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    Nail Polish

    we have a clear coat nail hardener at my local wal mart. I use to let a 2 year old my mom babysat paint mine (yes I'm a male, yes they are hot pink, and yes I am straight and have a girlfriend :) In any case, I could send a pic of this if you'd like. It's tough stuff and I swim in it ect, and so far it doesn't have a single chip in the paint going on day 7 or 8. Hope this helps...
  2. I am very active on my prosthesis and very little slows me down. However I have picked up a bad habit somewhere since day one, i hip hike. The crazy part is i hike my "good leg's" hip. It's almost as if i fall on the prosthesis side (left side) and my right side hip lifts up in the air. Im a pretty strong guy so I dont feel strength is the issue. Also, i know the quick answer is "well your prosthetic side is too short" however i have had the prosthetic side higher than my good leg side before and i still do it. A simple hip test even confirmed the prosthetic side was higher than the good leg side while standing still, yet i still hiked the hip on the good leg. So we lowered the pylon back to where both hips are even standing and I still hip hike on the good leg side. I have kicked the leg outwards, inwards, ect. Any ideas? Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. eb2phkingood

    Hip Hiking?? And NOT the leg you would expect!

    compound fracture + skin graph on my tibia, tore my achilles, tore my plantar fascia, had toe tendon lengthening surgery, 3 knee surgeries (no ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL in my knee anymore, just rely on scar tissue for support and a wicked ossur CTI knee brace), fibia is still broken into 2 pieces and just sitting in the leg (it never grew back together), broke femur in 3 places, rods in tib/femur, plate in knee/ankle, pins in hip. all of that is JUST on my "good (sound) leg" whoops :)
  4. eb2phkingood

    Hip Hiking?? And NOT the leg you would expect!

    awesome, thanks so much for the response. However, i am not sure what you mean by the stepping on your toes part, could you elaborate some? thanks!
  5. i have a friend who is a below knee amputee. he tears up every liner he has ever been in. ossur silicon & their high performance liner, otto bock, alpha gel. He is about 300 pounds and very VERY active. what is considered to be the longest lasting or toughest liner out to date?? thanks
  6. eb2phkingood

    What is the toughest below knee liner that you know of?

    well he is tearing through them right on the end point, so his tibula end. he does not have any bad wear spots on his skin and says the socket feels great. he is in the synergy iceross liner right now although it is destroyed after 3 weeks. he is an unusual guy though in the since of, he jogs on his leg, lifts heavy equipment all day long at his job, and get this, weighs 303 pounds. not something you would expect from a 300 pound man for the most part. guess he is just S.O.L until something better is invented
  7. hi. im a 23 year old male who is a knee dis-articulation (through knee). i have been this way for over 2 years because of a motorcycle crash. before the wreck i was a division 1 athlete (as high as you can get in college before going pro in America) i long jumped 7.63 meters or 25' 1" in track. i also ran the 100m in 10.59 seconds. ok, enough of the bragging. what i am trying to get as is: i use to be a hell of an athlete (especially for a white boy!!) and i taught myself how to walk up and down STEEP hills, ramps, stairs. how to ride a bike. how to run. how to walk backwards safely while pulling something (like a couch) with a NON computerized knee. and tons of other stuff. i would be willing to take video of all of this and post them on youtube. then make another topic here with all the links to the videos. only if some people would be interested though as it will take me probably 2 weeks to make all the instructional videos. i don't claim to be an expert. however i am young, athletic, and i have found ways to make things work. if anyone is interested let me know and i will get started on the videos. thanks! -wade
  8. yea the bartlett tendon makes it possible for sure. i dont know if its possible to do it or not without the tendon. i mean Physics wise im not sure if it is even possible. however im very curious and going to get started working on it, should be fun to try. im just waiting on my 3r60 to get back from germany for repairs then i will get these videos started. should be here sometime this week. blew out the hydraulic cylinder in my last one bicycling 51 MPH.(use Garmin to see my speed) and i dont wanna tear up the replacement they sent me. otto bock already hates me as i have torn up their 3r42 3 times and the 3r60 2 times now. they actually tell me im a K5 lol. anyways ill definitely work on that standing up while biking thing for you. not sure if its possible but sounds like a fun challenge either way!
  9. i mean if you guys want me to try and make a video specifically for you doing whatever it is you want list it here. for example, if you wanted me to try and teach myself to jump on a trampoline with a mechanical 3r60 and then make a video of how to do so (supposing i can figure it out) i will. give me whatever ideas you have and be patient with me and ill see what i can do for everyone. -wade
  10. eb2phkingood

