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    epethilioid sarcoma
  1. Anfang

    Greetings from Santa Cruz.

    The weather was actually great today. Not a cloud in the sky. I spent at least two hours at the park.
  2. Anfang

    Comments on phantom pain

    Oh boy...phantom limb. That is fun. It's been about two years since my amputation, and it hasn't changed one bit. I still feel my entire arm, but just as though it's asleep. You know, all tingly and stuff. Every now and then I'll get some twitches, if I get too cold my limb starts to shake (I guess a bit unrelated to pain), and every now and then I get a shock. What I mean by that is, just a shock of pain. It happens maybe once a week, so it's not too bad. The thing is, feeling like your arm is asleep twenty four hours a day is a little annoying. After being released from the hospital, I was prescribed oxycodone...and I can definitely say that was the only way I could fall asleep at night. Luckily, I just kind of got used to the tingling...but it still bothers me. So! Here's a question. What could be done to quell the tingle? Another, more controversial question, could medical marijuana be prescribed for such an issue? I have never tried marijuana, of course...I just know it could possibly help.
  3. Anfang

    Greetings from Santa Cruz.

    That sounds great! I have a 350z, so I love to drive. Highway 1 has a lot of fun sights...and curves. :3
  4. Anfang

    Greetings from Santa Cruz.

    Wow. Thanks guys. I wish it wasn't raining right now, cause I really feel like skating.
  5. Anfang

    Greetings from Santa Cruz.

    I'm sure most have heard of the area, but I noticed the majority here are actually European. So just in case, it's a nice little surf city in California, in the U.S. So first off, my name is Stephen, but most just call me Steve. A few close friends even call me "Fang". It's great to be welcomed into the forums here, so a big thanks for that! My story is a slightly strange one...I began to form a small lump on my right wrist, but as an avid skateboarder, I assumed it was from a fall. Over time though, it went down in size, but then it started to actually recede. This "crease" eventually opened and started to bleed. That's when I knew something was seriously wrong. So, I headed to a local hospital who did little more than poke at it, then tell me "you'll be fine." Thousands of dollars later (unnecessary x-rays included), I finally landed a job with a decent insurance plan, and visited a proper specialist. Dr. Andrew S. Fang, from South San Francisco. Fantastic guy...but I digress. He immediately saw what I saw (that this was extremely bizarre), and sent me in for a biopsy as quickly as they could take me. About a week later, the results came back. My entire wrist was taken over by a cancer they call epethilioid sarcoma. I'd explain more about this extremely rare form of cancer, but the basics of it seem to be - one in a million odds, no specific reason for it's onset, and if untreated it attacks the lungs. Even chemo is extremely ineffective at that point. Luckily, I was born a southpaw, so when they told me the arm needed to go, it really didn't hit me too hard. So. That's about it. Not a lot's changed in my life, and everyone I know can't believe my attitude towards the whole situation. Not trying to brag or anything... I opted to go without a prosthetic also. The good ones cost around $20,000, and I get by fine without anyhow. Just look how happy I was fresh out of the hospital! :p
  6. Anfang

    Where Y'all from

    I lived in SoCal for a while. I didn't much care for it, growing up in Seattle and all. But now I'm in Santa Cruz, and it seems like a perfect mix of the two areas. :3