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  1. little T's mummy

    My 'son'

    Hello, Please, excuse this long first post.... I'm little T's mummy and though I'm British, I haven't lived in the UK for many years, since the mid-90's and have been living in India for the past almost ten years, after finding a small disabled boy, who was two then in an orphanage, in Tamil Nadu. have notarised documents giving me care and control of him until he reaches 18 - then it won't be needed of course. I have got a school in the UK to accept my 'son' as a student, and we hope to come to the UK in a short while. I've been operating a child rescue centre and had up to 6 resident children plus another thirty or so street kids that came and went as they pleased. Now though, I'm down to just my little one, as things are slowly working out for the big miracle of moving back to the UK with him. A dream he has had for years! My little 'son' is not an amputee - he was born with Phocomelia and although he is now eleven years old, his body is only as big as a two - to - three year old's. He has a left leg that is missing the femur bone and two tiny toes on his foot! He has a stump of about three inches on his right side, which would have been his arm - and that's about the size of it! He is highly intelligent and writes/draws/paints by holding the instrument in his teeth. He operates a computer very proficiently with his little big toe and his chin. He can wash, feed himself and clean his teeth unaided. He can dress his lower half and use the loo by himself. He has been raised by me to be highly independent and it works great as he is able to do most things for himself entirely, with things friends have made and he has just got a brand new electric wheelchair that is waiting for him in the UK. The one we have in India has gone to wheelchair heaven!! Because he has only grown about two to three inches in the 9 years I have known him, I'm wondering (and so is he, desperately) whether he will ever grow any more. He will reach puberty within a year or so, as all the signs are there! I was advised many years ago, when I first found my little one in an orphanage in India (where I still live, until we come to the UK in the next few months for school) that he might possibly not reach the end of his teens, because his body is not growing. I've hears of so many people with Phocomelia (mostly the result of thalidomide ingestion during pregnancy - and STILL being given to poor Indian women in shanty villages, free of charge of course) that have begun to get physical prolems due to their disability - liver and kidney and other problems....and many have passed away before middle age - but their bodies have grown into more or less adult size. We have had So many problems trying to get a passport for my son (I can't adopt him, I've always been 'too old' though there is 'no upper age limit' ) and are fraught with problems still in securing a visa for him to go to the school where he has been accepted at to study, that my heart is breaking, thinking that he might possibly not get to live out his dreams and will pass away within a few years. I'm just wondering if anyone here knows of anything I could do to try finding out for sure, whether he would still be expected not to live a longer life - in other words, will i lose him early?? Should I get him xrayed so that I can perhaps show the xrays to those in the know - in India they simply don't care much and would tell you anything you wanted to here - so I would wait until we get to the UK. He has had prosthetics, but feels so much better not wearing them - he feels so cumbersome with them - and is completely dependent upon others for fixing them on etc...so, when he doesn't wear them, he is happiest. We have now retired them officially! I can't even bear to think that I might lose him - I have been so blessed in having him in my life - and I am a richer person every single day and thank god for this funny, naughty, clever little boy that in all probability - saved my life altogether. I am in Ireland for the next few weeks, getting yet another visa for India. Now they have changes the flippin rules about visa's I have to be away two months at a time - and it is destroying our 'family' - he is having to stay in a children's home and is desperately unhappy right now. Time will pass, it won't last forever......I keep telling him....then sob myself silly when I replace the receiver. Please, do excuse this long intro - I need people who understand, who have been there, and who might be able to offer some advice to me. No matter what the answers turn out to be in his little life, I will never let him know what I know and will make every day the best for him. He actually looks at able-bodied people and says they are disabled in so many other ways - what truth from this little one! xxx LTM