    Plie microprocessor knee

    oh and the cleg has 4,500 backup units/donor legs in case your knee breaks down and otto bock brags about that a lot. call plie and ask them how many plie 2 donor/backups they have. last i checked they were up to 3,100 and counting. so there is def. not a short supply on either side.
  11. eb2phkingood

    Plie microprocessor knee

    X2 is obviously the best microprocessor knee out no question. but since it is only for military right now its out of the question. after that there is no question the plie 2 is the best. not just cuz it costs half of the cleg. but because it offers 101% stance control like the cleg can. water proof. you can RUN on it without it overheating. you can have several charged batteries with you and it comes with a car charger. it has a kneeling pad on the knee with a non slip grip. you can wear any foot you want with it without worrying about warranty. and it is the lightest micro processor on the market. after the plie2 it hands down goes to the rheo 2 next. the new rheo is made for much more active patients like myself. lastly its the cleg. the cleg however is probably the absolute best knee when it comes to old people who are 55-80 who need maximum stability as it is probably the most stable overall. but for double the price the stability is not double as well. but rather maybe 5-10% better. ive been on the cleg, rheo 2, plie 1, plie 2, smart adaptive, 3r60, kx06, 3r42, mauch. and no question plie 2 is the best. well actually ive been on a knee better than the plie 2 but im not allowed to mention anything about it as its in beta testing. the best mechanical knee available to date is the 3r80, but because im a knee disartic it would stick out too far thus the 3r60 is my favorite. keep in mind for every person this could be different. im just giving my view and i feel it is a strong view as i am lucky enough to have been on all 4 of the major microprocessor knees.
  12. ok what videos would you guys/gals like me to start with first? or what are you most interested in seeing? ill obviously start my first video with an about me and show my leg and everything but should i just start with the simple stuff like walking downhill? then move to the medium stuff like down steps foot over foot. then onto the extreme stuff like walking UP stairs foot over foot with a NON computerized knee? or should i just make all the videos first and then just post links to all 5 or 10 videos? anything else you guys want a video of??? even if i cant do it, ill still try to figure out a way for you. :) just let me know!
  13. eb2phkingood

