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  1. Joan

    Travel Insurance

    Hi higgy,it's different over here,any pre-existing medical problems have to be declared.For example if you have controlled high blood pressure you have to declare how many tablets you take,also whether you are a smoker which can add £40 to the insurance.Also any changes in medication in last 6 months. I cannot find anything on the on-line medical questions about PP so i will give them a ring,I personally don't see why it should be taken into consideration. Joan
  2. Joan

    Travel Insurance

    If you are taking medication for Phantom Pain do you declare this when taking out travel insurance.Do you think that ins.companies are really interested in PP ?. Joan
  3. Joan

    Comments on phantom pain

    How lucky some people are not to suffer from Phantom Pain.I wish I could put myself in that category but unfortunately one year down the line as a BKA I am still getting PP every single day,sometimes bearable other days driving me up the wall.Even as I sit writing this I'm giving the occasional ouch. One day maybe it will go away,at least thats what I keep telling myself. Joan Dalec. A friend of mine had his arm amputated 40 years ago and still gets PP occasionally.
  4. Joan

    Smoking and Phantom pain

    Thank you for your replies,I guess I really must try harder to stop smoking completely. Joan
  5. Hi everybody,When I went into hospital in Sept.09 I was smoking 30 cigs a day.I was told that I must stop as they were the reason for my blocked arteries to my legs which resulted in my having a triple vascular bypass and BKA. I have used various electronic cigarettes which helped for the first couple of months untill my PP started,however, when my daily PP is at its worse I have to have a real ciggy which really helps me through it. So I am still having 2 or 3 cigs a day I find that the electronic cigs are useless when in pain.I keep remembering what the doctor said after my op."if you don't stop smoking you will be back here again".This frightens me and I really really want to stop completely I would like the thoughts from other people in a likewise situation. Joan
  6. Joan

    Phantom limb pain

    Good luck Snuba,I hope it works for you. Joan
  7. Joan

    Phantom limb pain

    Where to now ??Update since seeing the doctor.After discussing my medication he decided to increase the MST from 10mg to 20mg ,and to continue with the 2400mg of daily Gabapentim. I am now getting a good nights sleep every night,so some success there .However i still get PP daily,every morning and every evening.The evening is the worse,painful enough to bring me to tears. The pattern which appears to emerge here is that the pain starts as one MST is wearing off and before the next dose has kicked in.I take them at 0830am and 2030pm. So I guess the next question is "what will take me pain free throughout the day"? I know that 20mg of MST is still a low dose and it's tempting to try 30mg,but i think i had better wait untill i see the doctor again. Cheers everyone Joan
  8. 'Enable Holidays' arrange holidays for the disabled people.Hubby and I have booked a holiday in Turkey with them and wonder if any UK members have previously used them,and would like to comment on thier experience.
  9. Joan

    UK Travel isurance

    UPDATE Holiday and insurance all organised,got a good deal from World First insurance,£198 for two weeks which covered Hypertension and high cholestoral for both of us plus my triple vascular bypass and amputation 10months ago.We are also in our 70's. Booked our holiday with Enable holidays for September,going to the Concord delux Resort in Lara Turkey.Getting excited now carn't wait.Just wish my Phantom pain would leave me alone for a few days. Thanks everyone who replied. Joan
  10. Joan

    UK Travel isurance

    Thank you I will try all suggestions. Joan
  11. Thinking of going to Turkey in September for the first time as an amputee,however having difficulty getting a reasonable insurance quote as i had my BKA only last September. A couple of quotes have been over £900,for me and hubby,much to expensive on top of the holiday. I'm wondering how other amputee's fared with their insurance. Would be gratefull for any suggestions. Before my op our insurance was around £150 for 2 weeks with Pre-existing insurance ie.tablets for hypotension and Cholestoral. Joan
  12. Joan

    Phantom limb pain

    Hello again Mike,I'm glad to hear that things are still improving for you. You will have probably noticed that I have now registered in my own name,so I can now leave hubby's alone,. You mentioned possibly taking a nerve blocker,I am taking MST 10mg twice a day (lowest dose)also I think Oramorph 5mg which I can take up to 3 times a day is also a nerve blocker,however even when I have the lot I'm still climbing the walls,I was up untill gone 3am this morning. When I see the doc I am going to ask if the MST can be increased. All the best Joan