine

    I have read on a number of threads that using a tens Machine can help phantom pain,however does anyone know exactly where the Tens pads should be placed on a BKA stump.
  10. whistonian

    Phantom pain

    Thank you guys for all your valuable information. As a newby I must say that this is a great informative site. Best Regards Dennis
  11. whistonian

    Phantom pain

    Thanks Mick for your input, sorry to hear that you had such a rough ride with it, hope the worst is now behind you. I will read up on the Farablock sock I'm looking at all possibilities in the hope of finding something to ease the pain. Because of the pain she was so glad to be rid of her leg, little did we know it would return in phantom form. Regards Dennis
  12. whistonian

    Sick of the pain!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Amptrooper, I assume you are talking about neurostimulation, if you google it there is lots of info out there. I have heard of it and there is research proving that it works for some people. Good luck with it all, hope you continue to get some relief from the drugs. Well, the drugs are not that great! I went to the pain Dr. again and they said to just stay on it. I would really like to just go back to the Lortab at this point. I don't care if I get addicted to it as long as it helps. Stupid Michael Jackson! Had to go ruin it for everyone! Just kidding. I think that is what it is called. Nerowhatsitwhat! Sounds good to me! I wonder which people it works for! Hi Amptrooper, Take a look at the reply I have received from Jim to my question under Amputee Related Links.
  13. whistonian

    Phantom pain

    Thanks for your reply Jim, thank you also for the link which I have just read. Yes I would very much like to be kept informed on how you get on after your Phenol injection.Good luck for next week. Cheers Dennis
  14. whistonian

    Phantom pain

    Hi my wife is a BKA,she has now had her prosthetic 5 weeks.What I would like to know is how you manage phantom pain.At first they were not too bad but this last week has been hell for her,the pain has been so severe it brought her to tears and depressed her.I wanted to help her but what could I do.? My wife takes Gabapentim 300mg x 2 three times a day which i believe is to help phantom pain, however it appears to do no good, I shall be asking the doctor tomorow if there is a stronger dose available. I would be interested in how other amputees cope with this problem.