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  1. Hema2010

    Postural problems

    Dear Lynne, Thanks a lot for your response, I have been thinking about getting air cushions too, looks like it would help. :) Sorry for the late response, I have been a little busy for a while so I just got to log in again today. Thanks again.
  2. Hema2010

    Need Help!

    That's a really cool looking leg..!! My legman tells me that, when I get the next socket (after my stump has shrunk) it will get better. My stump has a lot of grafted skin, so I can do without the liner I guess, having a suction socket over the liner looks like a good option. I spoke to my legman yesterday about getting a suction socket, over my silicone liner, but he was telling me that although there are many good things about the suction system, the Harmony e-pulse makes hissing nosies when sucking the air out.. wonder if that's really the case.. hmmm ask your legman about seal-in X5 liner and socket. it's basically a suction socket, while using a special liner that has 5 membranes which "create" the suction to hold the socket Thanks for the suggestion Tomer, I don't think Ossur is avalable in India though..
  3. Hema2010

    Need Help!

    Hello and welcome, as a fairly new lak amputee myself with a ottobock knee and hard socket, i can tell you now that i have had the same iissues. now to your questions i will try to help from my short experience.. I to at first sweated somthing awful, i hhave had my prost, around two half months also, but just a couple of weeks ago the sweating has slowed ALOT. i also removed my leg alot and dried. now i don't have to and i wear it about 12hrs a day. i clean it with antibacterial soap daily and i switch in out of two liners.my leg is a otto 3r60 hard socket, yes for a while it did seem heavy when trying to lift it. walking was not bad, but sit me down and try to move it , it was painful. my surgeon and prost man told me it was because the femur bone at the end tends to ride high to top of skin in the beginning, and makes it feel heavy,and also your muscles atrophy VERY quickly so excersise is most important. i thought the same as you , walking in leg was surley enough,but no it wasn't when i started again with strenghting my inner, outer, and hip muscles i did so much better, i noticed my endurance was stronger, i am now walking with much less a limp, only when i get tired, and my balance is alot better. I lay down with a 1pound bag of dry beans on my leg as a weight. it really helps, and go slow with movements if your rushing them you are doing them wrong and wasting your energy. hold leg slightly to back of you..and yes do those core stomach excersises,they really help.at first i could not understand why i could not truely shift weight into socket,even though i thought i was, i was just using it as a third crutch so my physical thearpist said,and after my muscle excersises walloa i went right to that side,and alot less limp... And yes my socket is alot bigger to where my pants do not fit well, this will get better with a second socket, try to manage for now knowing it will get better,and wear your shrinker when ever leg is off.. i also had to have my socket moved forward and out to outside for more stability and it made the world of difference... i have just recently noticed in the last two weeks some of the most smallest improvements have made the biggest difference in my life as a amputee, just happened all at once. and thinking about it will make you laugh already looking back.. this will come for you to just wait. I am a young 32 yr old ,wife and mother to a three yr old and a surgical nurse missing her patients also, we have a life to live still and this is now our new lives, we may never do things the same as we did before, but i guarentee you we will do them just different.never say never, and don't give up.if you want to accomplish it you can, just look around at all these inspirational people. hang in there , and again welcome , people here can give you wonderful advise, and if there is anything i can do to help just ask.. Hello, Thanks a lot for your reply, I'm working with a physio too and I will make sure that enough hip and core strengthening exercises are included in the routine so that my gait improves. It was nice reading your encouraging reply, it is always very reassuring to know that someone else has overcome the same problems as mine. I have started walking without the crutch too, but there's still a mental block that I need to get over to start walking confidently with the leg. Keep in touch. take care :)
  4. Hema2010

    Postural problems

    Hi, It's me again, I've started going to work, and since I have a sedentary job which involves sitting for most of the time with the leg on, I'm finding that my posture is not quite right. The side with my prosthetic leg is raised and it finally translates into a back that's curved to the left side (since I'm a LAK). After sitting for extended hours (4+ hrs) with small breaks in between, I finally get a sore back. Has anyone else faced a similar issue? I'm thinking of getting around the problem by keeping something else under my right butt so that I'm sitting evenly on both the sides. and so that my back is not curved to one side. As of now I don't have an option of removing my leg and sitting, and putting it back on when I need to, so that's ruled out. Is this a problem with my socket design, I wonder if my socket is way too high, I once asked my leg guy this and he told me that since I have grafted skin at the end of the stump, I will have to have a socket that comes higher up, so that there's more space for weight distribution. thanks Hema
  5. If you lose hope, somehow you lose the vitality that keeps life moving, you lose that courage to be, that quality that helps you go on in spite of it

