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  1. Hi Kate, how's the shoulder replacement going? I've had both rotator cuffs repaired and now they both need work again. The right one is set for repair and bone spur removal in mid-November and I'm holding off on the left one as long as I can. They had suggested shoulder replacement for me but when I asked if I could use crutches after the answer was no. Seems there is a 25 lb. limit for the replacement. Have you had any conversations about this? It seems like everyone in health care specialities treat only their specialty and have no concern or maybe knowledge about how their work affects other issues you may have. Sorta like "I fixed the broken rib after drilling a hole through the heart to get to the rib. The patient didn't survive but that rib is perfect now." At least that is what I get. They have tunnel vision and if you don't think ahead and explain to them how you live your life, they can't use their experience to guide you. You really have to do lots of research and thinking before you have any procedure done to see how that will affect the rest of your body and the way you use it.
  2. CaptPegLeg

    What do you do....

    I try to shoot stuff that sells. Sometimes difficult since everyone with a cellphone is a photographer. Mostly landscapes, lighthouses and boats. I like shooting kids and candids of everyday people doing what they do.
  3. CaptPegLeg

    What do you do....

    What do I do in life? Pretty much as I wish, thanks to a great wife. I became a bk via careless driver and a motorcycle just days before I was to take exam to obtain a real estate sales license. Finally took the exam 5 months later and enjoyed 17 very successful years in real estate sales being in the top 3% in sales volume for about 15 of those years. Mid-life crises made me become the owner-operator of a 60' offshore charter-fishing boat on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Dependent on weather, and we fished some really nasty days, we fished up to 180 or so charters per year with another 20-30 days of commercial tuna fishing. After a couple of lower-back surgeries I sold the boat and business and on my doc's advice to avoid pushing the vacuum cleaner took up a lifelong hobby as a profession and started selling my photography. Still undecided on what I'll so when I have to settle down.
  4. CaptPegLeg

    Contact dermatitis

    I've used Ivory liquid hand soap for years without problems unless I'm careless about rinsing and then I'll get a rash just around the top inch or so. I'll use anti-biotic cream for a few days and It's gone. As a lubricant I use Avon Moisture Therapy but in emergency situation (forgot to pack) I'll use any no-scent hand lotion.