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  1. jafsky

    Moving --> Mexico City

    Thank you Neal. I go often to STL and manage to buy some of my liners and sleeves there but I will need to find a prosthetist locally. It's been a while since I lived in Owasso, OK; I'll go visit sometime and stop in Tulsa so say hello.
  2. jafsky

    Moving --> Mexico City

    Hello, I will be relocating soon from Johannesburg, South Africa to Mexico City; does anyone know of a good prosthetist there? Preferably in the Santa Fe area as there is where my office is. Thanks, Javier
  3. jafsky

    from Barcelona

    Hola Rick, I'm also a fairly new amputee (LBK), almost a year and a half now. Since loosing my leg I have found tons of great advice in the forum which have helped me adjust quickly, I spent quite a bit of time searching older posts which were very useful. All the best, Javier
  4. jafsky

    New here

    Hello David, I can only echo everyone's comments that this is a great forum, as a fairly new amputee I come here often when I have some doubts and so far I have not been disappointed on all the support and resources. I'm also with Neal and one of the most helpful persons in the last year has been my prosthetist, I believe that a lot of my progress has to do with his advice and his willingness to listen and try something untilnwe get it right. Take cate, Javier
  5. jafsky

    Ellen from Holland

    Hello, I´m Javier - a fairly recent LBK - , I have learned a lot in the group; I just wish I could find more time to participate more often. Welcome!
  6. jafsky


    I'm responsible for manufacturing for a seed company in Africa, due to my work I spend about 50% of my time in an office environment and the rest in processing facilities and corn/cotton production fields. At this stage I travel about 1 week a month both in Africa and Europe-US-Mexico which makes is for really interesting experiences going through security checks.
  7. jafsky

    Hip Hiking?? And NOT the leg you would expect!

    awesome, thanks so much for the response. However, i am not sure what you mean by the stepping on your toes part, could you elaborate some? thanks! In order to stand on your toes with your sound leg you have to tighten some muscles so when doing it with both legs - while holding the edge of a table for example - you re-teach your amp side to use those same muscles; or so I understood from my therapist ...
  8. jafsky

    Hip Hiking?? And NOT the leg you would expect!

    Hello, I'm a fairly new amputee/prosthesis wearer so not a lot of experience but what I can share is that as I started to walk on my new leg I also started hip hiking on the other side so my physical therapist gave me a lot of exercises to strengthen my butt, particularly on the amp side; mainly tightening and relaxing the muscles over and over and also "stepping on my toes" and that gradually helped. I also noticed that along with the hip went my shoulders leaning to the same side so I made a conscious effort throughout the day to keep my shoulders straight and I believe that also helped...
  9. jafsky

    Just wondering?

    My accident happened recently and I have to say that I got a lot of support from all my employer - allowing me to miss several weeks of work - and coworkers - covering for me - and then going only for short periods of time during the day while I got therapy and a new leg. I am back to work full time but occasionally have to leave for prosthetic adjustments; I can't thank them enough for all their support, i've been very lucky.
  10. jafsky

    New here

    Hello Rachel, I am also a fairly new amputee and have found loads of good information and support , it believe you will too. Welcome to the group. Javier
  11. jafsky

    Help finding a topic

    Would these be it? http://www.heathermills.eu/forum/index.php?showtopic=4049&st=0&p=60375&hl="travel%20crutches"&fromsearch=1entry60375 The instructions almost at the end of the thread ...
  12. jafsky

    New Foot, adjusting ...

    Thank you for your feedback. I have discussed with my prosthetist and we're looking at some adjustments also with help from the manufacturer. I'll keep you posted on how everything turns out.
  13. Hello, I've finally received my new foot, a Renegade SX, but feels like we have not been able to get the right adjustment: on every step right, right at toe-off I feel a bit of a "spring" or "shutter"; my prosthetist has checked the alignment and even tried a new test socket but that little bounce does not seem to go away - I can actually see it when walking in front of a mirror -. When contacting the manufacturer they indicated that this is normal tibia torsion and pelvic rotation; that when the prosthetic foot leaves the ground and the pressure is taken off the foot, the unit releases the stored energy and whips the foot back to the neutral aligned position and that there is nothing unnatural about this when a rotation unit with springs is used below the knee. Even if this is normal it just does not feel right. Being a new amputee I'm not sure if this is expected. Any similar experiences out there or recommendations? Thank you
  14. jafsky

    New amputee / to forum

    Thanks for the welcome, I've already read several posts in the forum that are helping me learn and hopefully make better decisions. I consider myself very fortunate to be alive so now I'll continue to make the best out of it, very thrilled as today I will start wearing a temporary leg. This the story of my accident as seen by the couple that helped us: http://www.marines.mil/unit/hqmc/Pages/Marinesavesinjuredmanafterhippoattack.aspx
  15. jafsky

    Where Y'all from

    H, I'm originally from Mexico but currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa. A couple of stops before hand in Kentucky and Oklahoma (US)