  6. Hema2010

    Strange feelings about my leg

    Hi Chrissy, I am an AKA, for 9 months now (that way we are the same :)) and I have gone through lows too. My stump has a lot of grafted skin, so I can't use some prosthetics that people with good healthy stumps can. My good right leg, is also covered in scars from extensive grafting that had to be done in order to save the stump, being a girl I feel bad looking like this, and I'm on;y 25 and going to get married, so lots of my dreams of living life a certain way and looking a certain way might not be met..But then I think that as long as I'm alive all those things really don't matter.. I try to be a happy as possible.. there are times when I think that it would have been so much better if I at least had my knee. I think it's only human to think like that. I do talk to my fiance or my mom when I feel like this, so they understand what I go through, I think talking about what you are feeling to your loved ones really helps, and makes you feel that you are not in it alone. I try to do my best, but sometimes I am unhappy with my leg too.. like I am learning (I am only 2 months into using the leg) the first year or may be longer is going to be difficult. It does take a lot of patience to let your body adjust to the new you and the prosthesis. I am sure that in your case your body would need to adjust a lot more. I live with my fiancé, he sometimes tells me that he expected more from the leg. I understand why he thinks that way, since it's a completely unfamiliar situation that we are faced with, we may have expectations that might not be realistic. These days I try to do things that I love doing like Paint, or cook that don't necessarily need a lot of walking around, basically trying to keep myself active and happy in ways I can. I'm sure there are things that you can still do, may be not like before. But try to make yourself happy, in new ways I'm sure your friends and family would love to see that the most. I hope this helped :) Take care.. Hema
  7. Hema2010

    Need Help!

    That's a really cool looking leg..!! My legman tells me that, when I get the next socket (after my stump has shrunk) it will get better. My stump has a lot of grafted skin, so I can do without the liner I guess, having a suction socket over the liner looks like a good option. I spoke to my legman yesterday about getting a suction socket, over my silicone liner, but he was telling me that although there are many good things about the suction system, the Harmony e-pulse makes hissing nosies when sucking the air out.. wonder if that's really the case.. hmmm
  8. Hema2010

    Need Help!

    hello! i dont know if this is good or bad news, but i, too , got itchy rashes and has to switch from a silicone liner to a type of "cup" system. i put a sock on, then leg goes into a custom cup which slides into prosthetic leg. no rashes ever since you could limp a bit if the leg height is off. also, these are fake body parts, they will never work as a real leg, i seem limp often but not always, i am very active and walk far sometimes my leg feels SO heavy, other times, not it just takes time to get used to you sound like youre doing great keep going Hello, thank you for replying! :) Im not sure if I can wear a sock, because I have a lot of grafted skin on my stump, but I can see that the sweating is reducing slightly, I hope my body understands it should sweat lesser, at least in my stump.. I now understand, all this teething trouble is expected.. I can see that almost everyone has gone through similar experiences..
  9. Hema2010

    Need Help!

    Maybe I was exaggerating when I said that it looked like a balloon.. I was trying to be funny :D But yes, the leg does look a lot bigger, and I can't wear pants that I had earlier, but right now I'm okay wearing pretty skirts and dresses around. Also, I will be more careful about doing the exercises right, so that my hips are stronger, I might have been doing them wrong, also I stopped doing the exercises after I started wearing the leg, that was probably a bad idea -- i was thinking that walking alone is exercise enough. Thanks a lot for your reply. Being on this forum really helps :)
  10. Hema2010

    Need Help!

    It's very re-assuring to know that the sweating will come down naturally, I guess it's the first year that's the hardest. My skin is quite dry and sensitive, so maybe I should give the anti-antiperspirant a miss. I can already see that the sweating is coming down a bit these days, I think it might be wiser to let the body figure out that it needs to sweat lesser, at least on my stump. Plus it's getting slightly cooler here in Bangalore so that helps. Will also find a good anti bacterial soap to wash the liner, love the idea of using non-alcoholic baby wipes to clean the stump and liner off any sweat when traveling. Thanks Cherly for the reply :)
  11. Hema2010

    What do you use when your leg is OFF???

