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  1. Hi all, I have just joined on behalf of my other half who had a below knee amputation 4 weeks ago, so I am sure we will be popping up on a regular basis, there sure looks to be a lot of interesting and helpful stuff, which will come in sooooo helpful because to be honest the hospital pre and post surgery help has been an absolute load of rubbish. ...ANYWAY... hope you dont mind me kicking of my memership with a question? where do you buy or sell single shoes? we have just bought him some trainers but was stuck with a single left shoe, didnt have a clue what to do with it so thought we'd try ebay... but is there a good place to buy single shoes (for half the price if you get what I mean- half the price of an average pair), we found one site but they are charging stupid amounts, in fact it would be cheaper to just buy a pair from new, which we did, what do you do with your odd shoes? thanks for reading and for any advise you might be able to offer, x