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  1. Kep

    Hi from the pacific northwest (usa)

    Welcome and good luck.
  2. Kep


    I'm sure none of you are on the naughty list, so enjoy a very Merry Christmas.
  3. Kep

    Got my new C-Legs

    Envious of your new legs here. And, welcome to the forum.
  4. From past experience, I will just give this advice. If you do start to fall, don't put your "nonexistant" foot down to try to break the fall. That, can create a myriad of problems that you don't want.
  5. Kep

    Hello There

    Great to be back in the saddle again.
  6. Kep

    what great palls

    It's a matter of "Sticks and Stones". If long time friendships mean anything to you, accept their apologies amd move on..
  7. Kep

    Happy Birthday Kep

    Thanks for the greetings. I'm now officially OLD.
  8. Kep


    Hi and welcome back.
  9. The wife and i had our 37th anniversary in March. Oh wait, that's a different anniversary. Sorry !!!
  10. Kep

    It's back!

    So..... next time the site gets hacked and the page isn't there, how do we send anyone a message?
  11. Kep

    Volume management pads

    Somewhere in my past and in a different configuration, I used them. I think it was in an attempt to keep from bottoming out and causing that particular pain. Adding more socks was too bulky and uncomfortable at the time. If my feeble memory serves me correctly, they worked fairly well. Just like adding more socks, they will make your fit be somewhat off (making the prosth longer possibly).
  12. Alrighty then, but where is the group photo? Has someone neglected their duties? If you look back over the years, there has always been a group photo, except maybe last year. Johnny V......?????
  13. It sounds like she's been practicing !!!