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  1. old git tim

    Need Help!

    Go with Cheryl's advice as I feel it is spot on and is what i advise most of my patients. As for the socket shape and size just remember it is early days yet. Give it all time to settle. good luck Tim
  2. old git tim

    one way valve

    I am AK Bilaterial this valve is calledLyn Valve RV sold by Cascade Orthopedic Supply. I am in the process of getting new legs. Sockets are ready for me on Monday 8-16-10. I am getting Ossur Reho Kness in about a month from now I hope also use Ossur Elation Feet. For B/K's quite often a simple fish tank valve is a good no buttons valve. the issue with valves and A/K's is the shear volume of air to be expelled hence the larger use of screw/push in valves with a with a push button. not really sure this is helping your situation but is just an insight. Tim
  3. old git tim

    help with new foot

    Good Question, the answer is not always some feet are priced according to their market or to match insurance group brackets. A lot of feet are variations of the same theme, the echelon appears to be the only real recent step forward (excuse pun). But remember it is about having the right foot for purpose. What is right for someone else may be wrong for you. some high energy returns are not so hot at cutting actions of some sports and can also become tiresome for day to day use. As ever alignment is key (Hi back Gaza) correct weight line over foot can make a bid difference
  4. old git tim

    one way valve

    Is this for A/K or B/K ?
  5. old git tim

    switching feet (Bilaterals)

    Hi Ann, I had a patient whose ankle had been fused for 4 years prior to amputation. when we upgraded them to a multi-axle foot he found it strange and said similar thing, but he did walk better (more natural). Bear in mind 40 years is a long time. The aches and pains are as Gasa said you are having to use your muscles more for balance, this feeling is increased being bi-lateral and will take time to acclimatise to. unfortunately changing the sockets and the feet together makes it hard to eliminate a cause, but may well of been a build issue with compatible components. So i understand why it may of been necessary to do both together. hope this helps
  6. old git tim

    New Foot, adjusting ...

    The renegade is quite an advanced energy return foot for a new amputee. normally i would always recommend a low activity foot in the early days to help you to get your balance and get used to standing. the theory being less movement = less feedback = quicker to learn to control. hope this helps
  7. old git tim

    help with new foot

    Ditto Gaza, stiffness set to your weight/activity alignment as per manufactures guidelines to allow to foot to roll over as designed. hope you get it sorted
  8. old git tim

    help with new foot

    Really !!! don't get me wrong there are a few patients I would like to have on the Echelon, but as far as I am aware it is outside my prescription guides for the NHS.
  9. old git tim

    help with new foot

    Please note which ever foot you choose be careful to get the right stiffness, it can make a big difference. also remember that higher priced products are not always the best. the US market is set for the insurance payout levels. where as the European is more competitive priced. please be aware that I am not an amputee, and have to work from patient feedback, but i'm sure Gasa will back me that my advice is neutral and He is right abut the Vari-flex
  10. old git tim

    Question for all NHS patients

    In fact a B/K or an A/K can be done in a week but this is normally saved for primary patients who get priority due to the fact they have no limb and once healed/physio assessed need to move on from the pam aid ASAP. the Reason this is not done for everyone is it would reduce the service across the board. on average each prosthetist has 200+ patients. ok they are not all coming in at once but we see about 5 per day. To produce a limb fast we need to rectify the cast /order tracer if used , order parts straight away.This is not allowing for satellite clinics, training or days off etc. After all this you still need to book an appointment for a fitting around the other patients. I normally allow 2 weeks from casting to fitting. I hope this make thing clearer but I cannot understand months to deliver as most companies have a contract date for each job?
  11. old git tim

    plane journeys

    Just from a professional point of view I have heard from a few patients whom have taken the limbs of on flights only to find that due to swelling it won't go back on afterwards.