    I use a walker at home, I find this better than crutches since I find that crutches keep falling off, when I rest it against the wall..I find that a lil bugging. When I feel like I want to be independent, I hop around on my right leg, beware, this can be tricky! you can easily slip and fall if there's any water on the floor.. i think hopping is best when done on a carpeted floor. When I'm out of the house, I use my elbow crutches.. I still haven't mastered climbing stairs with two crutches, although I can climb stairs with one hand on the railing and one hand on the crutch; I find it a very safe and easy way of climbing stairs, although for this you would need someone else to hold the other crutch while you are climbing.
  12. Hema2010

    Need Help!

    Thanks Higgy, I haven't tried Woolite, I'm using Dettol an antiseptic hand wash to wash the liner, after the wash it smells strongly of the soap but otherwise it's okay, I don't know if it's really safe for the skin though. About moisturizing, I use coconut oil the night before I go to sleep, and wash it off in the shower the next day morning, I've found that this helps with healing the skin. I don't use the moisturizer b4 putting the leg on, I use the sweat absorbing powder. Thanks for your encouragement.
  13. Hema2010

    Need Help!

    Thanks Neal.. I'm using a prickly heat powder, it has starch (to absorb the sweat) , some zinc oxide (that soothes) and some anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients. I dust on a lot of it before I wear the liner, but I've heard that powders can cause skin abrasion too.. my skin around the top of the socket has turned darker than the rest of the area, and this discoloration persists.. I'm wondering if this cuz of using the powder, or if it is because of too much pressure from the socket. I am thinking of buying Certain Dri and using it overnight on my limb, to reduce sweating, can I put the moisturizer along with it? Or are there other products that I can use during the day to reduce sweatin
  14. Hema2010

    Otto Bock KISS

    I am using the KISS suspension system from Otto Bock too, and so far have found it okay, I've been using it for more than 2 months now. The pad that clings to the silicone liner is quite strong and it doesn't come off during use. The problems that I have with the KISS suspension, is that it pulls quite hard at the top where suspension belt is taken out through the socket. And the skin there gets really red, and sensitive after I remove, especially since, I have some 5 stitches right over there. I t might not hurt you as much if your skin on the amp'd leg is normal. Another issue that I have with KISS suspension is that the belts that are used for suspension are visible from outside, unlike the pin or the suction types, and mine is located at the front side of the socket, making it really obvious when I wearing fitting clothes. I hate that about it! I am hoping to get mine changed to a suction or a pin lock system. I don't know if that is possible, since I have to wear a silicone liner, and I have extensive grafted skin on my amp'd leg..
  15. Hema2010

    Need Help!

    Hello Everyone, I am a LAKA, and it's been two months since I've started using my leg from Otto Bock, and I'm facing some problems. 1. Sweating: I use a silicone liner from Otto Bock (with a KISS suspension), I can wear the leg for about 8 hrs now, but after I remove the leg, my skin is sore, red and itchy. I'm using an Anti-perspirant powder available here, but not happy with it, since I find that my skin has become dry and quite sensitive causing even more rashes and redness. I read about the Certain Dri product on some posts, and I am planning to buy it from Ebay, does anyone have other suggestions to help stop sweating? I've also figured that removing the leg intermittently also helps. 2. Cleaning the leg and the liner: I clean my leg and liner everyday, I would like to know if there are any skin friendly products out there that can be used for cleansing sensitive dry skin? 3. Weight of the prosthetic: How heavy is the normal leg? Mine weighs around 4+ kg or 8.8+ pounds. I have a 3R80 knee joint from OB and a C-Walk foot.. I find that the leg is quite heavy and unwieldy, not while walking but when I have to move the leg when I'm sitting. 4. Aligning of the socket over the knee joint: My socket has been aligned slightly forward, my leg guy to me that it was to provide more stability, this makes the socket look really big from outside, almost like I have a balloon instead of a thigh, has anyone had a similar experience, if so, what did you do about it? 5. Gait: In the 3rd month of using the leg, I can walk without limping with one crutch, but when I try to walk without it, I limp to my left, when I bear weight on the prosthetic leg, will this limp go away later, or do I need to do some exercises to get rid of the limp? On another note, I traveled recently to my native place, and it was quite an interesting experience. I had to carry a fold-able walker, and my crutches along, but it was not an issue since all the airport staff were really accommodating and friendly. Security checks were also not a problem, thankfully no one asked me to remove my leg, even after me offering to do so.. I didn't even have to show the letter I got from my prosthetist saying that I'm an amputee with an artificial limb :)