    Plie microprocessor knee

    hey bud. i just went to a plie course here in america. actually it was the plie 2. and they had me be the "model" who walked on it for them although i had 0 experience before this time. the plie 1 sucks, it costs 11,000$ and the gait is decent but i hated it as it was pneumatic and not hydraulic based. the plie 2 however was A-MAZING. it is hydraulic and has stance control, water resistant, you can RUN ON IT without it overheating like the rheo and cleg. and the batteries can be bought from a local radio shack here in america. the cost of it was 17,300$. now keep in mind if you live in america that 17,300 is actually going to be higher after the overhead and everything from you prosthetist. however, if you have insurance here for the most part they will get it for you. i love my plie 2 but i do most of my crazy activities on a 3r60. im young enough that the plie2 just really is not needed. im very stable on the 3r60 and have not fallen with it one time in almost a year. and i def. dont go easy on myself or life. hopefully you will get this reply as its kinda an older topic but i just happened to have probably the perfect answer as i just tried them both out. feel free to ask more questions about either of them or email me at poker22only@yahoo.com -wade
  14. hey everyone, its me again! its been since august of last year since anyone asked about all the different feet out. Curious to see what everyone is walking on now and what is "thought" to be the best foot out now that is NOT computerized. i am interested in getting a foot that has a LOT of return and has a big kick off with each step to give me that calve muscle back that i am missing as a knee disartic. but also i want a foot that i can jog on if i ever choose to do so. so please let me know a little about yourself and what you prefer. and if you happen to know what is considered to be the best foot out to date feel free to share that info as well. thanks everyone!!!!
  15. i am interested in a few different knees such as the otto bock ebs 3r60 and the endolite kx06. does anyone know of a place (besides ebay) where people list their used or old knees for sale? or donation? surely someone has a 3r60 that is just laying around they dont use or need anymore they would be willing to part ways with, i just need to find out where that place is. maybe there is a place like that somewhere on this forum that i just cant find. thanks!
  16. They know about e-bay. Yes, I realise, it's just that it's not the first place I'd think of looking and I've heard of legs being on there... I wasn't being sarcastic... blueleg they are just giving you CRAP because in my original question in my very first sentence i said is there anywhere (besides ebay) to buy..... and so he's giving you a hard time lol. no worries mate!! lol
  17. i live in the United States. thanks!
  18. hi everyone! i am a 23 year old male who was a division 1 athlete about 2 years ago until i was in a vehicle accident. i use to long jump around 25 feet or 7.6 meters. i was left a knee disartic which i am sure you all know has some advantages and some disadvantages. right now i am on the most basic 4 bar knee from otto bock and it just cant keep up with me anymore. so i am going to get (more than likely) one of the 4 following legs. c-leg, rheo, plie, or just a standard 3r60. i used the 3r60 for 4 days and it was amazing compared to what i have now. however everyone is telling me the microprocessor knees are soooo much better especially for someone as young and active as myself. my concerns are this: being a knee disartic i dont have a lot of room. so the c-leg will only fit under me with the shortest pylon and a select number of feet (since you are SUPPOSE to use the ottoB feet) the plie and the rheo are both shorter than the c-leg but all in all, all 3 of them will stick out almost 3 inches when i am sitting down. that is A LOT when you are a knee disarticulation. my knee joints are already significantly off. i just was not sure if going to a microprocessor knee was a good idea for me. or if you guys thought i should stick with a manual knee of some sort, such as the 3r60. i just know insurance will only get me 1 more leg so i want to make sure i get this right! and in my area i dont have the ability to test out the microprocessor legs. any input or advice is greatly appreciated. im about 6"2 and weigh about 180 pounds and im very athletic (ride a bike 20-30 miles a day) and soon will be running (although i know the microprocessor knees arent for running i am getting a running knee donated to me very soon) once again thanks for all the input! if you have any other knees or suggestions for me please feel free to let me know. C-leg= pros: biggest company, coming out with a new cleg soon that is water proof so switching to it eventually will be an easy change. it the most widely used microprocessor knee. cons: have to use ottoB feet, barely fits under me, expensive, cant get it wet rheo= pros: big company as well, new rheo is way better than the old, and most people tell me its better for high impact. cons: cant get it wet plie= pros: can use camera batteries if i want to, water resistant, cheaper. cons: smaller company, single piston top, no knee disartic attachment YET although they are working on it i am very open to all ideas and thoughts! -wade
  19. so i am going to get a computerized leg i decided, however i will be outright purchasing a mechanical knee on my own. what are the main differences between these 2 knees? 1) i LOVEEEDDDD that i could flex the 3r60 15 degrees when i walked on it and it wouldnt give out. that was AMAZING. can the KX06 do this same thing? 2) which one of the 2 is better for running? why?? 3) Other differences? which one of the 2 would you prefer? thanks!!!
  20. yea i will def give the kx06 a tryout as well. by the way i am from the USA. also the Plie knee i am interested in i guess is the Plie 2. not the original. not really sure what upgrades were made however i hear it is better. thanks for the advice. hopefully i will get a little more input from others!